How To Choose The Best White Pointy Nails

What is the Purpose Of A White Pointy Nails?

Nail art has been around since ancient times. In fact, nail polish was invented during World War II to camouflage soldiers' fingernails. Today, nail art is a popular hobby among women who enjoy creating intricate designs on their fingers. There are many different types of nail art including French manicure, gel polish, acrylic paint, glitter, and rhinestones. Some artists create elaborate designs while others stick to simple patterns. Whatever type of design you decide to create, there are several ways to achieve the perfect finish. Here are three tips to get started.

    The first step is to apply a base coat. Base coats seal the cuticle and strengthen the nail bed. Once applied, let dry completely.

      Next, apply two thin layers of top coat. Top coats give your nail polish shine and extend its longevity. Let each layer dry thoroughly before applying another.

      How To Create Perfect Polish

      There are many techniques available to nail artists. One technique involves mixing two different polishes together to create a gradient effect. Another method uses a single shade of polish mixed with a special top coat. Both methods require patience and practice to master. However, once mastered, these techniques allow you to create beautiful designs. For example, you could mix red and yellow polish to create a bright orange color. Then, you could apply a top coat to the mixture to create a shiny finish. Finally, you could remove the excess polish with acetone.

      Create Designs Using Gel Polish

      Gel polish is ideal for beginners because it dries quickly. Simply follow the directions on the package to apply the polish. Afterward, wait for the polish to fully dry before adding details. Once dried, you can use a fine detail brush to draw detailed designs onto the polish. Be careful not to press too hard into the polish or else you risk damaging the polish. Instead, gently stroke the brush across the polish to create a pattern.

      White pointy nail polish has become very popular among women who love fashion. There are many different types of white pointy nail polishes available today. Some of these include gel, acrylic, liquid, and powder based products. Each type offers its own benefits and disadvantages. Gel-based nail polish tends to be thicker and last longer than most others. Acrylic-based nail polish is easy to apply and remove. Liquid-based nail polish is fast drying and lasts longer than gel-based nail polish. Powder-based nail polish is the easiest to apply and remove. However, it does dry quickly and needs frequent touch ups. All three types of nail polish require proper care and maintenance. Proper care includes regular application, removal, and storage. In addition, there are certain tips that must be followed to ensure that your manicure remains beautiful and healthy.

      How To Care For Your Manicures

      It is important to remember that each type of nail polish requires specific care. Here are some general guidelines for caring for your manicure:

      Gel-Based Polish - Gels are generally applied once per week. After applying gel-based nail polish, allow it to completely dry before removing it. Once dried, gently rub away excess gel polish with a cotton ball dipped into acetone (or nail polish remover). Do not soak gel-based nail polish because it could cause the polish to crack. Allow gel-based nail polish to fully cure overnight before wearing again.

      Acrylic-Based Polish - Apply acrylic-based nail polish twice weekly. Remove acrylic-based nail polish with acetone (or nail polish remover) and let it air dry. Never leave acrylic-based nail polish on too long. Letting acrylic-based nail polish sit on the nail bed for extended periods of time can result in chipping. Always file acrylic-based nail polish prior to wear.

      Features To Look For When Buying A White Pointy Nails!

      Pointy nail extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women who wish to enhance their appearance. However, there are many different types of these extensions available, which can be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with them. Here are some features to look for when choosing a set of pointy nails.


      The length of the extension determines how far the tip extends past the natural nail. Longer extensions are generally considered to be more attractive because they give the illusion of a longer finger. However, shorter extensions are sometimes preferred because they allow the wearer to wear rings or bracelets underneath the extensions. In addition, short extensions are easier to apply and remove.


      There are two main styles of pointy nails – square and round. Square-shaped extensions are most commonly seen on acrylic nails, while round-shaped ones are typically found on gel nails. Both styles are equally effective, although round-shaped extensions are slightly more difficult to apply. Round-shaped extensions are also more flexible, making them ideal for wearing during exercise.


      White is the standard colour for pointy nails, but coloured versions are now widely available. Coloured extensions are particularly useful for those who wish to match their existing manicure. Some colours include pink, blue, green, purple, red, yellow, orange, black, silver, gold, grey, brown, etc. There are also special effects such as glitter, rhinestones, pearls, diamonds, crystals, etc., which can be added to the tips of the extensions.


      Acrylic nails are the most common type of pointy nails. Acrylic nails are easy to apply and take only minutes to dry. Gel nails are another option, although they require a little more preparation. Gel nails must be soaked in water prior to application, and they take approximately 30 minutes to dry. Once applied, gel nails are extremely durable and last several weeks. However, they are very fragile and cannot withstand rough treatment, including vigorous washing or swimming.


