MelodySusie Portable Electric Nail Drill, Compact Efile Electrical Professional Nail File Kit for Acrylic, Gel Nails, Manicure Pedicure Polishing Shape Tools Design for Home Salon Use, Purple

  • Multifunctional: Designed with 6 kinds of metal bits (also works with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits) and 6 sanding bands, which are used for grinding, carving, cutting, polishing for all nail arts as well as cuticle removal.
  • Adjustable Speed: 0-20,000RPM with a speed control button, which makes this electric nail file easier to polish your nails.
  • Low Noise and Low Heat: This electro file is with a powerful yet quiet motor. Also, the smart heat dissipation can avoid overheating efficiently. (no more than 20 minutes of continuous use each time is recommended).
  • Portable and Light: Compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry and portable to bring it out, you can so your nail art work anytime anywhere.
  • Easy to Use: It is professional for both home and salon use. Just need to connect the power cord with it to start working.

How To Choose The Best Purple Acrylic Nails

Purple Acrylic Nails - What Are They For?

Acrylic nail polish has become very popular among women who enjoy wearing beautiful manicures. Purple acrylic nail polish is a favorite amongst many because it looks elegant and classy. Purple acrylic nail polish is available in both matte and shiny finishes. Matte purple acrylic nail polish is ideal for those who wish to wear a simple design while glossy purple acrylic nail polish is perfect for those who desire a little more glamour.

How Do You Get Them Done?

The process of applying acrylic nail polish is fairly easy. First, you must prepare your nails by soaking them in warm water for approximately 10 minutes. Next, apply two coats of base coat to each nail. Then, paint on three coats of color. Finally, let dry completely before removing excess moisture with acetone. Once dried, you can file away any rough edges or imperfections.

Are There Any Benefits To Using Purple Acrylic Nail Polish?

There are several benefits to using purple acrylic nail polish. Firstly, it lasts longer than regular acrylic nail polish. Secondly, it dries faster than traditional acrylic nail polish. Thirdly, it does not chip or peel as quickly as normal acrylic nail polish. Lastly, it is hypoallergenic which makes it safe for those with sensitive skin.

Is Purple Acrylic Nail Polish Safe?

Yes, purple acrylic nail polish is perfectly safe to use. However, there are certain precautions you should take when choosing a shade. Make sure the color matches your natural nail color. Never use colors that are too dark or light. Also, avoid using bright shades of purple. Instead, opt for pastel shades of purple.

Can Purple Acrylic Nail Polish Be Used As An Eyebrow Color?

Absolutely! Purple acrylic nail polish is a wonderful way to enhance your eyebrows. Simply paint on a few layers of purple acrylic nail polish and allow to dry. Afterward, remove with acetone and brush brow hairs upward.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Purple Acrylic Nails?

Purple acrylic nails are becoming increasingly popular among women who wish to enhance their appearance. However, many women are unaware of the benefits of these nail extensions. Here are five reasons why you must invest in high-quality purple acrylic nails.

1) Enhance Appearance - Purple acrylic nails are available in different designs and styles. Some of the most common include hearts, flowers, stars, diamonds, etc. These designs are ideal for those who love fashion and beauty. Women who wear purple acrylic nails will be able to show off their creativity and style.

2) Increase Self Confidence - Purple acrylic nails give women confidence because they allow them to express themselves. Many women enjoy wearing purple acrylic nails because they feel beautiful and confident.

How To Get High Quality Purple Acrylic Nails?

There are several ways to get high quality purple acrylic nails. One way is to visit a salon where professional manicurists apply the nail extensions. Another option is to order online. There are numerous websites offering purple acrylic nails. Make sure you select reputable sites that sell only authentic products.

Benefits of Purple Acrylic Nails

They Are Easy To Apply - Purple acrylic nails are easy to apply. All you need to do is soak the tips of your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes. Then, remove the excess moisture by patting dry. Next, paint the nail extension onto your finger. Once dried, polish the nail extension with a top coat.

They Last Longer Than Natural Nails - Purple acrylic nails last longer than natural nails. Unlike natural nails, purple acrylic nails require little maintenance. In fact, you can leave them alone for weeks without worrying about chipping or breaking.

Features To Look For When Buying Purple Acrylic Nails!

Purple acrylic nails are becoming very popular these days because of its unique color. However, there are many features to look for when purchasing a set of purple acrylic nails. Here are some tips to help you get the best deal possible.

Size Matters

The length of your nail polish depends on the type of manicure you wish to achieve. Longer nails require more layers of polish. Therefore, it is important to check the number of coats required to obtain the desired length. Some brands of purple acrylic nails contain two different types of polishes; one for the base coat and another for the top coat. Make sure you read the instructions carefully to ensure you get the right amount of coats.

Quality Counts

It is always advisable to go for quality products. Quality products last longer and give you long-lasting results. There are many cheap brands available online which claim to be high quality. But, most of these products are low quality and only last for a few weeks. So, it is essential to shop around and compare prices before making a final decision.

Colors Available

There are many colors available in the market today. From pastel shades to bright neon hues, you can find everything here. However, it is important to note that certain colors may fade faster than others. Hence, it is wise to opt for colors that suit your lifestyle.

