Glass Nail File For Natural Nails and Acrylic Nails - Premium Crystal Nail File by Bona Fide Beauty - Perfect Happy Mother's Day Gift - Handmade In The Czech Republic - Glass Nail Filer

  • EXCEPTIONAL NAIL HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS! Regular, long-term use of crystal nail files strengthens & hardens nails, reducing nail splitting, chipping & peeling, allowing you to grow long, healthy, beautiful nails!
  • SMOOTH RESULTS THAT IMPRESS: Czech glass nail filers seal the keratin layers together at the nail's edge, leaving nails smooth & healthy, with no jagged edges. Flaunt an impeccable manicure at all times.
  • FEELS FANTASTIC on your nails! Unlike other files, they file in both directions. Expertly shape nails with comfort, ease & efficiency. A smooth & gentle filing experience with zero irritating scraping sensation.
  • HANDY HARD CASE - Protective hard case is ideal for storing your file in your purse or bag, keep your file close by & always be prepared for emergency nail snags & accidental chips & breaks
  • DURABLE premium Czech ‘Bohemian’ glass, tempered (toughened) to ensure the glass is strong, wear-resistant and retains the integrity of the filing surface after multiple uses. These are handmade with love in the Czech Republic.

How To Choose The Best Pink Acrylic Nails

What is the Purpose Of A Pink Acrylic Nails?

Acrylic nail polish has become very popular among women because it is easy to apply and maintain. There are many different colors available, including pastel shades, bright neon hues, and glittery finishes. Acrylic nail polishes dry quickly, making them ideal for busy lifestyles. However, there are several disadvantages associated with acrylic nail polish. For example, acrylic nail polish does not last long and tends to chip rather easily. In addition, acrylic nail polish requires frequent maintenance, which includes filing and buffing. Finally, acrylic nail polish cannot be removed with acetone.

Benefits of Using Acrylic Nail Polish

There are numerous benefits of using acrylic nail polish. First, acrylic nail polish lasts longer than traditional nail polish. Second, acrylic nail polish dries faster than traditional nail polish. Third, acrylic nail polish is easy to remove. Fourth, acrylic nail polish is inexpensive compared to traditional nail polish. Fifth, acrylic nail polish is hypoallergenic. Sixth, acrylic nail polish is non-toxic. Seventh, acrylic nail polish is water resistant. Eighth, acrylic nail polish is durable. Ninth, acrylic nail polish is versatile. Tenth, acrylic nail polish is fun!

How To Apply Acrylic Nail Polish

The process of applying acrylic nail polish is simple. First, prepare your fingernails by soaking them in warm water for five minutes. Next, file away any rough edges. Then, cut each fingernail into three equal parts. Lastly, soak the entire nail in acetone for two minutes. After removing the nail from the acetone solution, brush on the base coat. Allow the base coat to dry completely. Once the base coat is dry, paint on the color of your choice. Let the acrylic nail polish dry overnight. Repeat these steps for subsequent coats.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Pink Acrylic Nails!

Pink acrylic nails are becoming increasingly popular among women who wish to enhance their appearance. However, there are many different types of acrylic nail products available today. Some of these products are very affordable while others are quite costly. In order to ensure that you get the best product possible, it is important to be aware of the differences between each type of product. Here are some tips to help you decide which product is right for you.

Acrylic Base Coat

This is the base coat that is applied prior to applying the topcoat. It serves as a protective layer and prevents chipping and peeling. Most manufacturers include UV light blockers in the base coat to protect the natural color of the nail. This protects the nail from fading due to exposure to sunlight. It also ensures that the polish does not chip or peel away from the nail.


These are the layers of polish that cover the entire nail. Topcoats serve several purposes including enhancing shine, protecting the nail from chips and cracks, and providing a durable finish. Many top coats contain special ingredients that allow the polish to dry quickly. This reduces the amount of time needed to apply multiple coats of polish. Additionally, most top coats contain UV filters to protect the nail from fading.

Nail File

This tool is designed to remove excess material from around the cuticle. It is recommended that you file the nail once per week to maintain its shape and avoid splitting.

