Ariat Women's Kirby Fitted Button-Down Shirt, White, X-Large

  • Long-sleeve shirt in solid poplin cotton featuring button-front placket lined with striped taping
  • Embroidered logos at patch pocket and back yoke
  • Shirttail hem with contrast stitching

How To Choose The Best White Ariat Shirt

What is the Purpose Of A White Ariat Shirt?

An ariat shirt is a type of men's dress shirt. Ariats are typically worn by business professionals who wish to project a professional image while still maintaining casual style. An ariat shirt has a button-down collar and short sleeves. Ariats are generally considered formal wear, although many men wear them casually. Ariats are most commonly seen in offices, banks, law firms, hospitals, and government agencies. Ariats are available in several colors including black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, red, royal blue, silver, tan, teal, yellow, and white.

Why Do Men Wear Ariats?

Ariats are popular among men because they allow you to maintain a professional appearance while remaining casual. Many men believe that wearing a suit and tie everyday is too constricting. Wearing an ariat lets you be dressed appropriately for the occasion while still being able to relax and enjoy yourself. Ariats are perfect for those occasions where you'd rather stay relaxed and informal, yet still appear professional. For example, you could wear an ariat to a wedding reception, a funeral, or a meeting with clients. Ariats are also ideal for special events such as graduations, weddings, funerals, and sporting events. Ariats are especially useful during summer months since they let you remain cool and comfortable while still appearing professional.

How To Dress In An Ariat

To properly wear an ariat, follow these steps: First, fold the front placket of the shirt in half. Next, turn the folded placket inside out and press it flat. Then, fold the bottom hem of the shirt in half. Finally, tuck the top edge into the middle of the shirt. Make sure to leave enough room between the neckline and the shoulder seam.

Wear With Jeans

Men should avoid wearing jeans with an ariat. Ariats are meant to be worn with slacks or suits. However, if you must wear jeans with an ariat, make sure to pair it with a solid colored blazer. Solid color jackets are best because they blend in with the rest of your outfit. Ariats are also appropriate for casual Fridays. Just remember to remove your jacket before leaving the office.

Avoid Ties

Ties are not recommended for men who plan to wear an ariat. Ariats are intended to be worn with slacks or suits

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality White Ariat Shirt?

Ariats are known for making high-quality products. Their clothes are designed to be durable and last for years. However, there are many different types of Ariat shirts available. Some are made of cotton while others are made of polyester. There are also different styles of Ariat shirts. For example, there are short sleeved shirts and long sleeved shirts. Each type has its own benefits. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a quality white Ariat shirt.

1) Keeps You Warm In Cold Weather

In cold weather, wearing a warm white Ariat shirt will keep you warmer than wearing a light colored shirt. Light colors absorb heat faster than dark colors. Darker colors reflect heat away from your body. Therefore, if you wear a lighter color shirt, you will get colder quicker. Wearing a white Ariat shirt will keep you warmer because it reflects heat away from your body. So, if you plan on going outside during winter months, you should always wear a white Ariat shirt.

2) Protects From Sunburn

During summertime, you should avoid exposing your arms to direct sunlight. Direct sun exposure causes sunburn. To avoid sunburn, you should cover your arms with a white Ariat shirt. Because white Ariat shirts are lightweight, they allow air to circulate around your body. As a result, you stay cooler and less likely to burn.

3) Improves Appearance

Wearing a white Ariat shirt improves your appearance. Many women love wearing white Ariat shirts because they enhance their beauty. Women who wear white Ariat shirts appear younger and healthier. Since white Ariat shirts are very popular among women, you can expect to see lots of beautiful ladies walking around town wearing these shirts.

Features To Look For When Buying A White Ariat Shirt!

The best way to get the most value for money is to shop around. There are many different types of white Ariat shirts available online. However, there are certain features which you should be aware of before purchasing one. Here are some of the key factors to take into consideration when choosing a white Ariat shirt.