Price Point

Another thing to take into consideration while shopping for purple acrylic nails is price point. Most companies sell their products at affordable rates. However, sometimes, the cheaper option comes with inferior quality. So, it is important to research thoroughly before choosing a product.

Customer Service

Lastly, customer service is extremely important. Check whether the company has good reviews and ratings. Customer service is vital especially when you are dealing with a large order. In case you face problems during delivery, contact the company immediately.

Different Types of Purple Acrylic Nails

Purple acrylic nails are very popular among women today because of its unique color and design. There are many different ways to create these beautiful nail designs. Some of the most common techniques include gel polish, foil stamping, decals, and stencils. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are three different methods of creating purple acrylic nails.

Gel Polish Technique

The gel polish method involves applying two coats of gel polish to your natural fingernail. Once dry, you apply a top coat to seal the colors together. Gel polishes last approximately four weeks. However, there are several drawbacks to this type of manicure. First, gel polish takes a long time to dry. Second, gel polish does not allow for easy removal. Third, gel polish tends to chip quickly. Finally, gel polish cannot be removed with acetone.

Foil Stamping Technique

This technique uses a special foil sheet which contains tiny holes. After placing the foil onto your nail, you paint the desired pattern onto the foil. Then, you peel away the foil revealing the colorful nail design underneath. Foil stamps last anywhere between six months to a year depending on the quality of the product. However, foil stamping requires patience since each nail must be individually painted. In addition, foil stamping is difficult to remove once applied.

Decal Technique

With this technique, you cut out a small piece of paper containing the desired design. Next, you glue the paper onto your nail. Decals last approximately eight weeks. However, decals require careful application since they can fall off easily. Additionally, decals are hard to remove once glued on.

Stencil Technique

Using a stencil, you trace around the desired design onto the nail. After tracing, you fill in the outline with a colored pencil. Stencils last approximately five days. However, stencils are difficult to remove once applied. Lastly, stencils are prone to chipping.

How To Remove Purple Acrylic Nails

Once you've created your purple acrylic nails, you'll need to remove them. Removing gel polish is simple. Simply soak your fingers in warm water for 10 minutes. Use a cotton ball soaked in acetone to gently rub the gel polish off. For foil stamped nails, you can use a toothbrush dipped into acetone.


Madenia Professional Nail Drill for Acrylic Nails, 30000rpm Compact Cute Electric Efile Nail File, Manicure Pedicure Polishing Shape Tools, Purple

  • ⭐Buy a Nail Drill, Get a USB Nail Lamp Direct Ship⭐ 🍁Powerful and Easy to Use: This efile can reach a max speed of 30,000rpm, which is good at engraving, carving, grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing nails, and even wood carving. It is suitable for both professional use in salon and beginner use at home.
  • 🍁Upgraded High-performance Handpiece: Lightweight, Low Heat, Low Noise, and Low Vibration. The aluminum alloy material makes it lightweight and does not feel tired for long time use. Heat dissipation holes ensure the efficiency of heat dissipation, and it will not burn your hands even after an hour of continuous use.
  • 🍁One-Button Switch: One-click control of the nail drill machine's on / off / forward / reverse, making nail art so easy and convenient. The humanized forward and reverse design relieves the troubles of left-handed and right-handed users.
  • 🍁Compact and Portable: The handpiece holder of this acrylic nail drill is hidden inside the machine, and it also has the function of storing drill bits. So It can save a lot of space when carrying. In addition, with its small (4.4*4.4*2 in) and lightweight (0.55 lb) design, it can be carried in a cosmetic bag or handbag at will.
  • 🍁Reassuring Quality Assurance: We provide a one-year product quality assurance and permanent after-sales service. There is no need to worry about after-sales problems. Please feel free to buy it or give it to your wife, daughter, friend, or the most important woman in your life!

Professional Rechargeable Nail Drill Machine, Lavinda Cordless 35,000RPM Skyspace Brushless Nail Drill, Portable Electrical Nail File for Acrylic Nails with Protective Case, Gradient Blue & Purple

  • 【Professional Brushless Nail Drill Machine or Longer use & Better experience】Upgrade brushless motor, can be used more than 1,000 hours. Low vibration for smooth and long-time operation. The professional nail drill with a unique safety protection system to avoid the motor excessive temperature rise.High precision with 0.015mm coaxiality max.Quiet & Vibration Free.
  • 【Rechargeable & Portable Efile】Compact design. Being fully charged for 2 hours, Lavinda acrylic nail drill will work up to 10 hours . Equipped with smart TFT Display, which can show clearly the suitable RPM to choose and accurate battery remaining capacity to recharge.
  • 【Powerful E-file, High Speed up to 35000RPM】The speed is adjustable from 0 to 35000 RPM. It has two directions of rotation, which enables any right-handed or left-handed use. Good choice for salon and home use. Power nail drill like manipro for polishing, removing gel and acrylic nails.
  • 【Complete and Variety of Accessories】 It comes with portable carrying bag,including special customized high-quality 3/32” bits are made of durable ceramic, carbide. The manicure kit is also suitable for nail salon on-site service.
  • 【Better After- Sales Service】We have CE/ UL/FCC/MSDS Certificate which is much safer and more durable. This nail drill comes with 1 year warranty for quality problems and online assistance. Please feel free to contact us for any after-sales issues, we will reply within 24 hours on working days. Best chioce for Women gift.

