MapofBeauty 28" 70cm Long Curly Hair Ends Costume Cosplay Wig (Black)

  • 100% Brand New
  • Material : 100% High Temperature Fiber
  • Wig Length: Approx 70 cm/ 28 Inch, Bangs: Approx 24~25 cm
  • Wig Cap Size: The maximum circumference Approx 20~21inch/51~53cm(Exist 1~2cm normal error), the size of wig cap is adjustable
  • Package included:1 wig

How To Choose The Best Black Wig

What is the Purpose Of A Black Wig?

Black wigs are very popular among African American women because of its versatility. There are many different styles available including curly, straight, long, short, etc. Some women wear black wigs to cover bald spots while others wear them to hide thinning hair. Many women who wear wigs say that wearing a wig gives them confidence and self-esteem. Women who wear wigs say that they feel beautiful and sexy.

Why Do People Wear Wigs?

Wearing a wig has been around since ancient times. In fact, Egyptians wore wigs during the pharaoh period. During the Middle Ages, men wore wigs to conceal baldness. Today, most women wear wigs to hide thinning hair. However, there are still those who wear wigs to show off their natural beauty.

How To Care For A Black Wig

To care for a black wig, wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. Use only mild soap and avoid harsh chemicals. Dry your wig carefully and store it away from heat sources. Never leave your wig unattended. Always check the tag inside the box to ensure that the wig is suitable for your climate.

Types Of Black Wigs

There are several types of black wigs available. Each type comes in different lengths, colors, textures, and designs. Here are some common types of black wigs:

Curling wigs - Curling wigs are created from human hair. They curl naturally due to moisture content. Most curling wigs are sold individually.

Bangs - Bangs are short pieces of hair that stick out from the sides of the head.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Black Wig?

Wearing a wig is a very personal decision. There are many different types of wigs available today. Some are designed to be worn only during special occasions while others are meant to be worn everyday. However, there are certain factors which must be considered prior to making a final choice. One of these factors is the type of material being used to create the wig. Another factor is the style of the wig itself. In order to ensure that you get the best possible results, you must take into consideration both of these aspects.

Material Matters

There are two main materials used to manufacture wigs; human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair has been around since ancient times. It was originally used because it was believed to be superior to synthetic hair. Synthetic hair is manufactured using polymers and chemicals. Although it looks good, it does not last long. Therefore, most manufacturers now use human hair.

Style Matters

Another important aspect to consider is the style of the wig. For example, if you are planning to wear a curly wig, you must ensure that you select a wig that suits your natural curls. Otherwise, you could end up looking unnatural. Similarly, if you plan to wear straight hair, you must ensure that you select a wig that matches your own hair texture.

Quality Matters

Finally, you must always remember that the quality of the product matters. Cheap products are generally inferior to those produced by reputable companies. Thus, you must ensure that you purchase a high-quality wig.

How To Select A High-Quality Product?

In order to ensure that you get the best possible result, you must follow these simple steps. First, you must decide whether you wish to purchase a short or long wig. Next, you must determine the length of the wig. Then, you must decide whether you wish to go for a lace fronted or a clip in wig. Finally, you must decide whether you wish to purchase a wig that is suitable for daily wear or one that is intended for special events.

Short vs Long Wigs

Most people who wear wigs prefer wearing short ones. Short wigs are easy to manage and maintain. They are also ideal for individuals who suffer from thinning hair. However, if you have naturally long hair, you may prefer to opt for a long wig.

Features To Look For When Buying A Black Wig!

Black wigs are very popular among women today because they give a natural appearance to the wearer. However, there are many features to be considered when purchasing a black wig. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best quality product possible.

Quality Materials Used In Making The Product

The materials used in making the wig must be high-quality. Cheap materials will result in cheap products. Quality materials include human hair, synthetic fibers, and silk. Human hair has been proven to last longer than synthetic fiber. Silk is known to be the most durable material available. Synthetic fibers are cheaper than human hair, however, they are prone to breakage. Therefore, it is important to check the quality of the materials used in manufacturing the wig.

