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Buyer's Guide: Airsoft Guns For Beginners

The Best Airsoft Guns for Beginners: Buyer’s Guide

Airsoft guns are a lot of fun for shooting games. You can spend hours playing with your friends and shooting each other, and it's a great way to relieve stress. But it can be hard to figure out which airsoft gun is the best for you. There are so many different types and brands that it seems like they're all the same. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about airsoft guns to make the right decision. From handling tips to product reviews, we'll explain why these guns beat other types of toys for kids and adults alike, as well as how to choose one that's right for you.

What is an Airsoft Guns for Beginners

Airsoft guns are replica firearms that shoot non-metallic pellets. They’re used for shooting games by people of all ages.

Airsoft guns are also known as air guns, BB guns, or pellet guns. The pellets are usually made of plastic, although you can sometimes find metal pellets.

The game of airsoft is played with teams. Each team has one or more players on the field at a time, and each player may be armed with an airsoft gun. There are different game types, so some teams may stay in one place while others may move around. The goal of the game is to eliminate members of the opposite team.

An airsoft gun is a non-lethal replica of a real firearm. They fire small plastic projectiles, often called BBs or "airsoft pellets". Airsoft pellets are not lethal and cannot cause injury to another person if they hit them on the skin. They do sting if they hit someone with clothes on but will not break the skin.

Many people think that all airsoft guns are identical because they look so similar. But there are many different types of airsoft guns for different purposes.

Who Uses Airsoft Guns

Airsoft guns are used by all types of people looking for a fun way to get outside and shoot each other. They're excellent for kids and adults alike, and they're great for people who aren't allowed to use real firearms. They can also be used for military training simulations, competitive games, and during the zombie apocalypse.

Airsoft guns are not just for kids! They can be used by anyone of any age. If you're looking for a great toy that will get you outside and shooting with friends, then an airsoft gun is perfect for you. These guns are also excellent for any scenario where you need a non-lethal weapon, such as a zombie apocalypse.

This is a great toy for adults, too. Some adults may not be able to shoot a real gun, but they're able to use an airsoft gun. Airsoft guns can also be used for military training simulations and competitive games. The uses for these guns are endless!

The Importance of A Good Airsoft Guns for Beginners

If you're looking to get into airsoft, it's important to find the right gun for you. You don't want to buy one that's too cheap or too expensive. You'll also want to make sure you have all the right gear.

So what should you look for in an airsoft gun for beginners?

Look at the construction. Some brands are made of plastic, while others are made of metal. Which one you choose should depend on how often you'll be playing and how rough your games are. You also want to make sure that it has a good weight.

Look at the size. If you're buying an airsoft gun for a child, you want to make sure it's sized appropriately. For adults, an average size should work fine.

Look at the weight. Airsoft guns are heavier than other toys, so it's important to make sure that the weight of the gun is right for you. If you need to carry the gun around all day, for example, you'll want something lighter.

Look at the type of ammo your airsoft gun uses. There are different types of ammo for different guns, so be sure that the gun you're looking at uses the type

The Different Types of Airsoft Guns

One of the most confusing parts of selecting the right airsoft gun is knowing what they're all about. There are many different types, which can make it challenging to know what is best for you.

One important thing to know about airsoft guns is that they are not toys. They are made to look realistic and so they should be treated with respect and caution.

Spring Powered

The type of gun you're looking for might depend on the setting. For example, if you're outdoors and looking for a gun that's powerful and fast, you'll want a gas powered gun. If you're looking for something that's more lightweight and easier to carry, you'd want a spring powered gun.

Spring powered guns are a great choice for beginners because they're cheaper and don't require gas or batteries to run. You can also get a lot of shots off quickly because it's easier to cock the gun to get ready for the next shot. This is perfect if you want to buy a bunch of guns for your friends to play around with.

Gas Powered

Gas-powered airsoft guns are more expensive but are great for power, durability, and even performing some DIY repair.

Gas-powered airsoft guns are more expensive but are great for power, durability, and even performing some DIY repair.

Gas-powered guns are more expensive than electric guns but have a lot of advantages. First of all, they're more powerful. They're also more durable because you don't have to worry about wires or batteries that can break. They're also great for practicing do-it-yourself repairs on the gun, which is something that's not possible with an electric gun. But gas guns are also dangerous because of the risk of fire, so they're not recommended for young children.

The one downside to gas-powered airsoft guns is that they do require gas canisters to operate. You'll need to keep track of the number of shots you take so you can get more gas canisters before you run out.

Automatic Electric

Automatic electric airsoft guns are great if you're looking for something that will shoot at a higher rate of speed. These guns are made to mimic the feel of an actual automatic weapon, but without the need to constantly re-load. They shoot at a rate of about 400 rounds per minute (RPM), which is about four times faster than a semi-automatic airsoft gun.