Brinote Stiletto Fake Nails Matte Press on Nails Tips Full Cover Acrylic False Nails Art Accessories Fingernails Party Clip on Nails Stick on Nails for Women and Girls24Pcs (Navy Purple)

  • Stiletto shaped nails are made of high quality non-toxic and odorless acrylic, don't hurt your hands and can be reused.
  • Long false nails include 24pcs nails and different 12 size,so easy to get the suitable size that fits your every finger.
  • Purple clip on nails tips free with two piece of nail glue sticker and one nail file,easy to apply and hold them, also convenience to trim them in any length and shape you like.
  • Matte nails use chic design and well process,that only take 3 minutes to wear, convenient and efficient!
  • Artificial nail are perfect for any occasion,like wedding,party,ceremony and other special occasions.And great gift for girlfriend,mother,and sister.

Bestidy Nail Drill Machine,30000rpm Professional Rechargeable Nail Drill Kit with Phone Power Bank Portable Electric Acrylic Nail Tools for Exfoliating,Grinding,Polishing (Purple)

  • 【Rechargeable Phone Power Bank]】This cordless nail drill can operate up to 8 hours after full charge. It need to spend 3-4 hours recharging time fully. At the same time, with standard USB output, it also can charge mobile phone while doing nail art.
  • 【Up To 30000RMP High Speed 】- This home use acrylic nail drill set is equipped with high-quality bearing, which enables it work smoothly at a high and adjustable speed 0-30000rpm by rotating the variable speed control knob easily,support Forward/ Reverse direction. LCD display can clearly show you the speed and the power status,easy speed control,more precise nail grinding without any hurt.
  • 【Professional Multi-Functional】Designed with 6pcs different metal bits and high adjustable 3000-30000 RPM. Low heat, low noise, low vibration. Powerful and smooth enough for natural acrylics nails, gel polish dip powder nails as well as removal cuticle dead skin, calluses. Professional for both home and salon use, for carving, engraving, routing, grinding, sharpening, sanding, cutting, polishing, drilling, and perfect for pet nail sanding.
  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipation】Made of the special material, aluminum alloy. Ample ventilation holes are designed for dissipating the heat effectively.It will not let your hand be numb after long-term use. Pencil-shape and lightweight design are perfect for extended use. (works with all kinds of 3/32” shank bits).
  • 【Lightweight and Portable】Bestidy Professional nail drill comes with the hook on the machine which could hang on your clothes, or put it in your pocket/ bag.More, you can change the position of the polishing pen holder as you like because there are slots on both sides. Convenient to carry around.

Bestidy 30000RPM Nail Drill Electrical MachineProfessional Rechargeable Efile Nail Drill Kit for Acrylic, Gel Nails, Manicure Pedicure and Polishing(Purple)

  • 【High Speed up to 30000RPM】: This professional nail drill is equipped with high-quality bearing, which enables it work smoothly at a high and adjustable speed (0-30000 RPM) by rotating the variable speed control knob easily.
  • 【Rechargeable and Portable】: With a large battery capacity, you can use this nail drill at anywhere anytime.This electric nail drill machine has 5.11x0.90 in(13x2.3 cm) small size and 0.6 pound(280 g) light weight that very easy to use.The nail drill comes with the hook on the machine which could hang on your clothes, or put it in your pocket/ bag. You can take it to make nail art anywhere.
  • 【Easy To Use】: 11 types of drills meet your needs for nail art.It is easy to change the drill bit without tools, just pull it out and insert it.Small pen shape makes it easy to operate and portable, this electric nail machine is perfect for home salon and beginners.
  • 【Efficient Heat Dissipation】: Aluminum handpiece of nail polisher machine takes it good effect of heat dissipation and long life-span. High-quality spare and accessory parts, very complete internal structural design.
  • 【Warming Tips】1.If you have any problem with our product, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you to solve the problem. 2.Nail drill only can use on human's nail, plese don't use it on pet's nail. 3.If your nail drill can not turn on when it was full of charge, please feel free to contact us.We will help you to solve it.

RedFlow Electric Nail Drill, Acrylic Nail Drill Kit, for Nail File Exfoliating Abrasive Nail Drill Machine, With 11 Pcs Nail Drill Bits, Brush,Nail Cutter and 50 Sanding Bands Nail Drill Set (PURPLE)

  • 😍【Professional Nail Drill Kit】:RedFlow Nail drill comes with 11pcs different 3/32” shank drill bits,50Pcs sanding bands for nail drill,1 pcs brush and False nail clippers.Cost-effective, satisfy your professional nail repair and DIY fun.
  • 😍【Adjustable Speed and Direction】:RedFlow nail drill machine have Flexible forward/reverse switch is suitable for both hands use,suitable for any right-handed or left-handed use.0-20,000RPM with a speed control button, which makes this electric nail file easier and safer to polish your nails,you use it at ease.
  • 😍【USB Port and Portable Size】:RedFlow portable electric nail file facilitates you to use it anywhere with USB ports(such as power bank ,laptop,AC adapter and even car charger),Redflow Nail Drill Machine designs with pen shape and lightweight,it is the perfect match for travel and carry out.
  • 😍【Better User Experience】: RedFlow acrylic nail drill is equipped with a powerful yet quiet motor, shock-absorbing bearing, and cooling aluminum alloy shell.provide you a comfortable nail art-making. But in order to have a good using experience, don’t make a constantly use long time( recommend no more than 20 minutes).
  • 😍【Customer Service】: Our product has 1-year quality warranty.If you have any problems with our product. Please feel free to contact us. We have a 24 hours customer service that will provide friendly, easy-to-reach support and the best service.