Cuticles Remover

This product removes dead cells from the cuticle. Cuticles are the outermost part of the nail. Dead cells cause discoloration and flaking. To remove the dead cells, soak the cuticle in warm water for 5 minutes. Then gently scrub the cuticle with a cotton ball dipped into acetone. Repeat this process twice daily.


This brush is used to paint the nail. Make sure that you only use a synthetic bristle brush. Natural bristles can scratch the nail and leave unsightly lines. Always start at the tip of the nail and slowly sweep towards the end of the nail. Never push the brush too hard or drag it across the nail. Doing so could result in uneven coloring and cracking.

Polish Brush

Use this brush to apply the final coat of polish. Start at the tip of the nail and carefully stroke the brush along the length

Features To Look For When Buying A Pink Acrylic Nails!

Acrylic nail extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women who wish to enhance their appearance. There are many different types of acrylic nail extensions available today. Some are designed specifically for men while others are meant for both genders. However, there are certain features that you must be aware of when purchasing these products. Here are some tips to help you decide which type of acrylic nail extension suits you best.

Size Matters

The length of the acrylic nail extensions depends on the design of the product. Most manufacturers suggest that you start with the shortest length possible and gradually increase its length as you get used to wearing it. Once you reach the desired length, you can either cut the acrylic nail extensions or leave them alone. In most cases, the manufacturer recommends leaving the acrylic nail extensions intact because it gives you the option of changing the color later on.

Color Options

There are several colors available for acrylic nail extensions. Each color has its own unique benefits. For example, red acrylic nail extensions are known to give a sexy appeal to your fingers. Black acrylic nail extensions are ideal for those who love bold designs. White acrylic nail extensions are perfect for those who want to hide imperfections on their fingernails. Other colors include silver, gold, blue, green, etc. All of these colors have their own advantages depending on your personal preferences.


Most acrylic nail extensions are manufactured in two ways. One way involves cutting the acrylic nail extensions into strips and applying them onto your natural nails. Another method involves molding the acrylic nail extensions directly onto your nails. Both methods require proper care and maintenance. Make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully.


Acrylic nail extensions are very durable. Unlike regular artificial nails, acrylic nail extensions last for months rather than weeks. Therefore, you don't have to worry about replacing them frequently. However, you still need to take good care of them. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer carefully to avoid damaging the acrylic nail extensions. Regular washing and conditioning ensures that your acrylic nail extensions stay strong and healthy.


Acrylic nail extensions are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional manicures. However, you shouldn't expect cheap quality. Many companies sell high-quality acrylic nail extensions at affordable prices. Just make sure that you compare the price offered by different brands before making a final decision.

Different Types of Pink Acrylic Nails

Pink acrylic nails are very popular among women who love fashion. There are many different ways to create these beautiful nail designs. Here are three different methods to achieve the perfect manicure!

Acrylic Base Coat

The base coat is applied first. It protects the natural nail bed and gives the color a solid foundation. After applying the base coat, wait 10 minutes before adding the topcoat. Then apply two coats of polish. Wait another 5-10 minutes between each layer. Once the final coat has dried completely, remove excess polish with cotton balls dipped in acetone. Use a file to shape the tips of the nails.

Acrylic Topcoat

This method requires only one step. Apply two thin layers of polish. Allow the second coat to dry thoroughly before filing the edges of the nails. To avoid staining the cuticles, be careful not to touch the tip of the finger while filing.

Acrylic Gel Polish

Gel polishes are easy to apply because there is no drying period required. Simply apply two coats of gel polish. Let the second coat dry completely before removing the excess polish with cotton balls soaked in acetone. File the edges of the nails to give them a professional finish.

How Do You Get Them Done?

There are several ways to get your acrylic nails done. Some salons require clients to bring their own supplies, others allow you to bring your own tools. However, most places offer discounts for multiple services. Ask your salon about special offers and coupons.

Where Can You Find Them?

Most major cities have nail salons that specialize in acrylics. Look online for local listings. Many salons offer free consultations where you can ask questions about the process and receive advice on which type of design suits you best.