Length & Style

It is advisable to go for long wigs rather than short ones. Short wigs are difficult to style and maintain. Longer wigs allow you to style them into different styles. There are two types of wigs - straight and curly. Straight wigs are easy to style and maintain while curly wigs require special care. Curly wigs are generally preferred by African American women who desire a natural hairstyle.


Wigs come in different colors. Some are dyed naturally while others are chemically treated. Natural colored wigs are more affordable compared to those which are dyed. Chemically treated wigs are more expensive than natural colored wigs. Most manufacturers dye wigs in order to enhance its color. Make sure the color matches your own hair color. If you wish to change the color of your wig, consult a professional stylist.


There are three textures of wigs - matte, satin, and shiny. Matte wigs are ideal for everyday wear. Satin wigs are suitable for formal occasions. Shiny wigs are designed for parties and events. All these wigs are available in both short and long lengths.


Prices vary depending on the type of wig, length, texture, and color. Generally, the price increases as the number of strands increase. The higher the number of strands, the thicker the hair becomes. Thick hair requires more maintenance. Hence, it costs more to manufacture. Check online retailers' websites for prices.


Black wigs are very popular among women who wish to change their hairstyles. There are different kinds of black wigs available in the market today. Some of these include lace front wigs, synthetic wigs, human hair wigs, etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s take a closer look at each kind of wig.

Lace Front Wig

This type of wig is quite easy to maintain because there are no knots or tangles involved. However, it does require regular maintenance. Lace front wigs are best suited for those who want to wear their natural hair. But if you want to cover your bald spots, then this is the perfect choice for you.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

These wigs are made from artificial materials which are durable and long lasting. Synthetic wigs are suitable for those who want to hide their baldness. They are also ideal for those who want to sport short haircuts. Since they are made from synthetic material, they are lightweight and flexible. They are also affordable compared to other types of wigs.

Human Hair Wigs

Hair wigs made from human hair are considered to be the most authentic ones. Human hair wigs are the most preferred option for many women. They are extremely versatile and can be worn during both daytime and nighttime. They are also highly recommended for those who suffer from alopecia (hair loss).


Bangs are another popular form of hair extensions. Women love wearing them because they give a trendy appearance. Bangs are also known as side burns. They are attached to the sides of the head and extend downwards. They are mostly worn by celebrities and models.

Wavy Hairstyle

The wavy haircut is a classic cut. It gives a beautiful shape to the face. Many women opt for this haircut because it looks good on almost everyone. It is also a simple yet elegant hairstyle.

Curly Hairstyle

Women who want to get rid of frizziness in their hair go for curly styles. Curls are very popular among teenagers and young adults. They are also ideal for those who want to create volume in their hair.


MapofBeauty 40 Inch /100 cm Fashion Straight Long Costume Anime Wig (Black)

  • 100% Brand New & 100% High temperature fiber
  • Colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.
  • Adjustable Monofilament Net
  • All wigs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal.
  • Textile: Straight

MapofBeauty 24 Inch/60 cm Charming Synthetic Fiber Long Wavy Hair Wig Women Party Full Wig (Black)

  • 100% Brand New & 100% High Temperature Fiber
  • Please Note: Due to extrusion during packaging or during transport, you need to shake the wig gently after receiving, it will be fluffy as in the picture.
  • Length: Approx 60cm/ 24 Inch
  • Cap Size: The maximum circumference is approx 20~21inch / 51~53 cm (Error of 1-2 cm may exist), the size is adjustable.
  • Package included:1 Long Curly Full Wig

MapofBeauty 12"/30cm Cosplay Straight Short Fashion Wigs (Black)

  • 100% Brand New
  • Material: 100% Kanekalon fiber
  • Length: Approx 30
  • wig Cap Size: The maximum circumference Approx 20~21Inch/51~53cm(Exist 1~2cm normal error), The Size of wig Cap is Adjustable
  • Package included: 1 wig

