Americanflat 8x8 Picture Frame in White - Displays 4x4 With Mat and 8x8 Without Mat - Composite Wood with Shatter Resistant Glass - Horizontal and Vertical Formats for Wall and Tabletop

  • Design: White 8x8 inch picture frame; comes with a white beveled mat and hanging hardware for hassle-free display to hang flat against the wall; includes an easel stand for tabletop display
  • Material: Wood frame with a polished tempered shatter-resistant glass front that gives a clear view of your photo
  • Quality: Durable, gallery-style frame; the frame's front has clear tempered shatter-resistant glass and a sturdy backboard to keep your photo in place
  • Use and Display: Perfect for 4x4 inch pictures with mat or 8x8 without mat; the actual mat opening is 3.5x3.5 inches
  • Protective Packaging: Americanflat developed exclusive proprietary packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile items; order with confidence, click and add to cart today

How To Choose The Best 8X8 White Frame

What is the Purpose Of An 8x8 White Frame?

An 8x8 white frame is a simple way to display photos and artworks. With its classic design, it looks good anywhere. Whether you hang it on the wall or put it on top of a shelf, it will always be there whenever you need it. It has become popular because it is easy to create and maintain. It is inexpensive and versatile. It is perfect for displaying family portraits, holiday pictures, wedding photographs, graduation certificates, and many others.

Why Should You Buy an 8x8 White Frame?

The most important reason why you should get an 8x8 white frame is that it is very affordable. Another reason is that it is durable. Unlike glass frames which break easily, these frames are sturdy and long lasting. Glass frames are heavy and fragile. They require special care and maintenance. But, unlike glass frames, these frames are light weight and easy to handle. So, if you are planning to decorate your walls with framed photos, you can go ahead and order one now!

How To Decorate Your Walls With Framed Photos

To decorate your walls with framed photos, you must first decide where you want to hang them. There are two ways to hang framed photos. One is to mount them directly onto the wall. The second method is to attach them to a piece of furniture. For example, you could hang them on a mirror or above a bedside lamp. Whatever option you choose, you must ensure that the photo fits properly into the frame. Otherwise, it will appear crooked and unattractive.

Hang Them Directly Onto the Wall

This is the easiest way to hang framed photos. All you need to do is to remove the backing paper from the photo and stick it onto the wall. Then, cut around the edges of the photo to fit the frame. Once you've done that, you can start hanging the frame. Make sure that the nails are inserted carefully. Otherwise, the photo will fall off the wall.

Attach Them To Furniture

Another way to hang framed photos is to attach them to a piece of furniture. You can either glue them to the frame or screw them to the frame. Whichever method you choose, make sure that the screws are securely fastened. Otherwise, the photo will slide off the frame.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality White Frame

Frames are a popular way to display photographs, artwork, and memorabilia. Frames are available in many different styles and materials including glass, metal, acrylic, and wood. Framed pictures are a classic addition to homes, offices, and businesses. However, choosing the right type of frame can be difficult. There are several factors to take into consideration when selecting a frame. First, you must decide whether you want a traditional black-and-white photo frame or a color frame. Second, you must determine which style best suits your needs. Third, you must select a material that will last for years. Finally, you must ensure that the frame has enough room to accommodate your photograph or piece of art.

Choosing Between Black & White vs Color

Black-and-white photos are timeless and elegant. They are perfect for displaying family portraits, wedding photos, and special events. In fact, black-and-white images are ideal for framing because they allow viewers to appreciate the details of each image. For example, black-and-white photos show fine lines and textures while colors fade away. As a result, black-and-white photos are easy to preserve and maintain.

Color photographs are fun and modern. They are perfect for displaying vacation snapshots, party photos, and everyday moments. Colors enhance the mood of a photo and bring attention to specific areas. For instance, red highlights the eyes of a person in a portrait. Yellow draws attention to a child's smile. Green brings out the grassy fields of a landscape. Therefore, color photographs are ideal for framing because they attract attention and draw interest.