Electric airsoft guns are also more stable. For this reason, they're more accurate than other types, and it's easier to use them in tight spaces. If you're looking for a gun that will last longer than others, this one is for you. On average, it will last about 20,000 rounds before it starts to malfunction. So if you want something that's easy to use and can last, this might be the perfect gun for you!

Features & Factors To Consider Before Buying Airsoft Guns

It can be hard to figure out which airsoft gun to buy. There are so many different types and brands that it seems like they're all the same. But they're not! Airsoft guns are all different and have different features and benefits for different types of people.

It's important to think about what you need your airsoft gun for and what features you need to ensure you're getting the best one. Here are some key questions to ask yourself:

  • What will you use your airsoft gun for?
  • What is your budget?
  • How experienced are you with airsoft guns?
  • What is the environment where you plan to use your airsoft gun?
  • How big is your hand?

If you plan to play outside, you'll need a heavier gun that'll hold up better in the elements. If you're just looking for something fun, a lighter plastic gun will do just fine.

Look at the right airsoft guns for you by considering these factors.

Determine the Purpose of the Gun

The first thing you should think about is what you want to use your airsoft gun for.

If you want to play in the backyard with your family, there are guns made for that. If you want to have a war with your friends, there are guns made for that, too. When it comes to choosing the best gun for you, it's important to know what it's going to be used for.

If you want to have a war with your friends, you might want a gun that can shoot farther, move faster, and hit harder. If you're just playing in the backyard, you might want something more like a toy.

Once you figure out what kind of game you want to play, it’s time to make a decision about what type of gun you want. There are all kinds of guns made for different purposes, so it’s important to know which one is best for you.

Estimate Your Budget

One of the first things you should consider when looking for an airsoft gun is what you can afford. You can find airsoft guns for as little as $10, but the quality of these guns is low and they break easily. If you want a gun with a good quality and a price range of $100-200, you'll have a lot more to choose from and they'll be more durable.

If you want a more expensive gun, you'll be able to find them for $300 or more. The best thing about these guns is that they're very durable and will last for years. If you're looking for a very durable gun, this is the way to go!

Something else to think about is the type of gun you want. Do you want a sniper rifle or a pistol? Do you want an AEG or a spring loaded? This will affect what you're looking for in your gun.

Your budget will have a lot to do with what kind of gun you're able to get, so it's important to consider that before purchasing anything.

Look At the Power

Some people might think that the power is the only thing that matters in an airsoft gun. But it's not. You can have a low-powered airsoft gun that's easier to use, but it's generally less satisfying. The power of your gun depends on your age, location, and the type of game you're playing.

If you're just playing with your friends in your backyard, then you'll want a lower-powered gun. If you're playing on a more official level with referees, then you'll need a high-powered gun. The power will also depend on your age.

The shooting range is divided into two age groups: children under 18 and adults 18 and older. In general, children will want a lower-powered gun because it requires less physical exertion. But parents should know that you should always check with the shooting range if they have any specific rules about this.

In general, adults will want a high-powered gun because they need the extra power to shoot farther and harder. And if you're playing in a more formal setting, then high-powered guns are usually required.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an airsoft gun is reliability. If you're playing with kids, this is especially important; they need to be able to rely on their airsoft guns to complete the game.

There are many different types of airsoft guns, but the three main types are spring guns, gas-powered guns, and electric guns. Spring guns are cheaper, but require more maintenance. They don't shoot as far or as fast as gas-powered guns but they're still fun for starters. Gas-powered guns are more expensive, but they can shoot farther and faster than spring guns. They need more maintenance than spring guns, but they're more reliable than electric guns. Electric guns are the most expensive type of airsoft gun, but they're less expensive than gas-powered guns. They're more reliable than gas-powered guns and more powerful than spring guns.


Safety is foremost in everyone’s minds when it comes to airsoft guns. These guns are used for shooting games, not hunting or for any purpose that may endanger life. The guns’ pellets are made of plastic and are similar to paintballs.

However, there are still some safety precautions you should take when using an airsoft gun. For example, always wear safety goggles and wear shirts that cover your arms and body. You should also make sure you never point your gun at anyone if you’re not shooting them.

You should also know the difference between an automatic and a semi-automatic gun. Automatic guns fire continuously as long as the trigger is pulled, while semi-automatics fire one shot per trigger pull.

Semi-automatic guns are the best choice for beginners because they provide less recoil and are easier to use. However, if you're looking for a high-powered airsoft gun with a lot of recoil, an automatic gun would be better for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Beginners Airsoft Guns

Can you use airsoft guns for anything other than a shooting game?