Are They Easy To Remove?

Yes! Just follow the instructions provided by your stylist. Be gentle when removing the polish. Don't pull too hard or else you could rip the nail bed. Instead, gently peel away the polish with a toothpick. Make sure to wash your hands immediately afterwards.

Do They Last Long?

Acrylics last anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months depending on the brand and technique used. Keep your fingers


Super Strong Nail Glue For Acrylic Nails, Nail Tips and Press On Nails (8ml) NYK1 Nail Bond Brush On Nail Glue For Press On Nails Long Lasting Acrylic Nail Glue For Nail Tips Fake Nails Nail Glue Gel

  • ★ EXTRA-FILL Superstrong Nail Tip Adhesive with Fine Precision Brush Applicator
  • ★ Quick Dry Nail Care Glue
  • ★ Strong, Reliable and Long-Lasting Salon Professional Nail Glue. Compatible with all Nail Tips, Nailene, Makartt and Kiss Nail Glue.
  • ★ Nail Technician Glue - Size: 8ml / 8g
  • ★ Protective Hold for a Perfectly Strong Bonding of the Nail to the Tip

Makartt Poly Nail Gel Kit, Clear Pink Spring Summer Nail Gel Kit Poly Nail Extension Gel Nail Enhancement Set Gel Kit All-in-one Nail Thickening Solution Salon Home French Manicure Kit

  • 【Poly Nail Gel of Trendy Nail Art】-- Beautiful neutral and sheer clear nail gel colors make you stand out from the crowd and glow with glamour. Suitable for dating, party and daily work. Create shiny nail looks at home with this poly nail kits.
  • 【Practical Gel Nail Builder for Nails】-- It is better to dip the brush into slip solution or 70% isopropyl alcohol(not included in this gel nail kit), which can help you use or spread the nail extension gel easily. Hard gel for nails can be picked and pushed on nail dual forms smoothly. This professional nail kit is a great choice for both beginners and professional nail specialists.
  • 【Longevity Nail Art Kit】-- Makartt gel extension nail kit is durable and flexible, which will last about one month or longer with proper nail prep ( filing, buffering and cleaning ). For the better adhesion, you can also apply nail dehydrator and primer which can make the nail last much longer.
  • 【Creative Design】-- Makartt polly gell sets kit is perfect to do butterfly stickers nails, dry flower nails, glitter nails, rhinestone nails and nail design on press on nail; Suitable for creating a nail extension in different shapes like square nails, oval nails, coffin nails or french nails.
  • 【Warm Tips】-- To remove the gel nail extensions, you can file it off with a nail file or a nail drill machine because it is not a soak-off gel. For curing the gel extension better, you can use a nail lamp in 60-120s(not included in this nail kit). The more transparent the nail gel color is, the shorter it needs to be cure.

mollensiuer 2Pcs Clear Nail Art Acrylic Liquid Powder Dappen Dish Bowl Glass Crystal Cup Glassware with Lid for Nail Art Manicure Care Tools

  • Quantity: 2pcs nail art acrylic liquid powder dappen dish with lid
  • Material: glass; Color: clear
  • Size(H x Dia): Approx. 40 x 40mm/1.57 x 1.57inch
  • This dappen dish can be used for mixing acrylic nail liquid, powder and other liquids, perfect nair art tool for women who love make-up, can be used on natural nails, false nails, acrylic nails
  • Easy to clean and easy to use, suitable for professional, nail salon and home use

Modelones Acrylic Powder 4.23oz Nude Orange Pink Acrylic Nail Powder Large Capacity Beauty Gifts for Nail Extension French Nails,3D Nail Art Polymer Powder, Long-Lasting