PANA Nail Carbide 5 in 1 Bit - Two Way Rotate use for Both Left and Right Handed - Fast remove Acrylic or Hard Gel - 3/32" Shank - Manicure, Nail Art, Drill Machine (Medium - M, Purple)

  • Fits 3/32'' Shank Size | Color: Purple | Grit: Medium | Two-Way Rotation Nail Carbide Bit - Suitable for Both Left and Right-Handed.
  • [5-IN-1 Multiple Function Designs] - The drill bit has three different coarseness of grits based on its grit size. The Medium drill bit has Extra FineGrit on the top, Fine Grit on the middle, and Medium Grit on the base of the bit to allow multi-functioning uses.
  • [Long Lasting] Perfect for Use on Acrylics or Hard Gels. This one bit can be used to Clean, shape, cut, smooth and remove, ALL in One!  PANA Superior quality
  • [Superior Tungsten Carbide Bit] Made of carbide, the hardest material next to diamonds. Top Finest Quality and Double Handed, Hard material remover, No Mess, Long Lasting, Excellent Smoothing Cutting Performance for Nail Professional or Home

Dr.nail Acrylic Nail Cutter False Nails Clipper Adjustable Fake Nail Clippers Nail Tip Trimmer for Artificial Nail Art Manicure Tools Clip Tool (Light purple)

  • Professional Artificial Acrylic Nails Clipper Cutter: cut to acrylic nails,gel nails,fake nails,artificial nails,false nails etc.
  • Acrylic Nail Cutter Have U-shaped Blade:use to well-cut,straight-cut,round-cut,by adjusting the Angle of the cut, cut out different shapes to fit your nails.
  • Nail Tip Trimmer is Professional Nails Tools: whether it's nails salon, manicure shop or personal home DIY nail art, you can quickly cut fake nail of different sizes, saving a lot of time.
  • Acrylic Nails Cutter: used to cut acrylic nails,gel nails,fake nails,artificial nails,false nails etc.
  • The Blade Can Adjust The Tension: use the nut on the edge cutter to adjust the blade's tension to the degree you want.

15 PCS Nail Files and Sanding Buffers Set - Sanluba Professional Manicure Tool 100 180 Grit Emery Boards 3 Sided Coarse Buffing Block 60/80 for Gel Acrylic Nails for Natural Nail Purple

  • 💕Professional nail files and Buffers blocks set - Works great for buffing acrylic nails, powder dipped nails, natural nails, toenailand false nails.They are also perfect to remove nail polishes and poly extension gel or fake nails, and suitable for Pet Grooming. It's the perfect manicure tool!
  • 💕10 PCS 100-180 excellent nail filing tools - Our nail files are made of hard emery board. Strong and resistant to abrasion. The middle two layers of sponge make the nail file last longer. These nail files are double sided,100 grit use for filing and roughing up hard or thick fingernails and toes, 180 grit for smoothing up nail edge with refined. Nail Files for shaping Polygel, Acrylic, UV Gel, and Powder Dip System and so on.
  • 💕5 PCS high elastic sponge buffer blocks - Each side is 60, 80, 80grit. Deal professional manicure tools for filing and smoothing acrylic nails, fake nail tips, powder dipped nails, natural finger or foot nails. Lasts longer than other similar nail sanding blocks. They can quickly smooth out the large ridges on the nail surface.
  • 💕15 PCS high quality nail tools - Unlike other qualities in the market, we are committed to reducing other links and improving product quality. These nail files and nail buffer are very sturdy and durable. Cheaper ones don’t have strong enough sandpaper and the structure is flimsy! Make nail beauty easy and simple!
  • 💕Essentials for home manicures and salons - Ultra lightweight, easy to use.The best choice for beginner and professional use. A must have in professional nail salons and DIY nail art at home, a terrific gift for girls, women, friends who love nail art.

Nail Dip Powder Kit 20 Colors, Drizzle Beauty Dip Powder Nail Kit, Acrylic Dip Powder Kit, Nude Gray Pink Blue Glitter Series Color Dipping Powder, Purple Green Acrylic Nail Dip Powder, Without Liquid

  • ♛ THE MYTHICAL DIP NAIL POWDER COLLECTION: Inspired by you inner mermaid, fairy or unicorn queen, the Mythical collection is perfect for bringing your fantasies to life. The Mythical collection features 20 colored nail powders for unlimited looks, plus a powder dust brush, cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer and two professional nail files. These bold yet wearable colors are sure to capture your imagination.
  • ♛ WHAT’S INSIDE: ✔ The Mythical Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit collection- 20 jars of colored powders in Mythical blues, purples, pastels and brights ✔ 1 “Shape” professional nail file ✔ 1 “Smooth” professional nail file ✔1 Powder Dust Brush ✔ 1 Cuticle Trimmer ✔ 1 Cuticle Pusher. This 20-color dip powder set does not include liquids.
  • ♛ NO UV/LED LAMP NEEDED: Dip nail powders do not require a UV/LED nail lamp, which can help avoid UV damage to the skin.
  • ♛ LOW-ODOR & NON-TOXIC FORMULA: The Mythical Dip Powder Nail Starter Kit is made with a natural, non-toxic formula. Unlike acrylic dip powders, Drizzle dip nail powder does require monomers to activate.
  • ♛ TRUE NATURAL COLORS: Drizzle Beauty dip powders create a natural, lightweight, and extra-shiny finish. Although thinner, dip powder has just as much strength as acrylic. Compared with traditional nail polish, gel polish and traditional acrylic systems, it can better resist daily wear.

