Golden State Art, 11x14 Wooden Picture Frame - Mat for 8x10 Photos - Real Glass - Horizontal and Vertical Wall Display, Great for Engagement, Wedding, Graduation Pictures, White, 1 Pack

  • Material :Made of solid wood, real glass included, No peculiar smell and High-definition, dust and moisture-proof. Clear and transparency,not affecting the view of your picture.
  • Display: 8x10-inch with white Mat or 11x14-inch without Mat. Note: Opening Size : 7.5x9.5-inch with Mat or 10.5x13.5-inch without Mat.Fits for any 11x14 or 8x10-inch Photos, Posters, Pictures, Prints or Landscape,etc…. Display in both horizontal and vertical formats.
  • Style: Simple and Modern Solid White Wood Frame.Vertical and horizontal display on your wall.
  • Use: Perfect way to showcase your family or art work while at home,office or any room, Suitable display your photos, artwork, awards, magazines, your drawings, landscape, etc.., It is a wonderful choice as a gift!
  • Protective Packaging: Frame is wrapped very carefully in a protected box to ensure safe shipping.Click and add to cart soon!

How To Choose The Best 11X14 White Picture Frame

What is the Purpose Of An 11X14 White Picture Frame?

An 11 x 14 picture frame is a common type of photo frame. It has been around since the early 1900s and was originally designed to display photographs. Today, these frames are still popular because they allow you to show off photos of family members, friends, pets, and special moments. There are many different styles available including black, silver, gold, and bronze. Some frames include glass while others are solid metal. Frames are typically sold individually, although there are some sets that contain multiple frames. Most frames are made of plastic, wood, or metal. Metal frames are generally heavier and thicker than those made of plastic or wood. Plastic frames are lighter and thinner than metal ones. Wood frames are very durable and last for years. However, they are also heavy and bulky. Many people enjoy the classic style of a traditional wood framed photograph. Others love the modern look of sleek metallic frames. Whatever style you decide on, be sure to get a frame that fits your needs and lifestyle.

How To Use An 11 X 14 Photo Frame

The most important thing to remember when displaying pictures in a frame is to hang them correctly. Make sure the edges of the frame face upward. Do not put the frame upside-down or sideways. Doing so could cause the glass to break. Another tip is to avoid putting too many pictures in each frame. Too many images can overwhelm the frame and make it difficult to see the entire image. Instead, opt for fewer large prints and several smaller ones. Finally, always store your frames upright. Otherwise, dust particles and moisture could collect inside the frame and ruin the print.

Where Can You Find Them?

11 x 14 picture frames are commonly found in department stores, craft stores, and online retailers. In addition to being able to order them directly from manufacturers, you can also find them at local framing shops. Framers can custom design a frame based on your preferences. For example, you can request a specific color scheme, font, or border. Be sure to ask questions prior to purchasing a frame. Ask whether the frame comes assembled or requires assembly. Also, check to see if the frame includes glass or only a backing board. Glasses are necessary for protecting the print and preventing scratching. Backings boards are needed for stability. Both options are included in the price of the frame.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality 11X14 White Picture Frame?

It is important to purchase a high-quality picture frame because it is a very personal item. People who own a picture frame display it prominently in their homes. Therefore, it is important to get a good quality product. There are many different types of picture frames available today. Some are designed specifically for displaying photographs while others are meant for displaying artwork. However, there are certain qualities that must be considered when choosing a picture frame. Here are some tips to help you select the best picture frame for your needs.

Size Matters

One thing that most people overlook when selecting a picture frame is its size. Most people think that the smaller the frame, the cheaper it is. But, this isn’t always true. In fact, the opposite is actually true. Smaller frames are generally more expensive than large ones. So, if you plan to hang several pictures together, you should opt for a larger frame. Otherwise, you could end up spending too much money.

Material Matters

Another factor to take into consideration when shopping for a picture frame is material. For example, glass picture frames are typically more durable than plastic frames. Plastic frames are lighter weight and therefore, are easy to transport. Glass frames are heavier and require additional care. Another option is metal frames which are sturdy and long lasting. Metal frames are ideal for hanging multiple photos together. However, these frames are heavy and bulky. Wooden frames are another popular choice among consumers. Wood frames are inexpensive and attractive. However, they are prone to warping and cracking over time. Finally, acrylic frames are lightweight and affordable. Acrylic frames are perfect for displaying small pieces of art. However, they are not recommended for displaying photographs due to their fragility.