Selecting a Style

Traditional frames include simple rectangular designs. Rectangular frames are most commonly found in black-and-white photography. Traditional frames are sturdy and durable. However, these frames are typically too small to fit large pieces of artwork. To avoid damaging fragile objects, choose a square or rectangle frame that fits the dimensions of your artwork. Square frames are ideal for smaller works of art. Rectangle frames are suitable for medium-sized paintings, posters, and drawings.

Modern frames are sleek and contemporary. Modern frames are designed to complement the shape of the object being displayed. Some examples of modern frames include oval, round, and diamond shapes. Modern frames are versatile and can be customized to suit almost any decorating scheme. Modern frames are also lightweight and portable. Because of their unique design, modern frames are ideal for traveling and outdoor displays.

Selecting a Material

Features To Look For When Buying An 8x8 White Frame

An 8x8 white frame has many features that make it stand apart from its competitors. Here are some of the most important ones:

The frame comes with a glass pane which protects the artwork inside from dust and dirt. This ensures that your art stays safe and pristine.

It is easy to hang because there are no nails required. Just screw the hooks into the wall and voila!

How Do You Know Which One Is Right For You?

To determine which type of frame suits your needs best, you must think about the following factors:

Whatever be the reason, you must ensure that the frame meets your requirements. Otherwise, you could end up spending money on a frame that does not suit your needs.

Which Type Of Artwork Can Be Displayed In This Frame?

Here are some examples of different types of artwork that can be displayed in this frame:

Different Types of White Frame

There are many different kinds of white frames available today. Some are very simple while others are quite complex. There are several ways to display photographs in these frames. One way is to hang them vertically. Another way is to lay them horizontally. In addition, there are several styles of frames available. For example, there are square frames, rectangular frames, oval frames, round frames, etc. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So let’s take a closer look at each kind of frame.

Vertical Frames

These frames are hung vertically. Usually, they are placed on top of a wall. However, vertical frames can be displayed anywhere. Vertical frames are perfect for displaying photos because they allow the viewer to see both sides of the photo. As a result, the pictures appear to float above the frame. This gives the impression that the photograph is floating in mid-air. Therefore, vertical frames are ideal for creating dramatic effects. Moreover, they are easy to install. All you need to do is screw the frame into the wall. Then, you can attach the glass pane to the frame.

Horizontal Frames

This type of frame is hung horizontally. Horizontal frames are perfect for displaying large sized images. Because the image appears to be floating in front of the frame, horizontal frames create a sense of depth. Thus, they are good for showcasing landscapes, portraits, and abstract artworks. However, horizontal frames are difficult to install. To mount the frame onto the wall, you must drill holes into the wall. Afterward, you must insert screws into the holes. Finally, you must secure the frame to the wall with adhesive tape.

Round Frames

Round frames are popular among photographers. Round frames are designed to hold small objects such as jewelry, coins, stamps, and postcards. Round frames are also known as “jewelry boxes.” Round frames are typically made of metal. However, plastic versions are also available. Round frames are excellent choices for displaying small objects. But they are not suitable for displaying large sized images. Instead, they are best suited for displaying smaller pieces of artwork. Furthermore, round frames are relatively inexpensive. However, they are not recommended for framing large sized works of art. Rather, they are best used for displaying small objects.

Rectangular Frames

Rectangular frames are most commonly found in offices. Rectangular frames are generally made of wood. They are sturdy and durable. Most rectangular frames are painted black.


Frametory, 8x8 Square Photo Frame with Ivory Color Mat for 3.5x3.5 Photo, Perfect for Table-Top, Wide Molding, Built in Hanging Features (White, 2-Pack)

  • Highest quality material: 8x8 Table-Top frames perfect for framing your 3.5x3.5 picture (with ivory color mat) or 8x8 picture (without mat)
  • Protect your pictures: the 2 mm glass front will keep your favorite photos looking great for years. Easy-open tabs on the back let you load your photos quickly.
  • Fully assembled: 2 sturdy hangers in the back for vertical and horizontal hanging options. Saw tooth clips for easy opening and ready-to-hang
  • Protective packaging: frametory developed packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile and glass items. Order with confidence, no question asks for any of reasons return.
  • Perfect for HOME or OFFICE: Wall Photo Frames. Use the frame to cherish the special memories[The Print showing on the picture only for reference.]