24 Pcs Press on Nails, Fake Nails Glossy Gradient Colorful Stiletto Professional Acrylic Nail Tips Set, False Nails Medium Long with Adhesive Tabs Nail File (Purple)

  • 🍑Unique Glossy Gradient Nail Set: 24 pcs full cover fake nails with tool: adhesive tab, nail file, wooden stick and cleaning bag. You can wear the acrylic fake nails immediately in 3 minutes once you receive them and don’t need to purchase anything else.
  • 🍑Superior Quality and Durable : This press on nails are made with high quality ABS material, which is non-toxic and odorless, providing you a safe and comfortable experience. Up to 12 Sizes, no matter what your nail size is, you can choose the most suitable false nail for yourself.
  • 🍑Convenient & Cost-effective : Only 3 Minutes, you could get the same glitter effect by yourself instead of spending half an hour and paying for the expensive manicure service in the nail salon. Also, it is very easy and convenient to disassemble, and it does not hurt your nails at all.
  • 🍑Practical Application : Easy for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner, suitable for nail salons or design your own style and pattern at home. Wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters and perfectly take part in the party, dating and wedding etc.
  • 🍑Customer Guarantee : We promise 100% your satisfaction. We offer return or refund if it broken in lifetime. Any questions, please contact our customer service and we'll reply in 12hr as soon as possible.

Nail Art Cups with Brushes 2 Nail Art Acrylic Liquid Powder Dappen Dish Nail Art Glass Cup with 6 Acrylic nail brush #2#4#6#8#10#12 Acrylic UV DIY Brush Nail Art Cup Set Nail Tool

  • 【Double-Ended Nail Art Pen Brushes】: Beautiful and unique pattern handles allow you to create, design, and DIY your nails by drawing lines, swirls, fine drawing, plaid, flowers, and patterns design on nail tips. Each painting dotting brushes pens with 2 different ends, can satisfy your different needs
  • 【Premium Glass Material】: Nail art glass bowl is made of beautiful, safe, and reliable glass material with a smooth surface and fine workmanship, and also come with 2 metal lid to provide maximum usability
  • 【Lightweight and Useful Brush Pen Stand】: The Nail art pen brush holder can free your table space and keep your nail brush tool organized. It can hold 5 nail brush pens which can help your nail design process easier
  • 【Easy to Clean】: BeGlory nail dappen dishes cup is very easy to clean and can be cleaned with water after use. These nail art brushes can be clean with alcohol, acetone, or regular soap water to wash the bristles fabulously with little effort
  • 【Perfect Gift Option】: Every girl can't refuse this beautiful nail art brush set. This nail design set is durable for daily use, perfect for mobile manicures. Very Easy to handle and operate. It's really a perfect nail art brush set for DIY at home or salon. A professional acrylic nail kit set but also good for beginners.

TOROKOM 19 Pcs Nail Art Brushes Acrylic Nail Brush Set for Acrylic Application, UV Gel Nail Polish Brush Nail Art Painting Brush Dotting Tool Nail Dust Remover Brushes for Nail Salon Art Tools(Purple)

  • 💗 Professional Nail Art Brushes Set - TOROKOM nail brushes set included 7 pcs different sizes uv gel nail extensions brushes + 5 pcs double-end nail dotting pens + 6 pcs nail painting design brushes +1 pcs nail art dust remover brush. The rich combination of nail brushes set will help you create beautiful nails designs in seconds.
  • 💗 Practical, High Quality Polygel Nails Builder Brush - The acrylic uv gel nail art brush comes with metal stamping, which locke the pen body and pen tip firmly, making the brush pen well strong and long-term use. Good gathering, with cap to protect the brush from dust.
  • 💗 More Practical Features - The nail painting brushes have advanced nylon hair that you can extend the gel, and can also be applied with glitter powders, nail painting brush and dotting pen in exquisite 3d patterns, plaid and flowers, used to uv gels and gradient french nails.and finally dust remover brush can be used for both nails and blusher brush.
  • 💗 Easy To Use and Clean - Ergonomically shaped handles, comfortable to hold, can help you to complete your own nail art DIY easily.After using the acrylic nail brushes to apply glitter, gel,you can use alcohol or acetone to clean up the bristles fabulously with little effort.
  • 💗 Sweet Gift For Women and Girl - The nail painting brush set is durable for daily use, great for professional salons and home DIY nail art, suitable for nails specialist and nail learner. Along with its light weight, it is also perfect gift for valentine's Day. It is very Travel-Friendly and Refillable.