Design Matters

There are numerous designs available for picture frames. One design that has become increasingly popular is the gallery wall. Gallery walls consist of a series of framed images hung side by side. Many people enjoy creating a unique gallery wall in their living room or bedroom. Other styles include landscape, portrait, and abstract. Each style offers a different aesthetic appeal. To create a cohesive look, it is advisable to stick with one type of framing style. Otherwise, the overall appearance of the photo frame will appear disjointed.

Color Matters

Colors play a major role in determining the overall appearance of a picture frame. Black frames are classic and timeless. They are elegant and classy. However, black frames are difficult to see in bright light.

Features To Look For When Buying An 11X14 White Picture Frame!

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a picture frame is that you get what you pay for. There are many different types of picture frames available today, ranging from simple black metal frames to ornately carved mahogany frames. However, there are certain features that you must be aware of when choosing which type of frame best suits your needs. Here are five key factors to take into consideration when shopping for a picture frame.1) Material - Wood vs Metal FramesWooden frames are generally considered to be superior to metal frames because they last longer and require fewer repairs. Wooden frames are also typically lighter weight than metal frames, making them easier to transport around town. In addition, wooden frames are very easy to maintain; you can sand and polish them to restore their original luster. Although metal frames are sturdier than wooden ones, they are heavier and therefore harder to carry around. Because of these differences, wooden frames are generally preferred over metal frames. However, if you plan on displaying pictures inside your frame, you may wish to opt for a metal frame rather than a wooden one. Metal frames allow you to display photos inside the frame, while still providing a sturdy base for your artwork.2) Size - Standard & Oversize FramesStandard sized frames are the standard size of most photo albums. Most standard-sized frames measure approximately 12 inches wide x 18 inches tall. Oversize frames are slightly wider and taller than standard-sized frames. While both standard and oversized frames are suitable for displaying photographs, oversized frames are ideal for displaying large prints or posters. Oftentimes, oversized frames are sold separately from standard-sized frames. Therefore, if you decide to go with an oversized frame, you will likely need to purchase two frames. One for the photograph itself and another for the backing board.3) Glass Type - Clear Vs TransparentClear glass is the traditional choice for framing photographs. Clear glass has been proven to be the safest material for storing images. However, transparent glass is becoming increasingly popular due to its versatility. Many photographers now favor transparent glass because it allows them to see the image behind the glass. Additionally, transparent glass is perfect for showcasing art pieces, paintings, and drawings.4) Mounting Method - Hanging From Wall Or Stand AloneHanging your framed artwork from a wall is the easiest way to showcase your favorite photographs. However, mounting your artwork directly onto a stand alone frame is also possible. Some artists prefer hanging their artwork from a wall, while others enjoy the added flexibility of being able to position their artwork anywhere within reach.

Different Types of White Picture Frame?

There are many different kinds of picture frames available today. Some are very simple while others are quite elaborate. There are several different ways to display pictures. One way is to hang them on a wall. Another option is to put them into a frame. In addition, there are many different styles of picture frames available. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some examples of these different types of picture frames.

Wall Mounted Frames - Wall mounted frames are ideal for displaying large pieces of art. However, they require special mounting hardware. Most wall mounted frames are designed to be hung directly onto walls. Therefore, they cannot be moved around.

Hanging Frames - Hanging frames are perfect for small framed pictures. They are easy to install and remove. Many hanging frames include hooks which allow you to hang multiple pictures at once.


Golden State Art, White Photo Wood Collage Frame with Real Glass (5x7)

  • DESIGN: White Picture Frame, Made of Solid Wood, Real Glass, Simple and Classic Small Wood Frame.
  • Frame Include:Set of 1 5x7 Inch Picture Frame to Display 5x7 inch Photo ;Real Glass to Protect Picture; Easel Stand for Table Display;Sawtooth Hangers for Wall Display;Swivel Tabs to Put in and Take out Pictures Easily.
  • Features:Sturdy Solid Wood Frame for Durable Use; Clean and Simple look make Photos,Arts,Prints Stand out; Two Sawtooth Hangers Displays horizontally or vertically Wall Mounting.
  • Classic Frame Fits: Shows in Any Room,Any Ocassion, Great gift for You,Family,Friends to Keep the Precious Times Even Though it flies.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING: Well Package to Keep the Frame Delivery to you safely.No REASON to Return,No WORRIED to Purchase,

