Terms and Conditions

Customers are requested to go through the terms and conditions before signing up or downloading any themes from 99colorthemes. The usage of our service and the creation of an account on our site will be deemed as acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned on this page. 

99colorthemes has the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice. It is the sole duty of customers to be updated about any change in terms and conditions.

1. Ownership

The themes provided are the property of 99colorthemes. The ownership of themes provided by us remains with 99colorthemes irrespective of the change and modification made by you in it. Meaning, you purchase the theme and modify or customize it but still, the theme’s ownership remains with 99colorthemes.

The ownership claim contradicting this provision will be subject to legal actions.

2. Subscription

Our themes come with a specific period of subscription. Mostly the initial period of subscription is 1 year for our themes. You can download the updates and get the dedicated ticket support access until the specific period for free. After that specific period if you choose to continue using it then you have to renew the subscription accordingly. 

Note that, the subscription renewal fee can vary depending upon the theme. Also, the period is counted from the initial date of purchase, irrespective of the date of usage.

3. Delivery

We deliver free downloadable themes and premium themes that can be accessed after the payment for purchase is done. Also, remember you need to open an account into our site to download any themes.

Once the payment is verified, the user can easily access the premium theme by logging into their accounts and clicking “My Order”. The theme can be downloaded from there.

4. Modifications

Users can modify and customize the theme.

5. Theme Support 

The support is provided only to the subscribed themes and not to the free downloaded one. If you seek any sort of support then you have to switch to a subscription basis.

6. Updates

The themes are updated to suit the latest version of WordPress. But with time some themes might stop receiving updates as we will be focusing on new trendy themes. 

The updates are sent to paid users throughout the specific period mentioned in the product description. However, even after the expiry of the support period, you can use the theme but will not receive any new updates.

7. Warranty

99colorthemes provides the themes after code review and complete optimization. However, we don’t provide any sort of warranty stating our themes will function with all 3rd party components, plugins or web browsers. We aren’t liable for any direct and indirect damage incurred due to this. 

Since we don’t guarantee our themes are compatible with every browser, it is the sole duty of the user to check and ensure the theme works fine on their required browser. You can perform browser compatibility test by using demonstration templates on the demo server.

8. Limitation

As we don’t provide any sort of warranty, we aren’t to be held liable for any damage or loss caused by our theme.

9. Photo copyright issue

The pictures used in themes are only for demonstration purposes. We do not hold the copyright of any image so used. And it is advised to use a different image or take the copyright of demo images before using it. We aren’t to be held liable by any party in case the users fail to abide by the copyright law.

10. Third-party product

Our themes might use a third-party product to provide flexibility and extend our service. However, we aren’t endorsing any of the third-party product and we do not take responsibility or provide a warranty for its service. You have to refer to its terms and condition yourself and it’s assumed that you have accepted it when you use our themes. Also, 

  1. We don’t provide support for third-party products. You have to contact them through their contact page or support portal. 
  2. We don’t control their pricing.
  3. Subscription of their service will not extend the subscription of our service.
  4. We aren’t liable for any disputes between you and third-party products. In case of such disputes, you agree to waive any liability against 99colorthemes in connection with third party products.
  5. The collection and usage of your data and personal information by third-party product has nothing to do with us. And in any way, we aren’t to be held liable for misuse of your data by them or in general any loss or damage caused by them.
11. Illegal usage

  1. The users of 99colorthemes need to open an account to download the themes. Failing to do so and downloading the themes using other measures is deemed illegal and subject to legal actions.
  2. The safety of your account is your responsibility. In the case of unauthorized access, you have to inform us as quickly as possible. On the failing of informing us, we can hold you liable for the actions of your account. 
  3. We don’t tolerate any sort of hate, vulgar, discriminatory and propaganda content or comments. On the occurrence of such an event, we reserve the right to block your account and ban you from using our service or take legal actions as necessary.
  4. The premium themes are to be accessed only after the account creation and payment of the purchase. The payment method selected by you should be genuine and authentic. We verify each payment and in case it is found that you have provided incorrect information then you are subject to legal actions. For instance, if you have used made-up card numbers to download our premium themes then we will take necessary legal actions against you.
  5. The user can modify our themes but if it’s found that you have copied our themes and used as your property then it is deemed illegal. If such is found then legal actions will be taken against you. 
12. Price changes

99colorthemes can change the price of its service. And isn’t obliged to update or inform about it. It is the sole duty of the user to be self-updated.

13. Refund Policy

Our themes are non-tangible digital goods and the subscription is irrevocable. Meaning once you have purchased our themes you cannot revoke the subscription and ask for a refund. 99colorthemes isn’t liable to pay any sort of refund. So, the users are requested to purchase a theme only after careful analysis and decision making.

14. Licensing

All of our WordPress themes and plugins are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

15. Privacy Policy

We have explained our privacy policy on this page. Users are requested to go through it.

The acceptance of the terms and conditions will be deemed as acceptance of our privacy policy too.