August 9, 2022

99 colors of yellow

Have you got a yellow aura? All living things not only have energy within them, but they are also framed by an energy field. This could take the form of 'vibes,' a sense of someone's personality and mental and emotional state that can be noticed and felt before even engaging with that person. This surrounding energy can be perceived by some awakened individuals and spiritual guides, as well as others who simply have the natural skill.

Auras exist in a variety of colors, including crystal, and the color indicates a lot about the inner person who emits the energy: personality qualities, spiritual sensibilities, how they relate to others, and any obstacles in their lives. Auras are not static, but do change over time, whether taking on a different color entirely or fluctuating between the tints and intensities of one main color.

Knowing more about your aura can help you understand yourself better and point out beneficial strategies to maintain balanced and feeling your best. For the most accurate information, consult an aura reader.

Auras in Shades of Yellow

Watercolor in different shades of yellow.

A pale yellow aura may indicate that the individual is in a certain stage of life, such as when they are gathering information and preparing for a significant undertaking, adventure, or goal. This state of mind comes with the typical fear and uncertainty, but being rooted in a yellow color also associates it with optimism.

Deeper and darker colors of yellow in an aura indicate that the person is juggling a lot of work or knowledge. This rich shade pushes the exuberant yellow energy to its breaking limit, foreshadowing an impending stress overload. It's difficult for folks with a yellow aura to let their hopeful positivism and readiness to work convince them to take on too much. To resolve this condition, one must return to spiritual harmony with all aspects of life and oneself. 

Auras of golden yellow highlight a spiritual component of the yellow characteristic set. These two base yellow features, which are linked to both the intellectual and optimistic elements, can relate to a desire for spiritual understanding and advancement in order to benefit oneself and others.

In fact, this color frequently indicates a desire to teach, using intrinsic knowledge and constantly learning new information and viewpoints to apply an organic and easygoing approach to teaching and aiding others. Someone with a golden yellow aura will benefit from a strong spiritual sensitivity, which will replenish their patience and keep them on track to set a calm example for others to follow. 

A brilliant yellow aura represents confidence and strength. Positivity stems from a well-informed belief that they have what it takes to achieve their objectives. This tint of yellow also indicates a cheerful personality. The single red flag to look out for is excessive reliance on the views of others. 

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