      Prices vary depending on the brand and style of pointy nails. Prices increase significantly once additional accessories (such as glue) are purchased.

      Different Types of White Pointy Nails

      White pointy nail art has become very popular among women who love to show off their manicure. There are many different ways to create these designs including acrylic paint, gel polish, glitter glue, and liquid latex. Each method offers its own unique benefits and drawbacks. Let’s take a closer look at each technique.

      Acrylic Paint

      The most common way to achieve a white pointy design is with acrylic paint. Acrylic paints dry quickly and allow you to apply multiple coats to get the desired effect. However, acrylic paint tends to be thicker than other methods and requires several layers to cover the entire nail. Because of this, acrylic paint takes longer to dry compared to other techniques. Another drawback to acrylic paint is that it does not adhere to natural nails. To remedy this problem, you must file away the top layer of your nail prior to applying the paint. Once applied, acrylic paint dries within minutes. For best results, wait 24 hours between applications.

      Gel Polish

      Another option for creating white pointy nails is with gel polish. Gel polishes dry slowly and require only two thin coats to achieve a beautiful finish. Unlike acrylic paint, gel polish adheres perfectly to both artificial and natural nails. One downside to gel polish is that it chips easily. Therefore, it is important to avoid chipping while wearing your favorite outfit. In addition, gel polish is prone to smudging and running. To minimize this issue, apply a base coat of polish prior to adding additional colors. Finally, gel polish dries quickly and needs no waiting period.

      Glitter Glue

      To create a white pointy nail design with glitter glue, start by filing away the cuticle portion of your nail. Next, apply a base coat of color onto your nail. Then, apply a second coat of color directly above the first. After letting the glue dry completely, remove excess glue from around the edges of your nail. Lastly, apply a third coat of color directly above the second. Allow the glue to dry overnight.

      Liquid Latex

      For those who enjoy experimenting with unusual materials, liquid latex is another option for achieving a white pointy nail design. Liquid latex is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Like glitter glue, liquid latex is easy to apply and comes in a wide range of colors. However, unlike glitter glue, liquid latex dries slowly and requires three to four coats to achieve a finished product.


Natural Stiletto Fake Nails Sharp Ending pointy Nail Tips 500Pcs 10 Sizes for Nail Salon and DIY Nail Art by EVEBYRA

  • ★★HALF COVER CLAW SHAPE DESIGN: EVEBYRA Professional Nail Tips are designed with natural color and half cover sharp-ending,like the claw.With perfect length and moderate thickness, you can wear them long or clip them into any shape you like.
  • ★★VARIOUS SIZES:500pcs Acrylic Nails offer 10 different sizes with 50 pieces of each size in the box, fitting most nail types. And each tip is individually numbered 0-9, so you can mark and keep track off them easily.
  • ★★HEALTHY MATERIAL: These Strong False Nails are made of prime quality ABS material, a kind of environmental friendly material, without toxic and will not harm your nails or body. What’s more, it’s thick and durable enough to last 2-3 weeks, offering a safe and convenient manicure experience.
  • ★★SIMPLE OPERATION:EVEBYRA breathable nails are easy to file,paint and apply. Choose your nail tip size and Brush a layer of topcoat onto your natural nails. Then Apply the adhesive gel and Press on the nail. Once painted with colorful polish and beautiful decorations, they look natural.
  • ★★MULTIPLE APPLICATION:These durable Nails are great for professional nail technician on Nail Salon and nail art lover at Home DIY. Perfect to be used on weeding, festivals, and dating. Nice gift to your girlfriend, mother and sisters.

Ombre Extra Long French Nail Extreme Stiletto Sharp Gradient Nude White 24 Fake Nails Acrylic Nails Manicure Tips 24 pcs

  • This is stiletto fake nail ombre
  • False French nail art tips extra long
  • There are 24 pieces in one kit
  • Nails contain adhesive tabs. No liquid glue included
  • Extra long, perfect for the party

Press on Nails Short Oval False Nails Glossy Fake Nails- Melayous 24 Pcs Round Nails Glue on Nails Stick on Nails, Full Cover Artificial Acrylic Nails with Glue for Women and Girls (White)