REECHO 11" Short Bob Wig with bangs Synthetic Hair for White Black Women Color: Black

  • It's a short black straight bob wig with bangs good for cosplay, costuming, and even casual daily wear.
  • A unique skintop at the hairline of this wig offers a natural and realistic looking part
  • Heat Resistant fiber that holds up to styling tools providing a similar styling versatility as with human hair. The wig can also be customized to suit your own individual look by cutting them or using a curling iron/hair straightener. (Note: optimal temperature is 250-275 degrees, but going above 350 degrees is not recommended.)
  • Washing with a mild shampoo and your favorite hair conditioner, then lay flat on a towel to air dry. To alleviate tangles, soak in a small amount of laundry detergent and water, rinse well and then soak once more in a mixture of a fabric softener diluted in water.Lay flat and allow to air dry once again.

AISI QUEENS Black Wavy Wigs for Women Long Curly Wig Synthetic Party Wigs Middle Part Full Wigs Natural Looking

  • The Most Realistic Fiber: AISI QUEENS wig is made of the best and most realistic synthetic heat-resistant fibers. This high-quality material can not only be used for a long time, it is very close to the real hair, and it can make the wig's curly hair shape last longer and look better.
  • Adjustable Cap Size: This is a medium cap (Average Cap Size) with adjustable straps of 21"-22.5". You can wrap it around a fixed position to adjust different head sizes. It looks natural and gorgeous from any angle, comfortable to wear, and suitable for most women. Tips:You can determine the size of your head circumference and place an order to avoid unnecessary trouble for you.
  • Black Color & Features: This wig is black, 22 inches in length, making you look more confident and beautiful. The wig has a long wavy texture, and its stylish design and beautiful appearance give you the best looking natural wig.
  • Beautiful In All Occasions:AISI QUEENS wig is made of the most realistic fibers, with classic middle parting style and black color, you can show your beauty in various occasions. This wig is suitable for everyday wear, Cosplay, dating, parties and other occasions.
  • Customer Service & 100% Warranty: This wig has a 100% warranty policy. If you have any questions, please contact AISI QUEENS Customer Service Team. We will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Joedir 30 inch Lace Front Long wavy Synthetic Hair Wigs for Women 130% Density wigs with Heat Resistant Fiber (Black)

  • Hand Tied Lace Front and Deep Part Lace Wig with Lace 2.5 Inches Parting Space in Front.
  • 130% density, Transparent lace.Circumference 22.5 Inches Stretched Medium Cap (Average Cap Size) with Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs.
  • Synthetic Hair Heat Resistant up to 160 Degrees Centigrade (320 Degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Length and color same with the picture
  • Delivery Time:3-5 working days after shipping(Amazon Prime 1-day shipping, 2-day shipping and standard shipping)

Kalyss Heat Resistant Yaki Synthetic Wig with Hair Bangs Long Straight Layered Black Wigs with Brown Highlights Natural Looking Centre Parting Hair Replacement Wigs for Women

  • Material : Premium Yaky Synthetic Fiber, Natural Layers ,Black Brown Color ,Soft and Light ,High Temperature Resistant Safe Up to 150-180 Degrees Centigrade (300-320 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Type ,Length,Weight and Density: Machine Wig without Frontal Lace ,Flawless Straight Black Color Wig with Light Brown Highlights ,the Wig Has Flat Hair Bangs Giving You a very Natural Looking,Simply Slayed,Approx 24 inches, Approx 0.6lb , Approx 130% Density Soft and Natural Like Human Hair
  • Cap Size:May vary Slightly by Brand ,Our Kalyss Cap Circumference 21.5-22” , Ear to Ear 13.5”-13.75”, Front to Back 14”-14.5” which fit most head size. Stretched Medium Size Cap no combs but (Average Cap Size) with Adjustable Straps.
  • Occasions: Synthetic Hair Full Head Wig Perfect for Daily Use, Every day Wear ,any concerts,gifts,theme parties, weddings, dating, cosplay wigs,costume party and also Halloween party etc
  • Warm Notes:Color Sometimes may be a little different From the photos because of your computer monitor's color setting or other reasons,All New Synthetic Hair Wigs Could Be Happened To Minimum Shedding And Tangling Which Is Normal.

