Yuri Beauty Intimate Lightening Cream - Skin Bleaching Cream for Women - Whitening Cream for Face, Body, Underarm, Thighs, and Sensitive Areas - Hyperpigmentation Dark Spot Corrector Cream (2oz)

  • NATURAL FORMULA - This intimate skin cream contains only natural ingredients. No hydroquinone or chemicals. It uses kojic acid, niacinamide and arbutin on your skin. Together, these three ingredients create a cream that can work for even the darkest areas without any chemicals or side effects.
  • POTENT YET GENTLE - With 3 active ingredients working together, you should expect results, and because we only put natural ingredients into our formula, it won't be harsh on your skin. That's why this cream for intimate parts is perfect for sensitive areas.
  • EFFECTIVE MOISTURIZER - We put a substantial amount of coconut oil into our bleaching cream for intimate areas since we know you want your skin in those areas to be as soft as possible.
  • USE ANYWHERE - Because it's formulated for sensitive skin, you can use our skin cream on any area of your body including the anal area, nipples, vagina, underarms, inner thighs, elbows, face, hands, chest and knees.
  • GUARANTEED TO WORK Yuri Beauty stands behind their products. If you're not satisfied with what you purchased, simply contact Yuri Beauty for a full refund. No hassles.

How To Choose The Best Bellezon Whitening Cream

What is the Purpose Of A Bellezon Whitening Cream?

Bellezon is a brand name for a line of products designed to lighten dark spots and blemishes. Bellezon has been around since 1892 and was originally created to treat patients suffering from tuberculosis. Today, Bellezon offers many different types of treatments including anti-aging, wrinkle reduction, sun care, acne treatment, and others. In addition to these treatments, Bellezon also sells several different types of whitening creams.

How Does A Bellezon Whitening Cream Work?

The active ingredient in most Bellezon whitening creams is hydroquinone which works by inhibiting melanin production. Melanin is responsible for producing pigmentation in the skin. Hydroquinone inhibits the production of melanin by blocking tyrosine hydroxylase, the enzyme needed to produce melanin. As a result, the skin becomes lighter and brighter.

Is There Any Side Effects From Using A Bellezon Whitening Cream?

There are no known side effects associated with using a Bellezon whitening cream. However, there are always risks involved with taking medications. For example, hydroquinone can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Therefore, it is important to talk to your doctor before starting any medication regimen.

Are Bellezon Products Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

Bellezon products are safe to use during pregnancy. Although there are no studies available regarding the safety of Bellezon products specifically, there are numerous studies showing that hydroquinone does not pose any risk to unborn children.

Can Bellezon Be Used With Other Skin Treatments?

Yes! Many Bellezon products can be used together with other skin treatments. For instance, Bellezon can be used along with laser hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal uses intense heat to destroy hair follicles. Because of this, Bellezon can be applied directly onto the treated areas prior to applying the laser.

Does Bellezon Have An Expiration Date?

No. Bellezon products do not expire. However, because they contain ingredients that could potentially harm infants, pregnant women, or those who suffer from allergies, it is recommended that you check the label for warnings.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Bellezon Whitening Cream?

Bellezon has been around since 1885 and was founded by Dr. Joseph Belzonsky who developed his own formula for bleaching teeth. He created a product which he called "Bellezon" because it was the only toothpaste available in France that could be applied directly to the teeth. In fact, it was the first toothpaste ever sold in Europe! Today, Bellezon continues to produce high-quality products that are safe and effective. Their products include whitening gels, mouthwashes, and professional dental care kits.

Whiten Teeth Without Harmful Chemicals

Bellezon uses natural ingredients to create its whitening gel formulas. Its whitening gels contain no harmful chemicals and are gentle enough to use daily. Many whitening gels contain peroxide, which can cause irritation to sensitive tissues. However, Bellezon does not use peroxide in its whitening gels. Instead, it uses hydrogen peroxide, which is gentler and safer for your oral health. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, leaving behind harmless compounds that gently remove discoloration from your teeth.

Safe For All Skin Types

Bellezon offers several different types of whitening gels including those specifically designed for sensitive skin. Some whitening gels contain alcohol, which can dry out your skin and leave it feeling tight and irritated. Other whitening gels contain glycerin, which moisturize your skin while removing stains. No matter what type of skin you have, Bellezon has a whitening gel that works best for you.

Professional Dental Care Kits

Bellezon also produces professional dental care kits that allow dentists to treat patients' teeth quickly and effectively. These kits contain everything needed to perform routine procedures such as scaling, polishing, and root planing. Dentists love these kits because they eliminate the hassle of carrying multiple supplies and equipment. Patients love them because they get treated faster and receive superior results.

Features To Look For When Buying Bellezon Whitening Cream?