Snap 8x8 Flat Double Mat for 5x5 Photo, Wall Mount & Tabletop Picture Frame, 5" x 5", White (17FW1483)

  • White 8x8 tabletop or wall frame with double white mat opening for a 5x5 image
  • Airfloat mat adds dimension and depth to your art by creating a shadow effect with a separated double mat feature
  • Frame includes ready-to-hang durable hangers on the back for vertical or horizontal hanging options and easel for standing display
  • Frame is crafted from durable solid wood with easy-open tabs on the back let you load your photos quickly
  • Lightweight protective glass will keep your favorite photos looking great for years

Golden State Art, 11x11 Square Wood Frame - White Mat Fit 8x8 inch Instagram Smartphone, Family Collage Photo - Wall Hanging - Real Glass - for Gift, Home (White)

  • Material :Made of solid wood, real glass included, No peculiar smell and High-definition, dust and moisture-proof. 360° Swivel Tabs,Sturdy frame.Clear and transparency,not affecting the view of your picture.
  • Display: 8x8-inch with white Mat or 11x11-inch without Mat. Note: Opening Size : 7.5x7.5-inch with Mat or 10.5x10.5-inch without Mat.Fits for any 11x11 or 8x8-inch Photos, Posters, Pictures, Prints or Landscape,etc…
  • Style: Square Modern Minimalist Design.
  • Use: Perfect way to showcase your family or art work while at home,office or any room, Suitable display your photos, poster, artwork, awards,your drawings, landscape, etc.. It is a wonderful choice as a gift!
  • Protective Packaging: Frame is wrapped very carefully in a protected box to ensure safe shipping.Click and add to cart soon!

Egofine 8x8 Picture Frame White, Made of Solid Wood for Table Top Display and Wall Mounting Photo Frame

  • MULTIPLE PHOTOS DISPLAY: Ideal decor frame for 8x8 inches picture or print, also for 4x4 inches picture with mat. Great gift for festival, Mother's day, birthday, wedding and holiday. Display your photographs, travel souvenirs, concert programs, awards, certificates, artwork.
  • SOLID WOOD: The 8x8 picture frame is made of premium quality solid wood which will be a long-lasting way to showcase your favorite memories. 1.2 mm High definition plexiglass to protect your photo from dust, moisture and scratches.
  • WALL MOUNT: Well made 8x8 picture frame is provided with wall hooks (portrait and landscape) and 2 nails to easily hang artwork or photographs in either portrait or landscape orientation.
  • ALSO FOR TABLE TOP: Versatile kickstand easel lets you display either on desktop and table top, for your home and office.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Well constructed and build-in mechanism is convenient and safer to use. The tiny locker on the back of the wooden frame is easy to open and load your pictures quickly.

12x12 Picture Frame White Picture Frame 8x8 with Mat or 12x12 Without Mat for Tabletop and Wall Mounting 4 Pack

  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: This 12x12 white picture frame is made of durable and quality solid wood material that built for long lasting. Clear plexiglass is clear and lightweight, protecting your photos from dust and scratches.
  • MULTIPLE PHOTOS DISPLAY: Perfect for 8x8 inch pictures with mat or 12x12 without mat. 4 pack 12x12 picture frames with classic white color. Please note that there might be little size difference due to manual measurement. 1"=2.54cm
  • EASY MOUNTING: Classic picture frame with easy-open tabs on the back let you load your photos quickly. This 12x12 inch picture frames can be displayed in both horizontal and vertical format. You can put this picture frame on the table by using the bracket or hang it on the wall by using seamless nails.
  • MULTIPLE USAGES: Displaying cherished memories vividly, record the beautiful stories and memories of your family members. It is not only an exquisite decoration in your home, coffee shop, art gallery, collage dorm, but a great gift for your family and friends.
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT: Turn any picture, photograph, posters, drawing or portrait into a piece of art! The 12x12 frame makes a great gift idea for multi occasion.