Quantum Love Wigs Long Natural Straight Middle Part Natural Black Color Wig Heat Resistant Realistic Synthetic Daily Party Wig for Women

  • Hair Material:Synthetic Hair Heat Resistant Up To 160 Degrees Centigrade,High Quality Heat Friendly Fiber Can Be High Temperature.
  • Cap Size:Medium Wig Cap With Adjustable Straps(22"-22.5"),It Can Help You Fixed On The Head,Strong Elasticity,Good Air Permeability.
  • Hair Color:Natural Black Color;Length:20 Inch From Top To End.Stylish Design With Natural Pretty Looking And Soft Touch,You Can Wear It To Parties Or For Daily Use.
  • Natural Hairline:Middle Part Long Natural Straight Synthetic Wig With Natural Looking Hairline,Bring You More Confidence And Charm!

MISSQUEEN Short Wavy Black Wig with Bangs, Short Black Bob Wigs for Women, Wavy Bob Wig with Bangs Synthetic Natural Looking Heat Resistant Fiber Wigs

  • Wig type:short black wig synthetic,Black short wig makes you more cute ,fashion.More outstanding,Charm!The magic for a short black wig with bangs is that it makes you more distinctive like makeup, and you deserve to have short black wigs.Short wig with bangs will make you more dazzling in the crowd.
  • About The Wig Style: All short bob wig are trimmed by hand, so the realistic short bob wig with bangs may go slightly difference from different batch, you can style this womens black bob wig with bangs base on your need.Modify short bob wig to your favorite style.You will love this medium wig.
  • Wig Cap Size: Off black short wigs for women, 12 Inches length and 7 OZ (200g).This black short bangs wig has soft, adjustable straps to fit most size/shape heads, average fit 21.25 - 22.25 inches head circumference. missqueen short wig unique imported mesh is more breathable and comfortable.
  • Wig color:No matter what color your skin is, black or white,Short black wigs with bangs absolutely match your skin tone, make you more beautiful and sexy, just like short wigs for black women.Very stylish design, natural beauty and soft touch, you can wear it for Christmas parties, themed weddings, dating or everyday use.
  • Please note: MISSQUEEN short black wigs with bangs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal. Black bob short wig colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our wavy short bob wig.

ENTRANCED STYLES Black Wigs with Bangs for Women 14 Inches Synthetic Curly Bob Wig for Girl Natural Looking Wavy Wigs

  • 【Gorgeous Fashion New Look】The Black wigs is a fresh, fun bob with full bangs , the bangs and distinctive waves bring a modern flair to the classic bob style
  • 【Premium Synthetic Wig】The short wig is made of high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber which is heat-friendly, you can flat iron, curl.
  • 【Humanized Design】The average size of this wavy wig is 21''-23”, with 2 adjustable straps. It is ergonomically designed to make it easy for you to wear a wig. A good wig allows your scalp to breathe freely.
  • 【For Many Occasions】The synthetic wigs with black color perfect for daily life, parties, concerts, cosplay, Halloween, and other occasions
  • 【Seller Warranty】We are committed to providing all customers with high quality products and 100% satisfactory shopping experience. We also offer 24-hour online customer service. If there are any questions, you will receive a full refund or free replacements within 30 days

15 Inch Short Straight Black Bob Wig with Bangs | Natural Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair for Women

  • Characteristic: Our bob wig was made by special manufacturing process flow hair, it's very soft, fluffy, silky, natural and light
  • Length: 38cm/16 inch, short straight black bob wig with bangs looks natural for women
  • Wig cap: 100% breathable rose net within the network make you feel comfortable when you wear it.There are two adjustment straps at two side of the wig, which can be intertwined to a fix position to suit different head sizes
  • Storage: Put on the wig stand when not wearing it, wash it in the cold water with some shampoo if the hair tangled.
  • Please note - All wigs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal. Colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.