LanFo Professional Nail Drill Machine 30000 RPM Efile Nail Drills for Acrylic Nails Gel Nail, Electric Nail Drills Set for Shaping, Buffing, Removing, Purple

  • LOW NOISE, LOW HEAT, LOW VIBRATION: The nail drill machine is equipped with a powerful and quiet motor, has high precision and high torque, design with ventilation for reducing the handpiece temperature. Smooth operation with variable speed control, truly achieve low noise low vibration and low heat.
  • TWO ROTATION DIRECTION: To control the direction that the acrylic nail drill spins by pressing the switch button. There are blue and red indicator light to shows the forward direction or reverse direction. This feature makes it easier for both right- handed and left-handed people to use the nail drill, and it’s extremely handy when you’re doing manicures on other people.
  • MEET VARIOUS DAILY NEEDS: This electric nail file meet all your needs, multifunctional for nails prep, natural acrylics nails, gel polish dip powder nails as well as removal cuticle dead skin, calluses. Professional for carving, grinding, sharpening, sanding, cutting, polishing, drilling.
  • ELECTRIC NAIL DRILL MACHINE KIT: Package includes 1 main machine, 1 handle, 1 adapter, 4 sanding bands, 4 different metal drill bits, which are used for grinding, shaping, buffing for all nail types as well as cuticle removal, it can be used at 100-240V, suitable for home and salon use.
  • FASHIONAL AND PORTABLE:There are four colors to choose: Green, White, Pink, Purple. And the E-file nail drill also has hidden storage box and handle holder, so it can save a lot of space when carrying.

5 Pieces Nail Art Liner Brushes for Acrylic Manicure Pedicure Acrylic Nail Brush Pen Nail Painting Drawing Pen with Shiny Handle, Different Size 5/ 7/ 9/ 11/ 20 mm (Purple Rhinestones)

  • Rhinestones handle: the acrylic nail brush pen features a smooth acrylic handle that is decorated with pink rhinestones, the rhinestones flows back and forth during use, shiny and beautiful, nice for painting nail
  • 5 Sizes: the package comes with 5 different sizes of acrylic nail painting brushes, including 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm and 20 mm, different sizes for drawing different patterns; Please clean these nail art brushes with brush cleaner before use, and proper maintenance and cleaning will prolong the life of your brush
  • Quality material: these nail art liner brushes adopt quality bristles, so they are durable, resilient and not easily deform; The nail art brush is assembled with glue between bristles and metal tube, steady and not easy to fall off, practical and beautiful nail art brush for home or salon
  • Practical nail art tools: the acrylic nail painting brush is light in weight and compact in size, convenient for you to carry around with you, comfortable to hold and easy to use, helping you to create beautiful nail work
  • Attention: moulting or shedding hairs from the acrylic nail brush is a normal process; Once the brush is broken in and following a few application sessions the moulting will stop

MUACHCHA 24pcs Acrylic Coffin Fake Nail Matte Press on Nails Pure Color Medium Length Ballerina Glitter Full Cover False Nails Tips with 1 Sheet Adhesive Tabs Manicure Artificial Fingernails Sets for Women and Girls DIY (Purple)

  • Package Content: Muachcha ballerina nail art set has 24pcs in 12 different sizes, divided into numbers 0-11, include 1 sheet adhesive tabs, you can choose the size that suits you best, create a charming and luxurious look for your nails.
  • High Quality: Our fake nails are made of high-quality ABS material, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and no harm to your nails and skin. These acrylic false nails are light and breathable, not heavy, and very comfortable to use, bringing you a perfect experience.
  • Multiple Applications: Our fake nails are not only suitable for professional nail artists, but also for nail art learners. You can do DIY at home, and will make your fingernails attractive at parties, weddings, and proms. These fake nails are also a good choice for gifts. Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, etc. can be used as a good gift for friends, wife, daughters or girlfriend.
  • How To Use: First, clean and dry your nails, choose the right size fake nails and adhesive tabs for each nail, then paste the adhesive tab on the fake nail and make sure that there are no bubbles between the adhesive tab and the fake nail. Finally, press the false nail on your nail for 15-20 seconds, if necessary, you can use a nail file to file the nail shape you like.
  • Quality Service: If you have any questions, you can contact us, and we will reply to you within 24 hours. If the product has any quality problems, please contact us as soon as possible, we will definitely give you a most satisfactory solution.

MelodySusie Professional 2 in 1 Nail Drill with Nail Lamp, 30000 RPM Nail Drill, 60W Nail Dryer with 4 Timer Setting Sensor for Acrylic Gel Poly Nails Removing and Curing, Salon Home Use

  • 【2 IN 1 Nail Drill Machine】The all in one nail drill with a nail lamp can be used to remove almost all nail gel and dry your nails, include nail led gels, nail gels, nail hard gels, builder gel, nail sculpture gel, gem gel, and LED nail gel but not suitable for regular nail polish. Ideal for both home and salon use. It is a great gift for your friends and family.
  • 【30000 RPM Nail Drill】Comes with a high-quality nail drill handpiece, friendly design with adjustable speed and direction(0-30,000rmp, F&R direction), suitable for all kinds of 3/32” shank bits. Works great for grinding, cutting, carving, filing, polishing, and removing acrylic gel dip powder nails.
  • 【High Power & Fast Drying】60W high power equipped with 30Pcs dual light source lamp beads, make your nail art work fast, comfortable, and efficiently. No harm to your eyes and hands.
  • 【Smart Sensor & Adjustable Timer】 The MelodySusie nail lamp allows an automated curing process to start without manual operations. It is adjustable in 4 timer settings of 15s/30s/60s/90s and one automated setting at 15s. The countdown will be shown clearly on the large display screen for better time control.
  • 【Detachable Base Design】The nail lamp can be removed for deep cleaning the lamp and avoids staining the desktop. Large space for putting into both hands at the same time, with the removable bottom can be used easily apply to the feet.