RPJC 11x14 Picture Frames Made of Solid Wood and High Definition Glass Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat for Wall Mounting Photo Frame White

  • THE RPJC PHOTO FRAME ADVANTAGE:Frame Made of solid wood ,Environmental paint,High Definition Glass,High quality and durable.Ready to hang the frame on the wall.
  • Size:Fits 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat Photos!Actual Frame size (finished size) 12.5"x15.5"0.75".
  • Environmental: Low lead paint,P2 MDF back,Natural wood.
  • STURDY DESIGN:Traditionally designed frame with amazing durability. Comes with easy opening tabs at the back for easy access. The frame is provided with wall hooks (portrait and landscape). polished glass front gives a clear view of your picture and preserves the life of your photo. Extremely carefully packaged to ensure it arrives safely!
  • This frame showcases beautiful natural wood and traditional craftsmanship that blends perfectly with any space An accent in any room, this frame pairs well with family photos, eclectic pr ints and is great for gift ing at housewarm ing parties, baby showers and at family events.Order with confidence, click and add to cart now.

Frametory, 11x14 Picture Frame - Made to Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat - Wide Molding - Pre-Installed Wall Mounting Hardware (White, 1 Pack)

  • Modern Design: 11x14 White Picture Frame for 8x10 Golden Gate Bridge In San Francisco As The Famous Landmark Wall Art Decor Giclee Photo Print With an Ivory Color Mat
  • ATTRACTIVE DECORATION: White Photo Frame makes the artwork seem lofty. A great choice for living room bedroom kitchen dining room bathroom bar hotel restaurant office wall decoration. Perfect for Christmas and New Year gifts
  • Fully Assembled: 2 Ready-To-Hang sturdy hangers on the back for vertical or horizontal options. Comes with turn buttons at the back for ease access and to load pictures.
  • Molding comes in stunning White or beautifully understated black, to suit any piece.Simple and modern, complements any featured document, print, or photograph.
  • Protective Packaging: Frame is wrapped very carefully in bubble wrap to ensure safe shipping. Order with confidence, no question asks for any of reasons return.

Snap 17FW1485 11x14 Flat Double Mat for 8x10 Photo, Wall Mount Picture Frame, 8" x 10", White

  • White 11x14 wall frame with double white mat opening for a 8x1 image
  • Airfloat mat adds dimension and depth to your art by creating a shadow effect with a separated double mat feature
  • Includes ready-to-hang hangers on the back for vertical or horizontal hanging options making it easy for you to showcase your photos or art, beautifully
  • Frame is crafted from durable solid wood with easy-open tabs on the back let you load your photos quickly
  • Lightweight protective glass will keep your favorite photos looking great for years

11x14 inch Picture Frame Made of Solid Wood and High Definition Glass Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat for Wall Mounting Photo Frame Rustic White

  • THE RPJC PICTURE FRAME ADVANTAGE: Simple classic design with amazing durability, solid wood, high definition glass, safe packing, We are manufacturer who regard quality as life.
  • Size:Fits 8 by 10 with Mat or 11 by 14 Without Mat Photos,Actual Frame size (finished size) 15-1/4"x12-1/4"x3/4".
  • Environmental protection paint, P2 MDF backplane. durable solid wood, 30 years of professional experience in the manufacture of photo frame, quality assurance.
  • Easy to use, Comes with easy opening tabs at the back for easy access for loading photos. The frame can be hung vertically or horizontally.
  • Exquisite and safe packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile and glass items. For personal use or as a gift to friends . No reason refund.Click and add to cart now.

upsimples 11x14 Picture Frame Set of 5,Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat,Wall Gallery Photo Frames,White

  • MULTIPLE FRAMES COLLAGE:Bulk of 5 pieces Picture Frames set in the same Sizes.Perfect for Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat.
  • SAFE MATERIAL:These frames light but firm,has plastic cover instead of glass,when they fall to the ground you won't worry about hurting the kids.
  • EASY MOUNTING:Spring type action to remove the backing,can be hung horizontally or vertically.
  • GIFT& BE MERRY:Our 11x14 frame set not only the simple yet classic design for any home or office decor, but also a heartfelt gifts for everyone.
  • INTACT PARTS AND PACKING:5pcs Non-traces are included.Protective Packaging let you don't have to worry about receiving damaged products.