  • 💟【LARGE CAPACITY&MUlLTI-PURPOSE】Modelones 4.23Oz big capacity acrylic powder is available up to 100 times using,100% compatible with all Liquid Monomer & nail products to build different looks, acrylic nails, nail extensions, adhesive gel, french manicure, colored acrylic nails.
  • 💟【HEALTHY MANICURE】Modelones acrylic powder is prepared under the strictest quality control, made of special advanced non-yellowing formula prevents discoloration which is 100% non-toxic, no clump&bubbles, and Odor-Free.
  • 💟【NO NEED LAMP& BEGINNER-FRIENDLY】Modelones acrylic powder does not need a nail lamp that saves time and only needs several steps to create any nail extension and carving working with Modelones acrylic liquid. The medium drying setting(3-5min) is perfectly balanced for beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals.
  • 💟【WARM TIPS】A 24-hour skin test is required before using Modelones acrylic powder. If there is any discomfort or allergy, please stop using it immediately. Please note that acrylic powder will produce different effects when combined with different acrylic liquids.
  • 💟【30-DAYS MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE】Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions about this acrylic powder. We will do our best to help you solve it and ensure your satisfaction. We provide a replacement or 100% refund service.

CoolNail Ombre Gradient Pink Nude White French Ballerina Press on False Nails Extra Long Natural Coffin UV Gel Glue On Fake Fingers nails

  • Ombre Natural French flat top false nail
  • Easy to apply and remove. It's make your nails Fashion, Creative and fresh.
  • Various Sizes & Perfect Length, great for nails salon,DIY home nails art.Perfect to be used on wedding ,prom ,dating, and they also suitable for Halloween, Christmas ,Valentine's Day and other festival.Wonderful as gift for girlfriend,family and friends.
  • Safe on your natural nails: False nail trips without the dangerous chemical process
  • How to use: liquid glue or adhesive tabs. We will send 1 sheet adhesive tabs.

Laza 24pcs Ombre Nails Oval Full Cover Gradient Color Medium UV Coat Acrylic Nail Kits Sets with Glue Tabs Nail File Wood Stick for Daily Use - Gradual Pearl

  • ♥ Portable Kit: Included 12 varied size fake nails, come with a piece of nail glue sticker, one little plastic nail file and a wood stick. Convenience to take it whereever you go, and press on it whenever you need it.
  • ♥ Simple Operation: Laza artificial press on nails are easy to trim, file, paint, colored and easy to be apply gel polish/ nail polish.They look very natural and nice holding the color without separating or streaking, making your tips magical and stylish.
  • ♥ Quality ABS Material: Full cover nails are made from high quality ABS material and matte / uv top coat, which is a kind of green friendly environmental material, no toxic, no smell, no harm to your nails or body
  • ♥ DIY Nails Salon: Great for both professional nail specialist or nail art practice, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for girls, women, wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, and excellent for Parties/Wedding/Halloween/Christmas/etc.
  • ♥ Quality Guarantee: Any questions will be answered within 24 hours, and 100% Money Back Guarantee if items are damaged or with serious quality problem

Farxon Nail Buffer Block 10 Pack, 3 Way 60/60/100 for Acrylic and All Artificial Nails, 1 Side Sandpaper for Smooth Buffing and 2 Sides for Filing Nail Corners

  • A Lovely Touch to Your Acrylic Nail, Dip Powder Nail, Polygel and Gel Nail with Farxon Buffing Block
  • 3 Working Sides 60 Grit to Scrape off Fake Nails and 100 Grit to Achieve Smooth Surface Finishes
  • Ergonomic Lightweight Design, Effortless Nail Session Have Never Been so Easy with 10 Buffers Blocks
  • Oh Yes, No More Hassle of Carrying Wires, No More Chipped Nails, Simply Slip into Your Travel Pouch
  • Spa Grade Disposable Quality Buffers for Hygiene Purpose, Made with Soft Eva Foam Available for All

Morovan Acrylic Nail Kit Acrylic Powder and Professional Liquid Monomer set with Acrylic Nail Brush Nail Forms tips for Acrylic Nails Extension Beginner kit