Electric Nail Drill Machine Kit, Lavinda Aurora Portable Upgraded USB Efile Set Nail Drill For Acrylic Gel Nails, 20000RPM with Diamond Drill Bits, Home Salon Use Red & Purple

  • ★Fresh Color for Multifunctional Nail Drill Kit: Buy 1 pcs power nails drill, you can get 6 pcs multifuctional diamond nail drill bits and sanding bands. Subtle gradients design is inspired from Sakura. All the nail drill bits are in rainbow color. Bring you an unusually exciting experience.
  • ★Easy to Use & Adjustable Speed: Flexible forward/reverse switch is suitable for both hands use, 0-20,000RPM motor with an accurate speed control button, which makes this electric nail file safer to polish your nails.
  • ★UPGRADED USB Interface :You can plug this portable nail drill to any USB outlet, such as power bank ,laptop,AC adapter and even car charger, so you can use it anywhere in the world.No worry about battery life.
  • ★Portable & Lightweight: Compact and lightweight design make it easy to carry and portable to bring it out. Made of high quality metal and pen shape design for comfortable grip.
  • ★Low Noise and Low Heat: The smart heat dissipation can avoid overheating efficiently. Low voice, and slight vibration when you do manicure or pedicure.

24Pcs Glossy Press on Nails Stiletto Fake Nails Almond False Nails Glitter and Solid Color Acrylic ABS Nail Tips Set Art Decor Kit with Glue Stickers for Girls Women Purple

  • 【All-in-one Nail Art Kit】 You will get 24 pieces long stiletto fake nails and 2 sheets 24pcs double-sided glue stickers in a transparent box. Each kit offers 12 varied sizes to meet different lengths and shapes. Long coffin press on nails are also with 1pc nail file and 1pc wooden stick for removing false nails.
  • 【High Quality & Nail Friendly】Made with high-quality ABS material, so safe, durable and reusable. Not easy to chip, break or fade, strong enough to last for 1 week if using glue sticker and no soaking in the water continuously. Note: Our long fake nails come with nail stickers, which will not hurt your nails and skin.
  • 【Fashion Stiletto Style】Designed with pure color and glitters, our glossy stiletto press on nails are ideal for ladies of all ages to show their confidence and charm, which fit for daily life and any grand event.
  • 【Easy to Use】Take 3 minutes to get the same quality like nail salon, easy for nail specialist and nail art learner! After trimming and cleaning your natural nails, simply select the appropriate size, apply them with adhesive tabs or nail glue(not included), then press on and done. Good choice for appointment and home DIY manicure!
  • 【Wide Application】These acrylic nail tips are suitable for special occasions and holidays like birthday, party, prom, dating, wedding, Valentine’s Day, Christmas etc. A great gift idea to choose for nail lovers like your friends, family, girlfriends and wife.

Bellehome Nail Sanding Bands 180pcs Professional Sand Bands for Nail Drill Sanding Bits Grit80#/150#/240# Zebra Efile Sanding Bands for Manicures Nail Drill Bits for Acrylic Nails, Purple

  • 180Pcs Nail Sanding Bands Set: Bellehome nail drill bit set includes 3 purple different sizes and 1 nail mandrel, 60 purple coarse nail grit sander 80#,60 purple medium sanding bands for nail drill 150#, 60 purple fine sanding bands 240#.Nail drill set also provides a three-compartment transparent case that is easy to store and carry
  • High Quality Nail Drill Sanding Bands: File nail drill bits sanding bands is superior material which is high hardness, durable, and abrasion-resistant.Quick cleaning the nail surface, removing gel nails and creating acrylic nails to achieve a satisfactory appearance, give you a comfortable nail experience effect.
  • Portable and Lightweight: Nail drill fine grit sanding bands are easy to carry and allows you to perform nail art anytime and anywhere. Sanding bit is portable nail modification tool for business trips and a good helper for home nail care tools
  • Multifunctional: The sanding bands are designed to be suitable for size 3/32" nail drill bits, used for grinding, smoothening, shaping, shortening and polishing for natural nails or artificial nails as well as cuticle removal.Purple sanding bands suitable for nail salon, beauty parlor, spa or personal manicure pedicure, DIY nail art at home.Suitable for any professional manicurist or nail beginners
  • Easy to use: Select one of the sanding bands in place over your nail drill bits with low rpm speed, and gently apply pressure to the surface of the nails. Works on natural nails as well as artificial nails, manicures or pedicures.Please make sure the drum has been screwed tightly before use efile sanding bands