Yome 11x14 Picture Frame for Photos 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 without Mat, White Photo Frames for Wall, Solid Wood Frames with Plexiglass for Gallery and Room Decoration, Set of 2

  • 【Great for Decorating】Our stylish Yome picture frames are a great way to decorate your home, while showcasing your most precious pictures. Yome picture frames are made of solid wood, and are painted with eco-friendly paint. These solid wood frames are chicer and more practical than tacky wood chips frames, or plastic ones from competitors.
  • 【Plexiglass Strength & High Definition】Plexiglass has the same transparency as glass, hence, not affecting the view of your picture. Moreover, Plexiglass is shatterproof so you no longer have to worry about your frame breaking from transit, or when falling off the table. Also, Yome White Picture Frames will not be affected when being exposed to extreme temperatures. The frame will arrive with a tempered cover over the plexiglass, which should be removed before placing your photos in the frame.
  • 【Beautiful and Versatile Gift】Makes a perfect gift! These frames are made of solid wood, and the neutral color helps to blend in well with any home, office, workspace, or gallery. Ideal for framing family photos, art, collectable images, or certificates. We ship these frames with protective packaging in order to keep them safe from damage while in transit.
  • 【Easy to Hang】Our picture frames support both, tabletop display and wall mounting (horizontal or vertical suspension). We also provide you with seamless nails which will make it easier to install the picture frames in any location of your desire.
  • 【Support】If there are any issues with our products, our 24-hours support team will assist you. In case, we are unable to solve your issue, you can contact the Amazon Customer Support to replace them for free.

Kate and Laurel Gibson Transitional Frame Set, Set of 4, 11" x 14", White and Natural, Casual Frames for Any Room in The Home

  • CASUAL QUALITY DESIGN: The natural and white finishes and resilient materials make this frame set a home staple for years to come
  • AMPLE SIZE: These conveniently-sized 11" x 14" picture frames include removable mats with a display size of 8" x 10" with mat, or 11" x 14" without matte
  • TRANSITIONAL DESIGN: Mount our timeless frames on the wall or prop them up on your favorite table or dresser with two display options
  • CREATE A WALL DISPLAY: Hang the Gibson collection together as one wall display or create a cohesive decor theme throughout your home by spacing them out from room to room
  • SAFELY DISPLAY FAMILY MEMORIES: Each frame in this set includes a glass cover to protect your photos from wear over time

Golden State Art, 11x14 Picture Frame - Wide Molding - Wood Grain Style - Back Hangers for Wall Display - Great for Baby Pictures, Weddings, Portraits (2 Pack, White)

  • DISPLAY: Brand New 11x14 White Wide Molding Picture Frame
  • STYLE: Smooth Wood Grain Finish, Wide Molding, Wall Display
  • FITS: 11x14 Photos, Prints, Artworks, Pictures
  • FEATURES: Wide Molding, Wood Grain Design, Strengthened Glass Cover, Back Hangers for Wall Display, Portrait or Landscape Orientation
  • BEAUTIFUL: Fits any home or office décor or style. Display all of your photos in this lovely frame. It will surely be a great addition to any of your rooms.

MarkGifts 11x14 Picture Frame - Made to Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat - Wide Molding (White,11x14-1Pack)

  • ELEGANT EUROPEAN DESIGN: 11x14 inch  Picture Frame Made to Display Pictures 8x10 inch with Mat or 11x14 inch Without Mat. Hanging hardware included for vertical or horizontal wall display.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL: Ideal for photos sized 11x14 inches without the Mat and 8x10 inches with the Mat. The frame includes built-in metal tabs for easy access to display your photos, cards and memories.
  • ATTRACTIVE LOOK: White colored mat keeps photos and artwork looking great for years. Turn your portraits, artful prints and everyday shots into a spectacular display. The actual mat opening is 7.5x9.5 inches. It is designed to hold an 8x10 inch photo in place. We recommend taping the photo to the back of the mat.
  • PERFECT FOR HOME OR OFFICE:Sturdy glass front - the frame comes with hanging hardware and is easy to mount on your wall.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING: exclusive proprietary packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile and glass items. Order with confidence, click and add to cart today.

upsimples 11x14 Picture Frame Set of 3,Made of High Definition Glass for 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat,Wall Mounting Photo Frame White

  • MULTIPLE FRAMES & STURDY MATERIAL: Set of 3 pieces in the same sizes for neat and uniform wall decoration. Lightweight but well made, come with high definition glass, better protection from scratches.
  • SIZE: One wall white photo frame fits 11x14 frame without mat, 8x10 frame with mat. Mat opening was designed slightly smaller than photo itself in order to hold it steadily while not a defect.
  • EASY TO USE: The spring type action on the back of the frame is easy to open and you can load your pictures quickly. Easily hang in portrait or landscape view.
  • GIFT BRINGS HAPPINESS: Not only show off all your artworks in any of your rooms in your home or office, but a warmheart gift for your friends and family!
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED & PACKING: 3 pcs Non-traces are freely included.Exclusive proprietary packaging that helps ensure safe delivery of fragile and glass items.