  • ♦ Long-lasting and Durable: Artificial nails are not thick or thin, and the thickness is appropriate. Easy to stick on nails, will not easily fall off and break, normal use can be keep for more than two weeks, can be easily removed with nail remover. (Include 1 bottle of nail glue for free.)
  • ♦ Comfortable and Natural Looking: Premium salon grade effect, excellent-quality nails with a high gloss marble effect. False nails are easy to trim and file, for a better fit and wear, making your nails magical and stylish.
  • ♦ Varied Size: The 24 pcs fake nails set offers 12 different sizes that fit most fingers, which is individually numbered 1-12, so they're easy to keep track of, and convenient to choose the suitable size that fits your every finger.
  • ♦ High Quality ABS Material: The full cover nails are made from high quality ABS material and uv top coat, which is a kind of green friendly environmental material,No toxic, No smell, No harm to your nails or body.
  • ♦ Multiple Application: The acrylic nail kit are great for both professional nail specialist or nail art practice, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for girls and women, good for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, and excellent for Parties/Wedding/Costume ball/Halloween/Christmas/etc.

HerMia Stiletto Fake Nails Natural Short Full Cover Almond Nail Tips Pointy Acrylic Artificial Press on Nails 600pcs 10 Sizes (Natural)

  • FULL STILETTO SHAPE DESIGN -- HerMia Pointy Nail Tips are designed with clear color and full cover sharp-ending.With perfect length and moderate thickness, you can wear them long or clip them into any shape you like.
  • VAVIOUS SIZE -- 600pcs Acrylic Nails offer 10 different sizes with 50 pieces of each size(100pcs for No.5&No.6), fitting most nail types.Each small bag is numbered 0-9,so you can mark and keep track off them easily.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL -- These Strong False Nails are made of prime quality ABS material, a kind of environmental friendly material, without toxic and will not harm your nails or body. What’s more, it’s thick and durable enough to last 2-3 weeks, offering a safe and convenient manicure experience.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION -- HerMia breathable nails are easy to file,paint and apply. Choose your nail tip size and Brush a layer of topcoat onto your natural nails. Then Apply the adhesive gel and Press on the nail. Once painted with colorful polish and beautiful decorations, they look natural.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATION -- These durable Nails are great for professional nail technician on Nail Salon and nail art lover at Home DIY. Perfect to be used on weeding, festivals, and dating. Nice gift to your girlfriend, mother and sisters.

Outyua Coffin Fake Nails Glossy Press on Nails Ballerina Acrylic Super Long False Nails Designer Full Cover Nails with design for Women and Girls 24Pcs (White)

  • Designer nail are made of quality ABS material which can last for about a week,but the durability of jelly gel is limited.We recommended to use your own glue.
  • Coffin super long nails 20pcs set 10 different sizes.Because of different display setting and light the of full flase nails may be little different from the picture.
  • White long false nails will make your nails more attractive.No matter what your nail size is, you can choose the most suitable false nail for yourself ,Just a few minutes, it is easy to trim and file them to in any length and shape you like.It's suitable for most occasion.
  • Coffin white nails design your own nails for wedding,party,weekend dating or special occasion.Perfect choice for your nail fashion.
  • If you need to return stick on nails, please keep the integrity of the product packaging.Please feel free to send us a message if you have any question about our product, and we will reply you within 24 hours.

YIMART 120pcs Stiletto Extra Long Sharp False Nail Art Tips Acrylic Fake Nail Tips For Nails Salon (White Long Sharp)

  • Authentic "Yimart" Brand.100% brand new and high quality.120pcs Stiletto Extra Long Sharp False Nail Art Tips Acrylic Fake Nail Tips For Nails Salon.short length, stronger don't crack or chip, Wear comfortable, does not affect any work by hand
  • 2-4 Weeks Long Lasting stiletto false nails with bags are made with high quality ABS material .Plus, ABS is kind of green enviromental material,and makes the nails durable,breathable,light even no pressure on your own nails.Fit well to your natural nails.Non toxic,No smell,No harm to your health.
  • Easy to apply, file and paint. Stronger don't crack or chip,nice holding the color without separating or streaking.It's make your nails Fashion, Creative and fresh.
  • Best Service specialized in creating and selling false nails over 15 years.All the nails are under restrictive quality control.We adhere to the customer first, quality first faith
  • Practical Application stiletto nails in bags are great for nails salon,DIY home nails art.Perfect to be used on wedding ,prom ,dating, and they also suitable for Halloween, Christmas ,Valentine's Day and other festival.Wonderful as gift for girlfriend,family and friends.