8x8 Picture Frames White Display Picture Frame 6x6 Solid Wood with Mat Wooden Square Photo Frame for Wall Hanging or Table Top Home Decoration-8x8 White

  • SCREEN: 2.0mm HD plexiglass screen is a kind of durable plastic to avoid dust or scratches. There is a film protecting both sides of the plastic, make sure remove the film on both sides for the best view of your pictures.
  • SIZE: Holds picture 8x8 inch without mat, mat opening is 5.5x5.5 inch, it is designed to hold a 6x6 inch photo, it is suggest 0.5 inch of the image edge will be covered by the mat. Both the size suit for wall and table top display.
  • MATERIAL: Quality solid wood frame, Easy-open tabs on the back let you load your photos quickly.
  • ART DISPLAY: It can be displayed both horizontal and vertical on the wall. The classic beautiful frame will look great on home, office, gallary, school, prefect choice for photo wall and table top home decoration.
  • PAKAGING INCLUDED: 1xFrame, 1xMat, 1xPlastic Screen, 1xInstructions, 1xStallation Tools (Seamless Nail, S-type Hook).

FRAMICS 4 Pack 12x12 Picture Frames, Display 8x8 Photo with Picture Mat, White Picture Frames Made of Solid Wood for Wall Mounting or Table Top, Mounting Hardware Included

  • SUPERIOR MATERIAL: 12x12 frame is classic and durable, with removable white mats. And high-quality acrylic can give you a clear view of your photos and preserves your photographs, cards and memories.
  • FRAME SIZES AND COLORS: Display 12x12 photos, arts, posters, travel souvenirs, certificates and precious memories without mats or 8x8 pictures with mats, 4 pack. The color is as the picture shown.
  • ADORABLE FEATURES: 12 x 12 frames are classic and firm. The backplane can be rotated to unload, convenient to install and put in pictures. The acrylic can make pictures clean and unimpaired.
  • MULTIPLE USAGES: This picture frames showcase beautiful natural wood and traditional craftsmanship that blend perfectly with any space. You can not only hang it on the white wall to add vitality and literary flavor, but also put it in a place you like. Sending to your friends or lover is a good choice as well, freezing your good memories. Perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year gifts.
  • BEAUTIFUL GIFT: Turn any picture, photograph, posters, drawing or portrait into a piece of art! The 12x12 frame makes a great gift idea for multi occasion.

Tasse Verre 11x11" White Picture Frame (2-Pack) - HIGH DEFINITION GLASS Front Cover - Displays 8x8" Picture w/ Mat or an 11x11" Photo w/o Mat - Wall Mounts & Ready to Hang

  • QUALITY PHOTO FRAMES: Get 2 high-quality white picture frames with wide 8" x 8" display mats.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Wood frame with a high-definition glass front cover designed to last.
  • FITS ANY HOME DECOR: Classic, simple, modern frames complement your individual taste and style.
  • EASY TO HANG: Display photos horizontally or vertically with 2 pre-attached hanging wall hooks.
  • TASSE VERRE: Quality products in classic designs that elevate your decor at affordable prices.

Annecy 8x8 Picture Frames 4 Pack with Mat for 4 by 4 Pictures, Distressed White Rustic Photo Frame with Real Glass for Wall Mounting & Tabletop Display, Perfect for Home and Office Decor

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: acrylic-resin (PS) construction. Sturdy structure and high quality. 8x8 picture frames with high-definition real glass. The photo frame protects your prints from dust and scratches for a long time. Provide you with a clear view, and record your meaningful memories and important moments in life.
  • TWO DISPLAY SIZE: Set of 4 8x8 square picture frames with mat in the same size. Perfect for 4x4 inch pictures with mats or 8x8 inch photos without mats. You can replace any prints, drawings, or artworks you like, showing their beauty. 8x8 photo frame is an excellent complement for your home decor.
  • WALL MOUNTING & TABLE DISPLAYING: Photo frames 8x8 for wall mounting or table display. Convenient to bring out beauty from multiple angles. You can display a picture frame set with landscape painting horizontally or display portraits and sketches vertically to highlight beauty.
  • DISTRESSED WOODGRAIN DESIGN: The simple frame and distressed white wood grain make the picture frames 8x8 stylish and rustic. 8 by 8 picture frames can be matched with various themes of pictures, such as family, portraits, pets, travel, etc. Display in the home, living room, kitchen, and bedroom. How a stylish home and office decoration.
  • BEST GIFT & GOOD IDEA: A great idea to give white 8 by 8 photo frames as gifts to parents, friends, and classmates. Suitable for many special holidays, as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, etc. Make them cherish the memories between you.