BAIJIALI 11x14 Picture Frame Set of 4,Made of Tempered Glass for 3 Displays - 8x10 Picture or Four 4x6 Photos with Mat, 11x14 Without Mat ,Wall Mounting Photo Frame White

  • Sturdy Frame: The picture frame is well-made of MDF wood and comes with 2 white mats which are easily removed if needed. Compared with other cheap frames, the front tempered glass is solid and durable, clearly shows your favorite photos.
  • Easy to Mount: Extremely easy to open the back plate, insert your photo, turn the 8 metal lockers and close up. The push pins allow you to tight the back plate harder against the front glass, so you picture will never slip down.
  • 3 Sizes for Pictures: Each frame includes 2 set of removable mats. Suitable for four 4x6 pictures with mat; 8x10 picture in the middle of the frame; 11x14 without Mat. 
  • Hang Vertically or Horizontally: The back panel has integrated clips for vertical or horizontal hanging. Easy to hang with just one of those hooks you can screw into a wall, the clasps that hold the backing in place are super secure. All the hardware (4 hangers) you need for hanging are included, which can hang and remove without damaging the walls.
  • Versatile: The picture frame can display photos, paintings and puzzles. It’s great for home or wedding decor, but also can be a gift to your bridemaids or family members.

BAIJIALI 11x14 Picture Frame Composite Wood for 8x10 photo with Mat or 11x14 photo Without Mat for Rustic Home Decorset of 4 White,4 Packs

  • [High Quality Material]Cover Material: Wood Grain&Plexiglass.Picture frames with one white mat are made of high quality MDF wood. The finish is evenly painted and grain of the wood is nice, giving you the distressed look. It’s great for wall or farmhouse decor.
  • [Sturdy Frame]Compared with other picture frames, the high definition,Plexiglass front which is not easy to break and super clean.
  • [Easy to Install]Safely use turn buttons for easy opening the back and put pictures in. 3mm cardboard is thick enough to keep them in place. Note: In order to jam the photo,the display size is a little smaller than the actual size.
  • [Multiple Ways to Hang] 2 Ready-To-Hang sturdy hangers on the back for vertical or horizontal options.
  • [Giftable] As a frame you can display pictures and photos, but also is a great gift to your family members since it’s well packaged.

11x14 Frames Pack of 4,Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat,Wall Mounting Frames, Distressed White

  • Great for a Galley Wall: This set of 11x14 frames will complement your home in a sleek and eye-catching way
  • Great value: You can use the white mat and have a 8x10 print inside of them depending on your photo.
  • Easier to hang: Beautiful rustic frame, decent quality,easy for hanging photos and for wall collages.
  • Well-made frames: These frames are ligtht but sturdy,The plexiglass( plastic cover instead of glass) makes them perfect fit hanging in a children’s room.
  • Decent frames: It's simple and chic and really goes well with the 11x14/8x10 artwork, family photos, drawings, artful prints, travel photos and so on.

11x14 Picture Frame Set of 4, Display Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 Without Mat, Photo Frames Collage for Wall or Tabletop Display, Vertical or Parallel Mode Suspension, White

  • 【Wide Application】The RUN HELIX photo frame is classic black and can be used in a wide range of applications, whether it is home, office or art exhibition. The frame can be hung vertically and horizontally and hold Precious photos certificates and awards. Perfect for Pictures 8x10 Inch with Mat or 11x14 Inch Without Mat.
  • 【Easy to install】This product contains 4 plastic photo frames and 1 pack of seamless nails. The photo frame is composed of a plastic frame, plexiglass, detachable mat and synthetic wood. Only need to install non-marking nails (included) on the wall to hang the display, the installation is very simple and convenient.
  • 【Material Safety】The photo frame is made of black plastic, which is light but strong. The plexiglass has ultra-thin and flexible properties. When they fall on the ground, you don’t have to worry about hurting children and broken glass.
  • 【Perfect Gift】This product contains 4 plastic photo frames. High-quality photo frames are suitable as a gift, the best choice for friends. The camera keeps your favorite moment, RUN HELIX photo frame will keep it for you for a long time!
  • 【Please rest assured to buy】 We have a professional and reliable after-sales team. If you need help, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you. If you are dissatisfied with the purchased product, we can exchange it for free or refund it. Have a good day!