  • Acrylic nail kit: in this acrylic powder and liquid set, the acrylic powder provides amazing control with its ability to self level and adhere to the natural nail,come with monomer acrylic nail liquid create a protective layer, nail kit set professional acrylic with everything, include nail forms extension, acrylic nail brush glass cup, nail tips acrylic nails for you
  • Acrylic nail kit application: When using monomer acrylic nail liquid, just mix the acrylic power (pink,white,clear) and acrylic liquid into the dappen dish, use acrylic nail brush apply onto your real nail / nail forms. You can use this acrylic nail kit to DIY, nail extension, adhesive gel, nail carving and etc.
  • EMA acrylic liquid monomer: non-yellowing and superior adhesion,acrylic liquid monomer is formulated with UV stabilizers to ensure color clarity and prevent yellowing or dulling. It can ensure best bond to natural nail plate and ensures an impeccable shine without needing a primer
  • Acrylic nail brush tips: when you design an acrylic nails art finished, a professional acrylic nail brush should be dried in time to make it easier to use for longer
  • Morovan Service: we promise to provide all our customers with excellent acrylic nail kit and services. If there are any problems with The acrylic nail kit, please does not hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to help you solve the problem. please go ahead and make the purchase with full confidence. we offer replacement or refund service. Enjoy Your Shopping~

Vogee Fashion Glossy 24Pcs Flame Coffin Square Full Cover Acrylic Fake Nails Tips Party Night Club Clip Press on Acrylic False Nails Kits with Design for Women and Girls (Blue)

  • Package Included: 24pcs set full nail design fake nail tips, one free nail glue sticker sheet, and one mini nail file which can help you wear fake nails better, and the operation is easy and convenient for everyone.
  • High Quality ABS Material: Our fake nails are made from high quality ABS material, which is a kind of green friendly environmental material. No toxic, No harm to your nails or body and makes the face nails decals durable & natural.
  • Varied Size: 12 different sizes that fit most fingers, which is individually numbered 0-9, so they're easy to keep track of, and convenient to choose the suitable size that fits your every finger. And they can also be easily cut to change the shape you want!
  • Tips: When you use fake nails, polish your nails with alcohol beforehand to keep them clean. Please note that the actual color may vary slightly from the online image due to monitor color settings.
  • Multiple Application: The acrylic nail tips are great for both professional nail specialist or nail art learner, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, wonderful gift for your wife, girlfriend, mother or sisters, and excellent for Parties/Wedding/Costume Ball/Halloween/Christmas/New Years Eve/Valentine's Day/etc.

Vcedas Nail Arm Rest Cushion Table Desk Station Microfiber Leather Manicure Hand Pillow for Nails (Pink)

  • Multifunction Armrest: Hand rest for nails is folded to save space, you can use it directly when folded, or you can open its bracket, place the nail dryer machine underneath, and use it together.
  • Durable:Nail cushion manicure pillow has a stainless steel bracket, not easy to rust, can also stand like a table, and can withstand a certain weight, strong and durable, Easy to use and portable
  • Perfect Height: Expand nail art hand holder, it has a certain height, so you are not hunched over on a low manicure table.Improve manicure efficiency
  • High-quality Materials: Nail arm rest for nails techs made of microfiber leather and stainless steel material, the material is light, Easy to use and portable.
  • Simple Operation:Nail armrest table easy to assemble, only a few screws can be assembled, and easy to clean, it can be cleaned with a rag

Acrylic Nail Tips- 500 Clear Acrylic False Fake Nails Tip French Acrylic Half Cover(10 Sizes), with Nail Clipper& Glue, Nail File& Buffer, Nail Glitter Sequin, Etc, 8 in 1 Nail Art Kit