Yes, airsoft guns are great for shooting games, but they're also a lot of fun to use as a toy. They make a great present for a kid because you don't have to worry about them hurting themselves. And, if you enjoy shooting games, they make a great alternative to paintball.

How do I choose the right one?

Choosing an airsoft gun is a complicated process that requires a lot of consideration. It all depends on the type of shooting game you're going to be playing, what your budget is, and what type of gun you want to use.

But one thing is for sure: whichever type of gun you choose, make sure it's safe and comfortable to use. If you're looking for the best airsoft gun for beginners, look for one that's easy to handle and has features that are easy to use. It should also be durable enough to last through lots of gameplay.

Do airsoft guns hurt?

One of the most common questions people ask is "Do airsoft guns hurt?" The answer is not always. When these guns are shot at higher velocities, they can cause bruising and broken skin. But if you're playing in a game, you'll probably be firing at around 300 feet per second (fps).

That's just fast enough to shoot pellets that will sting but not break the skin. If you're still worried about it, airsoft guns with lower velocities are sold too.

If you're just playing with your friends, airsoft guns are perfect. They're safe to use around your house, and they won't do any serious damage unless you're firing at high velocities.

But if you're playing with people your age or older, you want to think about getting airsoft guns with high velocities. This will mean more of an impact and more realistic play. It'll also keep adults from accidentally shooting children in the eye.

Airsoft guns are a great toy for kids and adults alike. So don't worry about hurting yourself - if you're playing in a safe environment, these guns are a lot of fun!

Which is stronger airsoft or BB?

Airsoft guns are designed to shoot plastic pellets. They range from .12 grams to .20 grams. BB guns, on the other hand, are designed to shoot steel bullets. BB guns are usually .177 caliber, are single- or double-shot, and have a muzzle velocity of 500-700 feet per second.

If you're looking for a toy for a younger child, airsoft is usually the best option. Airsoft guns are more expensive than BB guns, but they're also safer and more durable. The plastic pellets can ricochet off of hard surfaces without injuring the shooter.

On the other hand, airsoft is less powerful than BB guns and they can't shoot as far. These guns are usually designed for short-range shooting and in the backyard. Airsoft guns also provide more realistic shooting in terms of weight and feel in your hand.

If you want a gun for hunting or target shooting, you should buy a BB gun instead of an airsoft gun; BB guns provide more power and accuracy with steel bullets. But if you want a toy for your child or an easy way to relieve stress, start with an airsoft gun!

Can a 14 year old own an airsoft gun?

You can find airsoft guns that are designed for kids as young as 10 years old. However, the guns are less powerful for this age group.

One of the most important things to consider when looking for an airsoft gun is the age requirement. If you're under 18, you'll need to ask your parent or legal guardian for permission before buying one.

It's also important to make sure you can use the gun where you live. For example, in some cities it's illegal to discharge a weapon in public places or near homes. So it's important to make sure you can handle the gun responsibly and legally before purchasing it.

Make sure to read the product description and reviews to find guns that are right for you. It's also important to check the product description to make sure that it's appropriate for your age level. If you're not 18, make sure it says that it's designed for children under 18. If it doesn't, don't buy it!

Can 400 fps break skin?

Airsoft guns are made of plastic and shoot plastic pellets, so no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to break any skin. The most you'll feel is a sting from the pellet as it hits your arm. Anything over 400 fps will break skin as it's made of metal and shoots metal pellets.

Which hurts more airsoft or paintball?

Eastern manufacturer CYMA is one of the most popular brands on the market today, and for good reason. They produce quality guns at affordable prices.

If you're more of a paintball person, you'll be happy to know that airsoft guns are comparable to paintball guns in terms of force. Paintball guns shoot pellets of paint that are about the size of a BB. Airsoft guns shoot plastic BBs that are about 1/10th the size of an actual BB.

Airsoft guns are also safer than paintball guns because they don't use paint, which can cause eye damage. These guns are considered non-lethal because they use plastic BBs which break apart when they hit something hard like skin.

Paintballs, on the other hand, can leave bruises on the face or body, or cause damage to your eye if you're hit by one. So airsoft guns are the safer choice for children and adults alike!


Airsoft guns are an excellent toy for children and adults alike. Spending time with your friends outside of the internet is a great way to get exercise, learn strategy, and relieve stress. Airsoft guns might seem like a boring toy, but they are actually quite exciting.

No matter what your age or experience level, airsoft guns are worth your time. This guide has covered the basics on what to look for when purchasing one. You'll be ready to take on any airsoft battle with the best airsoft guns for beginners.

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