LoveOurHome 400pc Colored Long Stiletto Press on Nails Full Cover Pointy Fake False Nails Artificial Fingernails for Women Girls Acrylic Nail Design Salon Manicure Extension

  • 4 Colors full cover stiletto acrylic fake nails, 10 sizes numbered from size 0-9, enough sizes to fit most fingers, no matter your nail beds are small, normal or wide, you can always find the correct size for you.
  • Pre colored stiletto artifical nails made of quality material, it's durble, sturdy and lightweight, pre colored nails can be applied directly on nails, no harm to your body.They are magic nails for nail art staters, you can create fashionable nails without paint nail polish in seconds.
  • Colorful acrylic nails kit are easy to apply, they can be applied using nail glue( last 1-2 weeks ) or adhesive nail tabs ( tempoary use, several hours, normally for party,wedding or stage performance). These colored nails can be reused for several times.
  • All stiletto false nails are packed in blue case, easy to store and apply, ready for gift giving,perfect holiday festival gift for female friends / famlies like mom, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, granddaughter, aunt, friend, colleague and classmate on birthday, Christmas, mother's day, valentines day or any day you want.
  • Our stiletto pointy false nails can be applied for professional salon or individual use, suitable for both nail art beginners and manicurist or nail specialist, colorful chic acrylic nails for women, girls, teens and kids
  • Suitable for nail extension with nail art rhinestones, glitter flakes, stickers, striping tape,dip powder, Acrylic, UV Gel. Our full cover colored artificial press on nails are easy to trim,paint and apply. Easy to create your every day nail arts.

1000PCS False Nail Tips Monja Extra Long Stiletto Fake Nails Tips, Point Acrylic Sharp Half Cover Tips, Press on Nail Tips Extension 10 Sizes, 2pcs Nail Nano Glass Files Buffers, Manicure Set for Salon Home DIY Use, Clear Natural White Color

  • 💋 What You Will Get - The Stiletto Point long false nails set, contains 500pcs clear false nails, 500pcs white false nails, and 2pcs glass files & buffers, We will provide 2 colors, 10 different sizes of false nails each pack, you can choose the fake nail that fits your finger. Each sizes/colors individually packaged, so they're convenient to carry with;
  • 💋 High Quality & Brand New - Made of ABS, which is a kind of green friendly environmental material, No toxic, No smell, No harm to your nails or body and makes the nails durable & natural, shining surface, natural transparency white colors, extra long sharp shape, full cover or half cover false nail tips as you like, not easy to break;
  • 💋 Simple to Use - Firstly select the suitable sizes for your fingers, use the nonporous glass files to trim and polish your nature nails, apply nail glue (not included) to the back of the most fit fake nail tips, move and tighten the tips to your natural nails, press it for about 15 seconds, apply some uv gel to make it firmly and cure if necessary, then trim and polish the extension nails to the shape you want. Then you can DIY your nail art;
  • 💋 Multiple Application & Exquisite Gifts - Fashion sharp point stiletto fake nail tips are great for both professional nails specialist and nail art learner/beginner, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, teen girls, family members who interested in nails art, especially in those special days like Birthday, Makeup Parties, Wedding, Costume ball, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Cosplay, New Year, Valentine's Day, etc.
  • 💋100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - For any reasons you don't love Monja false nails with glass files & buffer set, please feel free to let us know, we will give you a full refund or resend you a new one. Click the "Add to Cart" button now.

240pc Long Stiletto Acrylic False Nails Clear Pointy Stiletto Artificial Fake Nail Art Tips Full Cover 12 Size with Case,Manicure DIY Fingernails Design Nail Decor for Women Girls (Stiletto)

  • Package includes 12 different sizes long stiletto nail art tips, full cover designs, 20pc each size, total 240pc in a plastic case.
  • LoveOurHome xl stiletto fake nails made of quality ABS material, non toxic, smelles, durable and sturdy for approach 1-2 weeks wear.
  • Extra long length pointy pattern, can used for design long stiletto nails or ballerina nails, you can DIY to any length by cuting or builing gel nails. Allows change your nail style in ease.
  • Stiletto nails suitable for stage performance, peacock dance,cosplay,dress up, Halloween parties,nail color display,nail practice or daily nail art designs. You can diy your artificial fingernails for a better result with other nail decorations such as nail stickers, nail decals, nail glitter, nail rhinestones and so on.
  • XL stiletto false nails are perfect holiday nail gift for nail artist and nail starters, you can send to your mom, daughter, sister, granddaughter, best friends, girlfriend, wife or colleagues, aunts, customers. Suitable for Christmas, birthday, Halloween, Valentines day, Mothers day,Thanksgiving etc.