  • What you get: The false nail tips kit included 500pcs clear french false nail tip in 10 sizes, acrylic nail clipper, 10g nail glue, 7 way nail file and buffer block, 2pcs double side nail file in 100/180 grit, 3D holographic butterfly nail glitter sequins in 12 colors, come with mini nail brush, total 8pcs nail tools.
  • 500Pcs French false nail tips: Transparent half cover fake nail tip with 10 different sizes, 50pcs nail tips for each size and numbered 0-9 individually. Made of healthy ABS material, no harm, no smell, and have natural looking. Easy to trim,paint and apply and nice holding the color without separating or streaking. Wonderful gift in Halloween or Christmas, perfect for female friend or nail art lover.
  • Easy to operate: Select suitable nail tip and apply acrylic nail glue. The glue will drying & bonding quickly, adhesive perfect and last for 14-30 days, especially for stick false nail tip or small nail art decoration. The acrylic nail clipper good for cut excess false nail to ideal length, built-in sharp knife help you quickly cut nail and keep edge neat, confer to ergonomic, operate easily and avoid damage finger or nail tip.
  • 7 Step sponge buffer block & 2pcs nail file: Those versatile nail file ideal for create stylish nail shape and length, improve nail grade and appearance, make your nail surface more smooth and natural. Total 3pcs nail file and buffer enough for daily use or replace, meet your different desire.
  • 12 colors butterfly glitter sequins: 3D holographic splarkly nail sequins in butterfly shapes, 12 jar different gorgeous color help you create a variety of dazzling nail style designs. Complete nail art kit great for nail salon or home DIY, and easy to use for both professional nail specialist or beginner.

YaFex Nail Drill, 35000 RPM Professional Nail Drill Machine, Electric Nail File with LCD Speed Display Manicure & Pedicure Efile Drill for Acrylic Nails, Gel, Polish (Pink)

  • 35,000 RPM High-Speed and LCD Display: Hello, manicurists and beginners! This nail drill comes with a LCD display and shows that a range of 0-35,000 RPM, and helps adjust the desired speed. Meet you to do more efficient nail work, such as acrylic nails, gel nail polish, poly gel nail kit, dip powder nail kit, nail buffing and shaping, pet nail grinding, and primary engraving.
  • Low Noise, Low Heat, Low Vibration Handpiece: The new superior motor ensures the electric nail drill works long-time and low noise (<56DB). The 3 ventilation holes on the handpiece are excellent in heat dissipation for stability, protecting your hand. It is convenient to change nail drill bits with the twist-lock system.
  • 2 USB Ports and LED Lamp: For your convenience when doing nail art, there are 2 USB ports in the back of the nail drill machine, and you can connect to a mini fan, a nail lamp, or charge your phone. Incidentally, it comes with a LED lamp to provide better illumination for your nail art creation.
  • 2 Directions Rotation: The acrylic nail drill provides a Forward/Reverse button for choosing the direction of the nail drill bit rotation, suitable for right-handed or left-handed using. Perfect for manicurists and newcomers.
  • Ready to Use: The professional nail drill includes 6 different standard 3/32 inches nail drill bits for this e file and 36 pcs sanding bands. You can ready to use and start your nail work as soon as you receive it. Please feel free to contact us during the 1-year warranty period if you need any helps. We are willing to hear you and offer a satisfied solution.

JOSLOVE Monomer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer Acrylic Liquid Monomer for Acrylic Nail Kit Acrylic Powder Professional Acrylic Nail System Nail Extension MMA-Free (Monomer 5oz & Acrylic Nail Brush)

  • 💛【ACRYLIC LIQUID MONOMER APPILCATION】JOSLOVE acrylic liquid monomer kit also contains Nail Dappen Dish*2PCS and Nail Art Brush*1PC, used together with acrylic powder (not included), can form a protective layer, enhance your natural nails not easy to bend, and can also be used for nail extensions. Acrylic liquid monomer have excellent adhesion and uses the maximum strength formula to ensure the best adhesion to the natural nail plate.
  • 💜【CURING TIME】JOSLOVE Acrylic Liquid Monomer will cure acrylic powder in about 5-8 minutes, which is much easier to apply acrylic nails, and enough time to do nail extension, adhesive rhinestone, or nail carving art. NOTE: If in winter, due to low air temperature, the curing time would become longer. Of course, a UV LED nail lamp would shorten the curing time.
  • 💙【MMA FREE】Acrylic liquid monomer have a strong smell because it complies with FDA regulations and does not contain MMA. Our MMA Free Monomer is very safe to use. A wide place is recommended to reduce the smell.
  • 💚【YELLOW RESISTANT FORMULA】The professional acrylic liquid monomer with UV stabilizer can ensure the color is transparent, and acrylic monomer liquid prevent yellowing or darkening, to keep your nails bright for 3-4 weeks.
  • 💖【WIDE USE】Acrylic liquid monomer can be used for natural nails and fake nails. Nail monomer liquid is suitable for beginners, professional nail artists and nail lovers to make acrylic nails in nail salons or at home. You can use this liquid monomer to DIY acrylic nails, nail extensions and adhesive rhinestone! If you have not received the #20 acrylic nail brush, please directly contact us! We promise to compensate you for 2pcs acrylic nail brush.