Firminana 8x10 Floating Picture Frames Set of 2, High Definition Double Glass, Display 11x14/8x10/5x7 Inch Photos or Plant or Petal Specimens, White

  • [Design] Our floating frame is made of selected solid oak and double high definition glass, which are sturdy and durable, giving your pictures a special floating effect
  • [Material] The floating glass picture frame is made of oak frame and the polished glass can display your 11*14 inches photos clearly and beautifully. Different from the plastic frame, the solid wood frame is hard and not easy to be deformed. It can be used for a longer time and is the best choice for retaining precious memories
  • [Multiple Functions] Floating Picture Frames can be placed on the desktop or installed on the wall according to your needs. Very suitable for your photos, plants and documents, can perfectly decorate your home and office
  • [Easy to Install] Take out the seal on the top of the photo frame, sandwich the photo between the two pieces of glass, and put the glass and seal back in the photo frame, and the photo installation is complete
  • [Perfect after-sales service] If you have any questions about our photo frame or the products you received, please contact us without doubt, we will definitely reply within 24 hours

11x14 Picture Frames Set of 4, Wooden Photo Frames Wall Mounted for Displaying Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 without Mat Horizontally or Vertically Display Gallery Wall Frame Set, White

  • Multiple Frames & Well Made: The white picture frames that includes Bulk of four pieces Picture Frames Set in the same size. Perfect for displaying Pictures 8x10 with Mat or 11x14 without Mat. They can be hung together or separately horizontally or vertically to suit your personal taste and personalize your space.
  • Fine Workmanship: Made of whitewashed wood frames with clear acrylic front that protects your treasured photos from dust and every day wear and tear for long lasting.【Please Note】: Please peel off the protective films on both sides on the acrylic front, which gives a clear view of your pictures and preserves your photos and memories.
  • Wall Mount & Easy Assembly: Come with hanging hardware and easy opening tabs at the back for loading photos. You can hang them on the walls horizontally or vertically of your home, office or dorm, and they coordinate well with almost any decor or match most color schemes.
  • Best Gift& Be Merry: These 11x14 frames have classic style and elegant appearance, perfect for making a great housewarming gift, Christmas gift for your family and friends with cherished memory in our frames!
  • Buy with Confidence: Your satisfaction is paramount! The product you bought in our shop can be refunded unconditionally for 30 days, and please send with your DETAILS and ORDER ID for prompt refund or replacement if you need any assistance.

Nacial 11x14 Picture Frame Set of 5,Display 8x10 Photos or Two 5x7 Photos or Four 4x6 Photos with Mat & 11x14 Without Mat, Tempered Glass for Wall Mounting Wooden Photo Frame White

  • TEMPERED GLASS & WOOD GRAIN: Tempered glass material can clearly display your works of art, which can effectively prevent dust, scratches and moisture. Nacial photo frame is made of composite wood to be more durable, and the classic wood grain of the outer frame also makes the photo frame look more textured.
  • DIMENSION & MAT:Frames 11x14 outer size is 15.2*12.2*0.6 inch.The actual mat openings are 9.4x7.8 inches.The thickness of the glass is 2mm.Perfect for 8x10 inch pictures with mats or 11x14 without mats.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL& EASY TO INSTALL:The Flexible swivel tab on the back of the picture frame can help you easily change the photo and firmly fix the photo in the frame. You can use the attached hook to display your favorite artwork or photos horizontally or vertically.
  • CLASSIC DECORATION & PERFECT GIFT: Nacial picture frame is an ideal choice for personalized decoration in any space of bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, dining room, bathroom, and bar. At the same time, the photo frame is also the best gift for parents, children, birthday, graduation, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, and weddings.
  • PROTECTIVE PACKAGING & SERVICES:Proprietary packaging helps ensure the safe delivery of fragile and glass items. We are committed to providing customers with a perfect shopping experience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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