Bellezon has been around since 1884 and is still going strong today. Their products are known for being effective and safe. In fact, many dermatologists recommend their products because of their high quality ingredients. Here are some features to look for when choosing a product from Bellezon.

The best way to determine whether a product works is to see if it gives results within 2-4 weeks. Products that take 6 months or longer to show results aren’t worth the money.

Look for a product that contains natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are safer and healthier than synthetics. Synthetic ingredients can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Different Types of Belzon Whitening Cream

Belzon has been around since 1892 and was founded by Dr. William H. Belzons who developed his own formula for bleaching products. He created the original product called "Belzon" which contained peroxide. In the early 1900s, he began selling his products to dentists and physicians. His company became known for its high quality products and affordable prices. Today, Belzon continues to be a leader in the industry and offers many different types of bleaching creams including toothpaste, mouthwash, and lip balm.

Types of Belzon Bleaching Products

Toothpastes - Toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide and abrasives to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Some toothpastes also include fluoride to strengthen teeth and fight cavities.

Lip Balms - Lip balms are designed to soften dry lips and moisturize cracked lips. They also contain ingredients to reduce redness and irritation caused by sun exposure.

Oral Biscuits - Oral biscuits are small pieces of gum that dissolve quickly and leave no residue behind. They are ideal for sensitive gums and those who suffer from bad breath.

How To Use Belzon Whitening Cream

The best way to apply Belzon whitening products is to brush your teeth immediately prior to applying the product. Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse your mouth with water afterwards. Then apply the product directly onto your teeth and gently rub it into your teeth and gums. Be careful not to swallow the paste because it could cause stomach pain. After brushing your teeth, wait 10 minutes before eating anything. Do not eat or drink while wearing the product. Wait another 15-20 minutes before rinsing again. Repeat these steps twice daily for optimal results.

Benefits of Using Belzon Whitening Cream

Belzon whitening products are safe and effective ways to brighten your smile. They are gentle enough to use on children and adults alike. Most importantly, they are easy to use and require little maintenance.

Where Can I Purchase Belzon Whitening Cream?

Belzon products are available online and in retail stores nationwide. Visit to learn more about our line of dental care


Whitening Cream, Underarm Lightening Cream, Dark Spot Cream for Armpit, Elbow, Knee, Intimate Parts and Sensitive Areas, Instant Result

  • Enjoy Refined Beauty:No more embarrassing darkened spots at the beach, pool. This brightening cream can fix hyperpigmentation caused by tan and hormones. the multi-intensive formula supports skin to reduce dark spots and improves skin health with continued use.
  • Lightening Cream for Intimate Areas:The Intimate whitening cream is formulated specifically to target dark spot areas, gently blending in both intimate and sensitive skin areas. You can use this brightening cream on a variety of private areas such as underarms, elbows, knees, neck, back, legs, nipple, and inner thighs.
  • Natural and Dеlicаtе:We only used natural ingredients and it won't cause skin irritation.We developed our complex with natural quality plant-based ingredients, gently and naturally brighten skin tone. Niacinamide for hyperpigmentation & scar fade, Avena Sativa Extract for advanced skincare, Glycerin аnd Hyаluronic Acid to moisturize and refresh your skin for gentle and irritation-free bleaching
  • Nourish & Moisturize:This whitening cream is enriched with moisturizing ingredients, it has amazing moisturizing properties, with Glycerin as the star, it can repair and hydrate skin for a more youthful radiance, you can expect the skin in your intimate areas will be softer than ever after using Intimate lightening cream
  • Instant Results & Great Support :This dark spot corrector does not contain any harmful ingredient and is proven to provide fast and satisfactory results. Our customers' wellness and happiness are our main priority.You can trust us!

Dark Spot Remover for Face and Body Dark Spot Corrector Treatment for All Skin Types - Hyperpigmentation Treatment Promotes Anti-Aging Skin Lightening - 1.7 fl. Oz

  • Look more radiant while counteracting signs of aging with our dark spot remover for face and body; this skin lightening cream uses natural brighteners to fade age spots for a glowing, even complexion
  • 45% active blend forms a moisturizer serum and peeling lotion with mandelic acid for exfoliation; bleach dark spots caused by sun exposure and black heads with 1 efficient skin care product
  • Superior absorption from its lightweight texture allows brightening ellements to fade dark spots on the face and in intimate areas; it also supports cellular renewal for acne scar removal
  • Skin-fiendly ingredients in our all-natural face cream for dark spots include a water soluble form of hyaluronic acid; with vitamins C and E, it forms a potent skin bleaching cream
  • Paraben-free and with no gluten, SLS, PEGs, our dark spot remover is suitable for all skin types; it is gentle and compatible with your favorite soap and other skin care beauty products
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