DaPlug Feilisa Long Fake Nails Oval Acrylic Nails Press on Nails Pink False Nails Women's Peach Nails Summer Fruit Theme False Nail - Tips, 24 Count (Pack of 1)

  • Healthy:Long press on nails accessories are made of acrylic, it is environmentally protection, non-toxic, odorless, and will not hurt your hands.
  • VARIED SIZE:Oval fake nails has 24pcs, you can choose the most suitable false nail for yourself ,it is easy to trim and file them to in any length and shape you like
  • Easy to Use:Pink fake nails with glue strcker can get your favorite manicure in just 5 minutes without waiting at the nail salon.
  • Perfect gift:Glossy peach fake nails suitable for various social occasions great for nails salon,DIY home nails art.Perfect to be used on wedding ,prom ,dating, and they also suitable for Halloween, Christmas ,Valentine's Day and other festival.Wonderful as gift for girlfriend,family and friends.
  • NO Liquld Glue Included for shipping reason.How to use:liquid glue or adhesive tabs. You can use liquid glue for firmness.Jelly glue has limited durability, it is recommended that you use your own glue.
  • Unit count type: Count

MISUD French False Nails Medium Square Glue on Nails Glossy Acrylic Nails Full Cover Press on Fake Nails Gift for Women and Girls 24pcs

  • 💅[DESIGN] - Our square false nails are made with high quality ABS material,provides your nails an excellent and charming look. Non-toxic and tasteless, which don’t damage your nails and sturdy enough to last about 1-3 weeks. (With 1*Double-sided adhesive tape)
  • 💅[SAVING TIME] - Just 3 minutes. False nails with designs, you could get the same nice effect by yourself instead of spending half an hour and paying for the expensive manicure service in the nail salon
  • 💅[MULTIPLE APPLICATION] - The false nails are great for both professional nail specialist or nail art practice, suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home, perfect gift for your friends and family , your wife, and excellent for Parties/Wedding/Costume ball/Halloween/Christmas/etc...
  • 💅[VARIED SIZE] - Various Sizes & Perfect Length, 24pcs of false nail, Excellent quality, and easy to use, considering the difference of each person's fingernails, which is individually numbered 0-9, choose 10 pieces from the 24 pieces
  • 💅[GUARANTEE] - 100% your satisfaction. If for some reason you are not satisfied, or if something is missing or defective, we offer a 30-day money back protection mechanism. We can issue you a new set of false nails

BABALAL Rainbow Press on Nails Glossy Artificial False Nails Long Full Cover Acrylic Nails Ballerina UV Gel Nails for Women and Girls

  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Rainbow color design, long coffin shape, combine trendy elements with classic color and shape, looks attractive and shiny
  • HIGH QUALITY - BABALAL press on nails are made of high quality ABS material, non-toxic, no odor, no harm to your nails or body, durable and not easy to fade, providing you with a safe and comfortable nail experience
  • VARIED SIZE - 24pcs acrylic tips in 12 different sizes, no matter what your nail size is, you can choose the most suitable size for yourself. It is easy to trim and file them to in any length and shape you like
  • SIMPLE OPERATION - Just clean your nails, then apply glue on tips and press for 1 minute, file and shape your new nails with nail file if needed, you can have beautiful nails in just a few simple steps
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATION - Artificial nails are great for both professional nail or nail art learner, this will be the best gifts for your wife, girlfriend, mother, or friends. As well as great for various occasions, such as parties, wedding, Halloween, Christmas, etc
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