XINRAN Long Straight Black Wigs for Women, Synthetic Lace Front Black Straight Wig, Looking Natural Black Long Hair Wigs 30 inch(Black)

  • [Wig Material]:The black long wig is made of 100% high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fiber. The natural black straight wigs for women is suitable for mostly people. And the soft touch is suitable for all-day to wear it. When you first receive the long straight wig, there may be tangles, you can spray it with a watering can and comb it, it will make the long wig soft again.
  • [Partial Lace]:Hairline adopts an exquisite lace design. Small area of lace will help you define your hairline, which can make the long black wig look more natural, realistic, and breathable. High quality lace is very natural, you can add some foundation or concealer in the crevices according to your skin tone to get a more natural and realistic look. It can help you create so truly natural makeup that it can fit your skin perfectly. And it's also cheaper than other lace wigs.
  • [Wig Specifications]-The black synthetic wig's color is black, and the length is about 30 inches. Long black hair wig and natural hairline bring you more confidence and charm. The average size of the hairnet is 22.5 inches, and there are 2 adjustable straps inside to help you adjust the size according to your head. The black straight lace wig has two wig caps, which is easy to replace.
  • [Wearing Occasion]: Straight long wig is very suitable for daily use, any concert, theme party, wedding, date, cosplay, fancy dress party, Christmas and Halloween parties, etc. Wearing this straight black wig, you will be eye-catching no matter what the occasion!Long wig for women will makes you be the focus of everyone! You will be amazed at how much praise and confidence it can brings to you. Let’s dress up!(There may slightly color difference due to different display& light)
  • [Reminder]:All straight synthetic lace front wigs will have a small amount of hair loss and knotting, which is normal. After receiving the synthetic black wig, shake it lightly to release the default style. The 30 inches long straight wig is shipped by Amazon. If there is any dissatisfaction, please contact us. We will solve your problems.We will bring you considerate service. Hope you have a good shopping!

ANNIVIA Black Mixed Brown Straight Wigs Short Black Bob with Bangs for Women Synthetic Human Hair Replacement Wig (1B/30)

  • Black mixed brown short bob wigs
  • Curlywavy wig weight is 220g-228g
  • No shedding, no tangles, soft and comfortable properties make it easier for you to wear
  • Soft and lightweight, durable, reusable. Soft and silky hair
  • Adjustable size: There are 2 adjustment straps inside the wig, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suit different head sizes. Cap size: average (22inch)

Foreverlove 9A+ Water Wave Human Hair Wigs for Black Women Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Remy Human Hair Wigs 150% Density Curly Human Hair Wigs(20 Inch,Water wave)

  • 1.❤️Hair Quality: High Quality 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Water Wave Remy Human Hair Wigs for lady and girls, Comfortable 150% Density, No Shedding, No Smell, No Tangle, Comfortable Against Skin.
  • 2.❤️Hair Color: Natural black human hair, Can be dyed and bleached,looks realistic as your own hair.
  • 3.❤️Wig Cap and Lace Size: 4*4 Lace Closure Wigs Human Hair,22.5 inches Medium Cap Size and Medium Brown Swiss Lace with Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs, Match Head Perfectly.
  • 4.❤️Advantage: Excellent Quality and Inexpensive, Factory Direct Price, Provide You High Quality Human Hair with Competitive Price,It can last a long time with your good care.
  • 5.❤️Best Customer Service: Please feel free to let us know if there are any issues. We will reply message as soon as possible, Return to Us within 15 Days with No Reason. Your Satisfaction Is Our Best Wishes.

