August 9, 2022

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The Seven Layers of the Aura

Illustration of the seven layers of the aura with the associated colors.

Aura colors offer an intriguing perspective on who you are, revealing things you may not have been aware of for further investigation and self-examination. Multiple colors may appear in your aura, but there is usually one dominating hue that is related with a number of personality traits, skills, and abilities.

Of course, spiritual energy is a complex and multifaceted aspect of a living creature, but healers and spiritual guides who have studied these subjects have divided auras into seven layers.

  1. The physical plane is the first layer, nearest to the skin, and contains the physical energy connected with our activities, abilities, health, and strength.
  2. The second plane is the emotional plane, which contains feelings, impulses, and emotional capability.
  3. The mental level follows, where energy for logic, thinking, and problem-solving shines.
  4. The fourth level is the astral body plane, which is the spiritual layer that reflects how a person believes and interacts with spiritual ideas. This layer also allows people to love.
  5. The etheric plane is associated with intuition, particularly in reference to other people; if a person has psychic skills, this layer of energy within the plane is the source.
  6. The sixth layer, the heavenly plane, houses powers like creativity, curiosity, and searching, powers that can make one feel as though they are connected to something more than themselves, something otherworldly, in order to accomplish something like creating artwork.
  7. Finally, the causal plane is the aura's uppermost layer, which serves to balance all parts and maintain them in sync with one another.

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