August 9, 2022

99 colors of red

"All living things have an aura or unseen energy that surrounds them," according to MBG. This energy shifts with your attitude or vibration."

According to the article What Does It Mean If You Have a Red Aura, "on any given day, your aura will vibrate at a specific frequency, giving off certain color or colors."

What comes to mind when you think about the color red? Passion? Fire? Drive? A power tie in red? Exactly! Red is a color associated with heat, passion, power, and action. Your red aura does as well.

What Exactly Is an Aura?

The typical person cannot see auras, but those who can state that there are normally two aura shades that surround a person. According to Aura reader and stylist Susanna Merrick, "Red represents physical vitality, passion, and courage." It's an actionable energy - you're digging deep and being brave, summoning actionable change."

Red is not the only aura color, but it is an intriguing one. Each hue has its own unique energy. Orange represents creativity and sexual energy, whereas white represents a quick mind and an inclination toward perfectionism. Blue, green, purple, pink, black, and white are among the other colors.

According to an article on MBG, 10 Aura Colors & What They Say About You, there is even a rainbow aura that exhibits more than two colors as an indication that you are in the midst of a shift.

Aura interpreter Rachelle Terry is quoted in the article as saying that you can try to view your aura by staring softly at anyplace on your body or rubbing your hands together slowly and pulling them apart to see if colors develop.

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