Headband Wig Human Hair Body Wave Headband Wigs for Black Women Glueless Headband Wig Brazilian Virgin Hair None Lace Front Wigs Machine Made Headband Wigs 150% Density (16 inch)

  • 1.Headband Wig: New fashion design body wave human hair wig with stretchy headband,no glue and easy to wear. Allows to show your own natural hairline, you can make a ponytail or bun easy, make your wig more realistic.
  • 2.Headband wigs for black women: 100% Brazilian virgin none lace front human hair wigs for black women, silky ,soft, no tangle, no shedding, can be dyed, bleached, curled, straightened and restyled as you like.
  • 3.Headband wig human hair Density:150% density,New design body wave headband wig,enough full, natural color, none lace front headband wigs.Package Included:1 x Headband Wig & 2 x Headbands (Random Color).
  • 4. Human Hair Headband Wigs Cap Size: Medium Size Cap (21.5"-22.5") in Default, Glueless Velcro Snapping Design Wigs with 4 Combs and Adjustable Straps, It Can Fit Most People Perfectly, Easy to Wear, Only Takes 2 Minutes!!!
  • 5.Kindly Reminder:The Wig can be returned, if you don't like our product, simply return it and keep the item in original condition including Hair Unwashed.If you have any problems,please feel free to contact us.

Headband Wig Human Hair Water Wave Wigs for Black Women Human Hair Brazilian Virgin Hair Glueless Machine Made Wet and Wavy None Lace Front Wigs Headband Wigs 150% Density (14 Inch)

  • ❤ Headband Wig Material - 100% unprocessed virgin human hair wigs, brazilian water wave headband wigs,full cuticle aligned,can be dyed ,permed, bleached, highlighted, straighten or styled as your own hair.
  • ❤ Fashion and Designed Advantages - The headband wig allows you to show your own natural hairline,looks very natural and realistic.you can also make high ponytail & bun and restyle it .convenient with no lace and no glue,less than 2 minutes to install.
  • ❤ Headband Wigs Hair Density - 150%,medium size (22-22.5 inch) cap size, two adjustment straps can be intertwined to a fixed position, and can be adjusted to different head sizes, combs at side and front to secure the hair.
  • ❤ Package Include - 1 water wave headband human hair wig + 2 gifts headband warp (random color).the headband made of high quality elastic ice silk, very soft and comfortable & breathable.
  • ❤ Suit for All Occasions - This headband wigs can match your dress for normal and special occasions including theme party,cosplay,or any other occasion.it can be used for a long time, it also looks more natural, feels softer and smoother.

Morvally Short Black Wavy Bob Wig with Bangs for Women 16 Inches Natural Synthetic Hair Wavy Wigs

  • 1.FASHION WAVY BOB WIGS: Enjoy a natural looking hair wig that changes your hairstyle in one second! With 100% heat-resistant synthetic fiber hair, you can perm, straighten or cut it to create the style you like.
  • 2.HIGHLY VERSATILE: Our women’s natural short wavy bob wigs is a perfect choice for all manner of parties. Rock it on Cocktail, Themed Party, Halloween, Conventions, Concerts, Cosplay events or simply at home when you have a party with friends and family.
  • PERFECT FIT: Equipped with a high-end rose net cap that is a one-size-fits all and with an inner cap that features adjustable straps, you can enjoy the perfect, comfy fit. The dual cap constructions works in harmony to perfectly adjust to your head size and remain comfortable all night long.
  • 4.SAFE, FREE OF TOXIC CHEMICALS: We put a big emphasis on adhering to high quality standards for our wigs. Using only environment-friendly and non-toxic materials, you can rest assured that our women’s wigs are safe and do not put your health at risk.
  • 5.SELLER WARRANTY: We are committed to providing all customers with high quality products and 100% satisfactory shopping experience. We also offer 24-hour online customer service. If there are any questions, you will receive a full refund or free replacements within 30 days