RikView Press on Nails French Acrylic Nails Medium Length Square Fake Nails Nude Press on Nails (Purple)

  • 【Service Guarantee】If you have any questions about this press on nails medium(not with glue), please feel free to contact us by Email. In case of transportation damage or quality problems, REPLACEMENT guarantee is provided.
  • 【Eco-Friendly】Our nude nails are made of environmentally friendly ABS resin material, which is non-toxic, tasteless and environmentally friendly.
  • 【Package Contents】24 PCS Press on Nails & A Nail File & Jelly Glue Stickers.(Durability of jelly glue is NOT as good as liquid glue, but it makes fake nails REUSABLE. Please use suitable glue according to different scenes)
  • 【Easy to Apply】Instead of spend lots time and money at nail salon, you can change you nails style in 15 minutes anytime and anywhere.(The fake nails will stay longer if you clean your nails before use, and avoid water within the first hour of wearing)
  • 【Perfect Gift】These nails are perfect gift for girlfriend, wife, women and girls. suitable on party, prom, dating and wedding ect.

24 PCS Press on Nails Medium length with Designs Chic Fashion Long Fake Coffin Nails with Glue French Tip Acrylic Nails Ballerina Glossy False Nails Tips Glue on Nails for Women and Girls (Purple)

  • 💅【Easy to Use】Regardless of the size of your nails, you can choose the most suitable false nails, easily trim and file them to any length and shape you like. Friendly for both nail art beginners and professionals.
  • 💅【High-Quality Material】Made from high-quality ABS material, low smell, non-toxic, and no harm, you can confidently achieve your nail art at your will with these press-on nails.
  • 💅【Durable and Reusable】These nails are durable and can be applied using nail glue or nail adhesive tapes. Nail adhesive tabs allow for these nails to be reused. With the proper application, these nails can be given up to 2 weeks of wear.
  • 💅【Package Include】These long coffin fake nails come in 12 different sizes to ensure they fit perfectly on your nails. The nail kit contains 24 nails and one nail Glue (1g).
  • 💅【Multiple Application】Our fake nails set are appropriate for any holiday or special event, such as birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, weddings, parties, datings, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day gifts. No more struggle to decide which nails design should select.

BeGlory 21PCS Acrylic Nail Brush Set for Nails, UV Gel Brushes Application Polish Dotting Tool Dust Remover Powder Salon Art Tools (Purple) Small

  • Professional Gel Nail Brushes Set - BeGlory Nail art builder brushes set come with 7PCS different sizes UV gel nail extensions brushes + 6PCS nail painting design brushes + 5PCS double-end nail dotting pens + 2PCS nail line-drawing brushes + 1PCS nail art dust remover brush. The rich combination of nail brushes set will help you create beautiful nails designs quick and easy
  • Multi-Function Acrylic Nail Brushes -- This acrylic nail brush set has three different kinds of pens, can paint flowers, polka dots, geometric and other patterns, line drawing, nail dust remover, as well as make flat or 3D patterns. An acrylic nail brush set for acrylic powder. What's more, this is also a good nail extension gel kit set, can also be used for nails extension
  • Easy To Use and Clean - Ergonomically shaped handles with proper thickness make sure the brushes are comfortable to hold, can help you to complete your own nail art DIY easily. After using the acrylic nail brushes to apply glitter, gel, you can use alcohol or acetone to clean up the bristles fabulously with little effort
  • Premium Quality Nail Brush Set - The Nail art brush is made of high-quality nylon fiber non-deformation, non-corroding, and easy to clean. The brushes bristle and stick are assembled with strong glue to provide you a pleasure nail art DIY process
  • Ideal Gift For Women and Girl - The acrylic nail painting brush set is durable for daily use, great for professional salons and home DIY nail art, suitable for nails specialists and nail beginners. It's lightweight and portable, it is also a perfect gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all types of holidays gifts.

Delanie USB Portable Nail Drill Machine, Electric Nail File Kit for Acrylic Nails, Efile Nail Drill, Manicure Pedicure Polishing Shaping Tools for Salon Use, Extra Set, Gradient Purple

  • No more than 40 dB - We've tested a lot of electric nail drills, and this is probably the quietest electric nail drill you could find. Normally works at 20 dB and won't go beyond 40 dB even at its maximum speed 20,000 rpm, just like in a library
  • Cool and low-vibration - the Delanie portable nail drill machine won't heat up even after 24 hours of nonstop use. The vibration is so slight that you could probably ignore it like using a pencil instead of a drill for nails
  • Portable - The Delanie USB e-file nail drill is compact and lightweight (2 ounces) to easily put in your bag without needing any adapters - just plug the 4ft USB cord into a USB device such as power banks, smartphone chargers or laptops, and you'll be able to use it anywhere
  • Multifunctional - Two directions for left-handed and right-handed uses. With the 6 diamond nail drill bits (compatible with other standard 3/32" bits) and 30 sanding bands of 3 grits (#80dx, 10 of each) for polishing, shaping, grinding, carving, cutting acrylic nails & gel nails for all nail arts and manicures like cuticle removal; can even use it for your dog's nails as it's quiet and less stressful than clippers
  • 1-year warranty - Delanie always provides high-quality professional products and services. We provide a 1-year warranty for all Delanie efile nail drills and other nail tools
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