LoveOurHome 100pc Stiletto Press on Nails Matte Artificial False Nails Full Cover Acrylic Nail Tips Manicure Design Decor for Women Girls Salon Home DIY (White)

  • Trendy matte stiletto press on nails includes 100pc stiletto claw shapes matte finish colored false nails, 10 sizes available, 10 tips per sizes, total 100pc stiletto tips with case, easy to store, carry and keep track of. Case package, ready for holiday nail art gift giving.
  • Strong press on stiletto nails made of quality ABS material with certain thickness and length, no too thick and thin. Abs material are environmental friendly materials, no harm to skin and health, Suitable for women, girls and even kids.
  • Stiletto matte press on nails with 10 different sizes, can fit for most fingernails, either wide nail bed or small nail bed, you can always find suitable tips for your finger nails. Stiletto claw nail tips are trending nail shapes for halloween, party, stage performance and Chrismtas.
  • Pre colored pointy stiletto nails full cover, velvet matted press on nails makes nail shapes easier, it's easy to create a fashionable matte nails art in few minutes, you can use nail glue or adhesive nail tabs to diy your stiletto nails design in easy. ( cautions that nail glue and nail tabs are not included)
  • Easy to Apply: These matte stiletto nails can directly be sticked on nails with stroing nail glue or adhesive nail tabs, make your nails looks natural and fashionable. Besides, you can add glitter flakes/rhinestones beads /nail stickes & decals/foil leaf for a more trendy and luxury nails arts
  • Festival Nail Gift Ideas: Suitable for professional nail techs salon nail art designs and nail art lover DIY at home. Perfect present your wife, daughter, girlfriend, aunt, mother, granddauther, partners, classmates or sisters. Amazing for different occasions like parties, Halloween, stage performance, weddings, cosplay, prom ,dating, costume ball. Holiday gift guide for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Mother's day and other festival

240pc Colored Stiletto False Nails Full Cover Soft Gel Acrylic Tips Pointy Fake Nail Artificial Fingernails Manicure Designs Decor for Women Girls Home Salon DIY

  • Short Almond Stiletto False Nails Set includes 240pc nude color medium length flexible full cover stiletto nails, 10 different sizes, total 240pc with plastic case, convenient to carry and collect. Case package colored stiletto fake nails ready for nail gift giving.
  • Flexible and scratch resistant: Luckforever nude stiletto press on nails are made of quality soft gel material, non-toxic and gentle to your skin, durable and not easy to break, soft gel false nails are softer than ABS or acrylic material nails ( pls caution ), but works great with acrylic,dip powder and hard gel.
  • Designer french stiletto nail tips: artificial fingernails are designed in medium stiletto shape,full coverage,glossy soild nude colors,trendy and eye catching, you can trim and file them to required length or shape to design your owe nail style with nail clipper and buffer file.
  • Soft gel stiletto colored nail tips with medium length, perfect for housewife, office lady and school students, recommend applied with uv gel, top coat, dip powder. If add some nail decorations like nail glitters flakes, rhinestones beads, studs, charms, sticker decals, transfer foils will create endless fashionable and impressive square nails arts designs.
  • Fantastic holiay nail gift ideas for nail art starters and nail techs or nail artist. Perfect gift for wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, best friends, mom, granddaughter, grandma,aunt,classmate or colleague for some specalist holiday or accasion like birthday, homecoming,back to school,wedding, anniversary, halloween, Christmas, mothers day,Thansgiving or any special day.

AORAEM Short Stiletto Nail Tips,600Pcs Clear Pointy Fake Nails Press on Claw False Nails with Box for Girls and Women (Clear)

  • High Quality💅: Almond shaped nails are made of high-quality thin and light materials. It is light in weight and will not increase the burden on your fingers. And his toughness is strong and durable. It is not easy to break during your use, creating a fashionable manicure.
  • Half Cover Design💅: AORAEM short fake nails are designed using half cover. It can perfectly fit your nails and achieve the effect of blending with your nails, full of realism. The pointed shape makes your nails look more beautiful, and it is very suitable for daily use.
  • Sufficient quantity💅:The nails for acrylic tips in the package have twelve sizes for you to choose from, each with a separate grid. It is convenient for you to distinguish and accurately find the nail you need. There are fifty in each size, enough to meet your nail art needs.
  • Easy to Operate💅: Just apply a thin layer of glue on the top of the professional artificial fake nail, and gently press it on your fingers with the small handle. After fixing it, remove the small handle and polish the surface of your nails to start your nail art journey.
  • Daily application💅: The nail tips half cover is just right and natural. Perfectly solve the troubles of short or broken nails. Suitable for most finger-sized people. Even when you go to work, you can digest it perfectly. It is the best choice for those who love beauty.
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