AISI QUEENS Long Black Wavy Wigs for Women Middle Part Curly Black Wig Natural Looking Synthetic Heat Resistant Fiber Wigs Hair Replacement Wigs for Daily Party Use Wig

  • 【Wig Style】Naturally wavy, stylish and beautiful, the black wavy long wig is especially suitable for white women. Of course, black women are also very sexy and full of charm. This long black curly wig will bring you a brand new beauty.
  • 【Hair Material】Fully machine-made wig, the long wavy wig is made of high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fiber, the craftsmanship is improved, there is a small lace embellishment at the front of the split, which can make your hairline more natural, the hair is soft and will not harm the skin, and there is no odor.
  • 【Wig Cap Structure】The hairnet of the AISI QUEENS long black wavy wig is an average size, between 21.5 and 22.5 inches. It fits most people's heads. It is comfortable, light and breathable, and does not put pressure on the head.
  • 【Many Uses & Occasion】You can wear this long black wig to wherever you want to go, go to work in the company, go out on holidays, and go to wedding parties. It is the best choice and brings you a perfect appearance. As a birthday gift for family and friends, this long wavy wig will surely be a surprise!
  • 【Perfect Service】If you have any questions about this long black wavy curly wig, please feel relaxed to contact us to help you solve the problem. Don't feel that it is troublesome.We welcome your questions and are happy to help you. Your questions are the motivation for us to do better. Thank you!

Vigorous Black Wig with Bangs Synthetic Long Black Wigs for Women Natural Wigs with Bangs

  • Material:Synthetic wig bangs made of high-quality synthetic fiber, heat friendly fiber,Can be Straight & Curled (under 185 ℃). You can style the black bangs wig to make long wig black fit your face.Super soft skin friendly, you could feel how incredibly soft wavy wig bangs was.This wigs with bangs for women have.a small amount of shedding is a normal phenomenon.
  • Advantage:The black wavy wig with bangs is very full and looks really natural while wearing.The material is super soft and looks very natural,healthy breathable,no shedding,no tangle,easy to care,average cap size,you can wear it everyday.
  • Cap Size:Cap Circumference of this black wig long wavy is 19"-23". Adjustable Suitable for most head sizes , Ear to Ear 7.8" - 8". We made cap with light and breathable materials, the black long wavy wig will be more comfortable.
  • Occasions:This black wavy wig with bangs perfect for Daily Use, party, weddings, dating, Halloween, gift for friends and certain themed performance, fashion and attractive, adding more charm and fun.This wavy black wig with bangs will be a good choice for all occasions. You will be shinning in the party with the black wavy wig bangs.
  • Services:Vigorous guarantees that all long wavy wigs for women are shipped via Amazon in the US, which is fast and easy. If you have any questions, please contact Vigorous Customer Service Team. We will give you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.

Lace Front Wigs Human Hair Wigs For Black Women Glueless Body Wave 4x4 Lace Closure Wigs Human Hair 150% Density Brazilian Virgin Hair Pre Plucked With Baby Hair Natural Color (22 Inch)

  • 💖 HUMAN HAIR WIGS LACE FRONT: Glueless 4x4 Lace Front Wigs Human Hair With Baby Hair Pre Plucked, Bleached Knots, Medium Brown Swiss Lace, Invisible Lace And Breathable Cap, Free Part Lace
  • 💖 LACE FRONT WIGS HUMAN HAIR PRE PLUCKED DENSITY: 150% Density Human Hair Wigs , Natural Hairline Lace Front Wigs For Black Women, Soft And Silky, Full And Thick, No Lice, No Tangle, Can Be Dyed, Permed, Restyled And Curled. Can Be Last Longer With Good Hair Care
  • 💖 BODY WAVE LACE CLOSURE WIG HUMAN HAIR CAP: Closure Wigs Human Hair, Average Cap Size For Most People(22 inch-22.5 inch), Medium Cap With Adjustable Strap,Easy to Adjust,Wear Comfortable
  • 💖 HUMAN HAIR WIGS FOR BLACK WOMEN PACKAGE: One pc Body Wave Lace Front Wigs Human Hair and one pc Wig Cap
  • 💖 LACE FRONT WIGS HUMAN HAIR: Natural Color,4x4 Closure Wigs Human Hair