upsimples 8x8 Picture Frame Set of 3,Display Pictures 5x5 with Mat or 8x8 Without Mat,Multi Photo Frames Collage for Wall,White

  • MULTIPLE FRAMES & STURDY MATERIAL: Set of 3 pieces in the same sizes for neat and uniform wall decoration. Lightweight but well made, come with high definition glass, better protection from scratches.
  • SIZE: One wall white photo frame fits 8x8 inch photo without mat, 5x5 inch Photo with mat. Mat opening was designed slightly smaller than photo itself in order to hold it steadily while not a defect.
  • EASY TO USE: The spring type action on the back of the frame is easy to open and you can load your pictures quickly. Easily hang in portrait or landscape view.
  • GIFT BRINGS HAPPINESS: Not only show off all your artworks in any of your rooms in your home or office, but a warmheart gift for your friends and family!
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED & PACKING: 3 pcs Non-traces are freely included.Exclusive proprietary packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile and glass items.

AEVETE 8x8 Picture Frames White Wood 4 Pack Wall Tabletop Square Frames Display Photos 8x8 4x4

  • 4 Pack 8 x 8 White Picture Frames: Display pictures 4 x 4 inch with mat or 8 x 8 inch without mat. Every frames off-white mat included.
  • Easy Mounting: Ready to hang the 8x8 frames on the wall - Hanging hardware included, also with a built in easel stand to display on desktops.
  • High Quality Material: Made of natural wood ( Frame moulding is 0.8 inch wide). Environmental paint, high definition plexiglass, high quality and durable. Use the plexiglass never worry about it would break.( NOT REAL GLASS ! )
  • Perfect for home and office, set up your gallery wall with your most precious photos and arts. Set your memories into new masterpieces with our 8x8 picture frames.
  • Sturdy Design: With polished plexiglass fronts which gives a clear view of your pictures and preserves the life of your photos. Great gift for family and friends on birthday, Chrisrmas, Father's Mother's Day.

8x8 White Picture Frames 2 Pack Square Solid Wood Photo Frame for Wall Mounting and Tabletop Display

  • HIGH QUALITY - Sturdy solid wood frame, clear plexiglass covered with peel off protective film, scratch-free and shatter-resistant. Stand connected to backboard with a little ribbon for the perfect standing angle.
  • SIZE - 8x8 White picture frame bulk set of 2. You can use a 8"x8" photo without mat or keep the mat in and place a 4"x4" photo in the center.The actually mat opening is 3.9x3.9 inches.The frame thick is 0.78inches.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Comes with 360° rotating tabs, slide them left or right and wedge them under the backboard to keep the picture in place.Each frame has a hook in the back, so hanging them become easy.
  • MULTIPLE STYLE - The frames can be hung and stand vertically or horizontally that bring a lot of flexibility. Great for displaying multiple art pictures or family photos to preserve your memories and add more warmth to your home.
  • STURDY PACKAGE - All frames come securely packaged, each frame be wrapped by bubble wrap and 2 come wrapped in one sturdy box, don’t worry about damage during transportation.You can buy with confidence.

ORIVAN White 8x8 Picture Frames Set of 4 Display Pictures 4x4 with Mat or 8x8 without Mat for Wall and Tabletop Photo Frame

  • [Square Frame]: Fits 8x8" photos without mat or 4x4" photos with mat. Comes with removable white mat - 45° bevele cutted inside, which makes the photos look more stereoscopic.
  • [Material]: Made of 100% natural solid wood, environmental protection, stability and not deformed. High-definition plexiglass front, dustproof and shatterproof.
  • [Display]: Ready to hang the 8x8 frame on the wall or set on tabletop with attached easel. 360° rotatable tabs on the back for easily opening and inserting photos.
  • [Multi-function]: Use photo frames to show beautiful pictures at the party or build a family gallery at home. Also a best gift for parents and friends on birthdays, Christmas and other Festivals.
  • [Security Packing]: Carefully packed in box, avoid scratches or breakage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Click and add it to your cart!
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