Fabric Type

There are two main fabric types; cotton and polyester. Cotton is generally considered to be softer and warmer while polyester tends to be cooler and drier. Both fabrics are suitable for summer wear, however, cotton is recommended during winter months due to its ability to wick moisture away from the body. Polyester is ideal for colder weather conditions because it does not absorb sweat as quickly as cotton. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you select a material type that suits your climate.


Ariats are designed to fit close to the body. As a result, they are very flattering and slimming. In addition, they are easy to care for and wash. Many women opt for a loose fitting style because they enjoy wearing casual clothes. However, if you prefer a tighter fit, you can always go for a fitted style.


White Ariat shirts are available in a variety of designs including polo neck styles, crew necks, v-necks and short sleeves. Some designs include embroidery, stripes and logos. Ensure that you check these details carefully before making your final decision.


White Ariat shirts come in a wide range of colors. From pastel shades to bold hues, you can choose a color that matches your personality perfectly. Whether you prefer subtle tones or vibrant hues, you can rest assured that there is a white Ariat shirt to suit your needs.


Many white Ariat shirts come with a plain design. However, you can also choose a patterned version. Patterns vary greatly depending on the brand. Some patterns include floral prints, geometric shapes and animal motifs. Check the label carefully to see whether the pattern has been printed onto the garment or sewn directly into the fabric.


Most white Ariat shirts are manufactured in standard sizing. However, you can also order custom sized versions. Custom sizing is perfect for those who wish to alter the length of the shirt.

Ariat has been around since 1885 and is known for its quality products. Ariat offers many different styles of clothes including women’s dresses, men’s suits, children’s wear, accessories, footwear, and outerwear. There are several different types of white ariats shirts available. Here are some examples of these types of shirts:


ARIAT mens Big & Tall Solid Twill Shirt, White, 3X-Large US

  • Greater Arm Mobility underarm gusset for maximum range of motion
  • Moisture Movement Technology keeps you drier
  • SPF finish for protection from ultraviolet rays

ARIAT mens Ariat Mens Flame Resistant Button Down Shirt, White Multi, Large US

  • Meets the Hazard Risk Category rating of HRC 2
  • Rated over 9 in Arc Thermal Performance Value ATPV 9.5
  • FR Durable soft twill that is comfortable against your skin
  • Clearly labeled per OSHA requirements as FR and HRC2
  • NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112

Ariat Men Flame Resistant Logo T-Shirt, Navy, 2X-Large

  • MEN’S WORK T-SHIRT: Ideal for hard-working men on hazardous worksites, this long-sleeve T-shirt with flame-resistant technology is a must-have. Featuring the Ariat bold logo on the chest and sleeve, this work crew T-shirt gets more style
  • MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: The long T-shirt for men by Ariat is made in cotton fabric with moisture-wicking properties to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable throughout the day. Rated NFPA 70E, NFPA 2112, and CAT2, it is permanently flame-resistant
  • FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: This cotton T-shirt doesn’t restrict your movements with its high-performance quality and Greater Arm Mobility technology. Giving you the maximum range of motion, this T-shirt keeps you ready for every situation
  • GREAT GIFT FOR MEN: Surprising your near and dear ones, be it a friend, boyfriend, or husband, is made easier with this men’s T-shirt. Perfect for work, outdoor, or a night out, the hard-working men can wear this shirt for any occasion
  • SCIENCE OF INNOVATION: Ariat excels in advanced technologies to deliver products that outperform in various conditions. Partnering with world-class biomechanical research groups and testing labs, Ariat strives to improve performance, comfort, and durability

ARIAT Brewer Shirt White LG

  • Our classic shirts are our most generous fit with an extended body length for tucking
  • Greater Arm Mobility seam construction for maximum range of motion
  • Classic button-down
  • Woven placket label
  • Offered in 100% cotton

ARIAT Men's Bring It Short Sleeve Tee Ash Grey

  • Graphic on back reads: "I've broken just about everything except a promise."
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