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How To Choose The Best White Cross Tattoo

What is the Purpose Of A White Cross Tattoo?

The white cross tattoo has been around since ancient times. In fact, there are many different variations of the white cross tattoo. Some believe that the white cross tattoo originated in Egypt where it was used as a symbol of peace. Others say that the white cross tattoo came from the Celtic culture. Still others claim that the white cross tattoo originated in India. However, no matter which country the white cross tattoo originates from, its meaning remains the same.

White Cross Meaning

The white cross tattoo is most commonly associated with Christianity. Many Christians believe that the white cross represents Jesus Christ who died on the cross for our sins. Other religions associate the white cross tattoo with Buddhism. Buddhists believe that the white cross tattoo represents Buddha who gave his life for us. Regardless of religion, the white cross tattoo has always represented hope and faith.

Cross Symbolism

Many cultures throughout history have adopted the white cross tattoo into their own culture. For example, Native Americans believed that the white cross tattoo represented the sun. Therefore, the white cross tattoo became known as the Sun Cross. Today, the white cross tattoo continues to be popular among many different cultures.

How To Get A White Cross Tattoo

Getting a white cross tattoo is easy. All you need is a needle and ink. There are two ways to get a white cross tattoo. First, you could go to a professional tattoo artist. Second, you could get a kit online. Either way works fine. Just remember to follow the instructions carefully.

Tattoo Artist Method

To get a white cross tattoo done right, you must visit a reputable tattoo shop. Make sure that the tattoo artist knows what he or she is doing. Ask questions and take notes during the process. Don't hesitate to ask for references. Finally, make sure that the tattoo artist uses sterile needles and supplies.

Online Kit Method

There are several kits available online. One of these kits includes everything you need to create a white cross tattoo. Simply print out the design template provided and follow the directions.

Design Template

Before starting the tattoo, you'll need to decide whether you want to get a single white cross tattoo or multiple white crosses. Once you've decided, you'll need to download the appropriate design template.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality White Cross Tattoo?

There are many reasons why you should get a white cross tattoo. First of all, there are several different types of crosses available. There are Christian crosses, Celtic crosses, Star of David, and others. Each type has its own meaning and symbolism. For example, the Celtic cross symbolizes strength and endurance. The star of david represents faithfulness and loyalty. The Christian cross stands for hope and love.

Christian Crosses

Many Christians believe that the Christian cross is the most sacred symbol in existence. In fact, the word 'christian' comes from the Latin word Christus (meaning 'anointed'). Therefore, the Christian cross is considered holy because Jesus was crucified on it. Many Christians wear a small piece of jewelry called a St. Christopher medal around their neck. This is supposed to be a reminder of the story where Saint Christopher carried the baby Jesus across the river.

Celtic Crosses

In Ireland, the Celtic cross is very popular among Irish Catholics. It is believed that the Celtic cross originated in ancient Greece. However, the Celtic cross became associated with Christianity during the Middle Ages. Today, the Celtic cross is still worn by many Catholic priests. Some people think that wearing a Celtic cross gives them good luck. Others say that it brings peace and happiness into their lives.

Star of David

The Star of David is another common Jewish religious symbol. Like the Celtic cross, the Star of David is said to bring good luck. But unlike the Celtic cross, the Star of David is actually part of the Hebrew alphabet. It is also known as the Seal of Solomon. According to legend, King Solomon once wore a ring with the same design. He gave it to his queen, who passed it onto her son. The king later died, leaving behind three sons. One of these sons inherited the ring and gave it to his wife. She then gave birth to two boys. One boy received the ring while the other did not. The boy who didn't receive the ring grew up to become famous throughout history. His name was Salomon.

Other Types of Crosses

Besides the four main types of crosses mentioned above, there are many other designs available. For instance, you could get a crucifixion scene tattooed on your body. Or maybe you'd rather get a skull and bones tattoo. Whatever your preference, you'll find a wide variety of options online. Just search for 'white cross tattoo'. The most important thing to remember when choosing a white cross tattoo design is that it has to be done right. There are many different types of designs available today, each with its own unique features. Some designs are very intricate while others are simple and easy to understand. In order to get the best results possible, you must take into consideration several factors including the type of ink being used, the color of the background, the placement of the cross, and the overall style of the tattoo.

Ink Color

There are two main colors of ink that are commonly used in white cross tattoos; black and silver. Black ink is generally considered to be the traditional choice because it gives the appearance of a solid line. Silver ink is typically chosen because it looks more modern and sleek. Both options are suitable for creating a beautiful piece of art. However, there are pros and cons associated with both choices.

Background Color

Another factor to consider when selecting a white cross tattoo design is the color of the background. Most artists will opt for a plain white background which creates a stark contrast between the cross and the rest of the body. Others will go for a contrasting color which draws attention away from the cross itself.


White crosses are placed in three general locations on the body. One location is directly above the heart, another is near the collarbone, and the third is located on the upper arm. Each of these areas offers a variety of benefits depending on where the cross is placed.

There are many different kinds of white cross tattoos available today. Some of these include Celtic crosses, Christian crosses, Star of David, and others. Each type has its own meaning and symbolism behind it. Here are some examples of each kind of white cross tattoo.

Celtic Crosses

The most common form of white cross tattoo is the Celtic cross. This symbol was originally created by the Celts who lived in Europe during ancient times. The Celtic cross is very popular among Christians because it represents Jesus Christ. In fact, there are several churches around the world named after the Celtic cross. There are two main variations of the Celtic cross. One variation is called the Irish cross and the other is known as the Scottish cross. Both symbols represent Christianity and both have been adopted into modern culture.

Irish Cross

This version of the Celtic cross is commonly found in Ireland. It consists of four equal arms radiating outward from a central point. The center of the cross is where the heart of Jesus lies. The arms of the cross represent the four directions of the compass. The top arm points north while the bottom arm points south. The middle arms point east and west respectively. The arms of the cross are connected together by a horizontal line. This design is meant to show unity between God and man. The Celtic cross is considered sacred by Catholics and Protestants alike.

Scottish Cross

Another variation of the Celtic cross is the Scottish cross. This symbol looks exactly like the Irish cross except that the arms are shorter. The arms of the Scottish cross are only three inches long. The arms of the cross are connected together by a vertical bar. The vertical bar shows that the cross is upright rather than upside down. Like the Irish cross, the Scottish cross is considered holy by both Catholics and Protestants.

Christian Cross

The Christian cross is another popular white cross tattoo. This symbol originated in the Middle Ages and is still widely recognized today. The Christian cross is composed of four equal arms radiating outwards from a central point. The center of the cross is where the heart of Jesus lies. The arms of the cross represent the four corners of the earth. The top arm points towards Jerusalem while the bottom arm points towards Mecca. The middle arms point towards heaven and hell respectively. The arms of the cross are connected together by a horizontal line. This design is meant to show unity between God and man. The Christian cross is considered sacred by Christians worldwide.



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