AMZCOS Long Wavy Black Wig with Bangs for Women Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Wigs for Daily Use(Black)

  • 【PREMIUM SYNTHETIC HAIR】: Our long wavy wig with bangs using 100% premium heat resistant synthetic hair, natural shiny, soft touching and not tangle easily, change your hairstyle to natural long wavy hair in one seconds.
  • 【HIGHLY VERSATILE】: This long wavy wig is a perfect choice for your daily wear, different kind of parties, Halloween, Cosplay, osplay events or simply at home when you want to Karaoke with friends and family.
  • 【PERFECT FIT】: Equipped with a high-end rose net cap that is a one-size-fits all and with an inner cap that features adjustable straps, you can enjoy the perfect, comfy fit. The dual cap constructions works in harmony to perfectly adjust to your head size and remain comfortable all night long.
  • 【WIG CHARACTER】: Length: 30 Inches; Weight: 10.22 Ounce; Style: long wavy wig with bangs, bangs can be cut as you want.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】: With each purchase you get 1x Long Wavy Wig with Bangs and 1x Wig Cap. Enjoy a natural long wavy hairstyle with affordable price.

Long Black Wavy Wigs for Women Middle Part Black Curly Wig Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig Natural Looking Wigs for Daily Party Use

  • 【High-Quality Material】 - This long black wavy wig is made from the high-quality synthetic heat-resistant fibers, soft and smooth. The skin-friendly feature makes you feel very comfortable wearing it. The simulated scalp wig is vivid, making the hair crack more realistic and natural.
  • 【Various Styles】 - This long wavy wig with bouncy curls and natural hairline bring you more charm and fashion. you can restyle the wig into diverse hairstyles , such as a ponytail, half-up, braid, bun, etc. Perfect for wide occasions, like dating, party, daily , Halloween, etc.
  • 【Comfortable wearing】 - The long wavy wig comes with two adjustable straps and 3 clips inside the cap, which could help you easily adjust the cap size to fit your head size. You can throw on it within 1 minute on your own, very comfortable, light and breathable.
  • 【Wearing Occasion 】- Long black middle part wavy wigs, stylish design, newest fashion, skin-friendly soft hair with natural gorgeous looking. It's your best choice for parties, dating, cosplay, fancy ball, daily use etc.
  • 【Perfect Service】 - If you have any questions about this long black wavy curly wig, please feel relaxed to contact us to help you solve the problem. Don't feel that it is troublesome.We welcome your questions and are happy to help you. Your questions are the motivation for us to do better. Thank you!

ValarDiser Long Black Wig Middle Part Straight Black Wigs For Women Natural Looking Synthetic Heat Resistant Wig Long 26 Inch Daily Party Use

  • Material: High Quality Temperature Fiber Black Straight Wig, Skin-Friendly, Silky, Soft Touch, Natural Black Color.
  • Wig Cap:Breathable Rose Net, Average Size (22 inch - 22.6 Inch) , Adjustable Pull Straps Can Be Tightened or Slackened to Fit Snugly on Your Scalp.
  • Easy to Restyle: Suitable for Any Ordinary, Party or Festive Occasions; Restyle Black wigs Below 130 Degrees Centigrade; Easy to Put On and Take Off, Saving Time.
  • Warm Notice: Cheap Wig Come With Free Wig Cap, Synthetic Black Wig Shed a Little Bit Especially At First Time Which is Normal.
  • Shipping and Service: Fulfillment by Amazon Takes 1-3 Business Days; 24 Hours Customer Service, After Sale Guarantee.
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